Recent Donors

Thank you so much for your generous support! We witness the impact of your gifts as families spend their tender last days together. The donors noted represent gifts received from August 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email us at


In memory of Barbara Mayes
Mark & Lynn Algaier
Charlotte Miller
Clint & Cyndy Erickson

In memory of Belinda Rehbein
Cari Marshall
Joni Gardine

In memory of Berton "Bert" Groves
Bradley Groves
Richard & Susan Swint

In memory of Brenda McLaughlin
Pat Taylor

In memory of Brenda's Mother
Jerry & Kelly Turley

In memory of Charles Daniel
Denise Daniel

In memory of Christine Barnes
Leola Russell

In memory of Clarence Nix Storm
Cheryl Bear

In memory of Clevanne Kirberger
Denise Whitman

In memory of Darrell Lortz
John "Ed" Lortz

In memory of Debra Twilley
Ella Marie Hall

In memory of Donna Beller
Eugenia Evans

In memory of Dorothy Buser
Diane Christensen
Don & Donna Lake
Jean Grant
Katherine Phillips
Sandra Connelly

In memory of Elizabeth Bonsper
Don Bonsper

In memory of Elma "Jean" Laymon
Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc.

In memory of Gary Hildestad
Lois Malicote

In memory of Gayee Caldwell
Vincent & Beverly Zardus

In memory of Jack Loeffler
Michael Loeffler

In memory of James "Jim"  McKinney
Barber & Bartz, PC
Mabrey Bank
Anna Milligan
Anne Stevenson
Brett Roberds
Cara Schad
Cristy & Jeff Cox
Cynthia & Eric Outlaw
Jana Olds
Jane McKinney
Joan Hauger
Linda & Larry Johnston
Lynn & Robert Bockmeulen
Mary Ann & Robert Harper
Michael & Nancy McCarron
Mike & Stacie Kuykendall
Susan Prabhu
Suzanne Day
Tom & Anita Wertz
Peggy & Richard Ziglar
Carolyn & Jack Rogers
Hilda Knox Betts
Sandra Freeman
William & Delphi Loyd

In memory of James "Jim" Griffith
Sally Strong

In memory of Janice Almquist
Greg & Laura Marino

In memory of Jeffrey Trenholm
Carol Trenholm

In memory of Jim Chuculate
Jamie Hamil

In memory of John "J.W." Ray
Julie Courcier

In memory of June Sholander
Kristina English

In memory of Karol Burkhalter
Andy Burkhalter
David Iski
Marlys Wray

In memory of Laurette Heger
Earnest Hoberecht

In memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm

In memory of Sheila Swearingen
Scott Swearingen

In memory of Maida Ryker
Marilyn Gilder

In memory of Mary Carol Pierson
Julia Williams

In memory of Michael Kropp
Alvin Thiessen

In memory of Nancy "Carol" Hoffman
Francis "Lynn" Hoffman

In memory of Nancy Parker
Leslie Morris

In memory of Norma Whitman
Carolyn & Mark Cavins
From the family of Marjorie, Curtis and Gary Lawson
Daniel & Nancy Plucknett
Douglas Snyder
Lori Kaspar

In memory of Peggy Roby
Courtney Neal

In memory of Rev. Leonard Busch
Freida Busch

In memory of Robert "Bob" Sayles
Karen Kruger
Cathlyn & Stan Unruh
Jerry & Catherine Hoopert

In memory of Ronnie Batler
Colene Loving

In memory of Ruby Glover
Larry & Jane Flynn

In memory of Steve Geddie
Dee Geddie

In memory of Sue Ann Trimble
Michael & Deborah Hoff

In memory of Tyra's Father
Jerry & Kelly Turley

In memory of Virginia Elliott
Laura Haney

In memory of Vivian Renfrow
Margaret & Glenn Hargett

In memory of William "Bill" Briggeman
Annette Griffith
Billy Briggeman
Larry & Mary Briggeman
Leslie Reddick
Norman Smaligo
Susan Meigs
Terri & Arvid Lade
Tom Luiskutty


If you would like to make a tribute donation in honor of someone who inspires you or has greatly impacted your life, click the orange donate button above or give us a call and ask for Christian.

In honor of Lynn Bockmeulen
Scott Swearingen

General Donors

  • Airbus Americas, Inc.
  • Charles Anderson
  • Patricia Arnold
  • Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group
  • Brian & Margaret Bailey
  • Ronald & Constance Bartel
  • Brady Beard
  • Charles & Dianna Buck
  • Tammy Busse
  • Carol & Steve Caldwell
  • Charlotte Cape
  • Diane Christensen
  • Church Of St. Mary
  • Jennifer & Christian Clark
  • Ruth Collins
  • Theresa Collins
  • Bill & Lois Condrin
  • Jere Covington
  • Kevin Cox
  • Lana Day
  • Arlo DeKraai
  • Cheyenne DeRamus
  • Sheryl Derrington
  • David Dunning
  • Kathy Easterling
  • Dennis England
  • Connie Fahler
  • Steven Forrester
  • GableGotwals
  • Deborah Gosvenor
  • Glenda Gould
  • Ashley & Johnson Gourd
  • Gourmet On The Go
  • Leon Hadley
  • Kate Halsmer
  • Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Co.
  • Institutional Wealth, BOK Financial
  • Rachel Isedore
  • Jerri Johnson
  • Carolyn Kimple
  • Daniel & Carrie Kittinger
  • Ben & Kristi Lenski
  • Christian & Natalie McLain
  • Merck Foundation Matching Gifts
  • Carla & Karsten Meyer
  • Peggy Mockett
  • Amanda Moore
  • Network For Good
  • Lisa Palmer
  • Troy Petit
  • Betsy & Walt Pettit
  • Lisa Phelan
  • Tony Prideaux
  • Cathi & John Prince
  • Verona Prokopich
  • Nettie Reed
  • Russell-Murray Hospice, Inc.
  • Garrett & Katie Schmall
  • Barbara & David Schwarz
  • Kelley Scott
  • Richard & Sherri Segnar
  • Rebecca & Ted Sherwood
  • Britni Smith
  • Cathy & Brent Smith
  • Romanza Spess
  • Sherry Strong
  • TFK Engineering, Inc.
  • Theresa Witcher
  • Sue Young
  • Yelena Zimina

In-Kind Donors

  • SeneGence International
  • Green Country Angels
  • Norman & Jamie Tufts
  • Sha Clark
  • Beth Lamb
  • Donna Droege
  • Elizabeth Morris
  • Jeanne Jacobs
  • Brenda Estes