Recent Donors

Thank you so much for your generous support! We witness the impact of your gifts as families spend their tender last days together. The donors noted represent gifts received from July 1, 2022 through July 31, 2022.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email us at


In memory of Ann Raphael
Chantal & Joe Pixley

In memory of Barbara Jamieson
Cathe Kehe

In memory of Belinda Rehbein
Chuck & Janeen Atkins

In memory of Benny Dean Smith
Stuart Smith

In memory of Bruce Martin
GUY Engineering
Bryce Dotson
Debra Perkins
Dianna Mellon
Dick & Barb Chernus
Dottie Hagan
Laura Taylor
Marilynn Martin
Nancy Tolbert
Nikki & Keith Longacre
Burgess & Niple, Inc.

In memory of Clarence Nix Storm
Debbie Allen
Gwen Dill
Lisa Robinson
Mike Nolan

In memory of David Prewitt & Susan Prewitt
Gary & Schuylene Merryman

In memory of David Wilson
Rhonda Wilson

In memory of Debra Twilley
Connie & Tommy Loftus
Sonia Noel

In memory of Diana Lynn Ruffin
Mel & Brenda Martin

In memory of Donald Janko & Billy Risley
Curtis and Penny Janko

In memory of Donna Beller
Deborah Floyd
Jim Cox & Elaine Merritt
Kale Magness
Robert Cox

In memory of Dorothy Franchi
Roger & Wanda Cole

In memory of Dorothy Woodard
Louise Tilson

In memory of Elma "Jean" Laymon
Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc.

In memory of Gary Hildestad
Ann Lairson
Lois Malicote

In memory of Imogene Roe
Donetta Kemper

In memory of Jack Loeffler
Michael Loeffler

In memory of Jim Chuculate
Jamie Hamil

In memory of John "J.W." Ray
Julie Courcier

In memory of Kimberly Walker
Cheryl Cleland

In memory of Laura Read Farrow & Scott Read
Read Bookkeeping and Tax Service Inc

In memory of Laurette Heger
Earnest Hoberecht

In memory of Lillian Roberts
Denise Felber

In memory of Margaret "Gene" Fletcher
John "Dave" Burrows

In memory of Margaret "Penny" Curry
Robert "Rob" Curry

In memory of Marie Spataro Foley
Sherry Jackson

In memory of Marja van Dyke
Caryl Kirtley

In memory of Mark Alan James
Jeanne Hix

In memory of Mary Kay Clarke
Harold VanCompernolle

In memory of Mattie Fleming
Billy Spears
Nancy Scott

In memory of Meredith Caswell
Carol & Glenn Fielder

In memory of Millennium Hospice patients
Millennium Hospice

In memory of Nancy "Carol" Hoffman
John & Sheryl Stevenson

In memory of Pamela Curtis
Carol Curtis

In memory of Pat Upton
Susann Upton
Wedgewood Association

In memory of Patsie Lois Kincaid
Manly Carpenter
Michele Leston

In memory of Paul Weatherford
Auberge HOA

In memory of Philip McBrayer
Charles & Candy McBrayer

In memory of Rachel Zebrowski
Jill Warnock & Jim Geurin

In memory of Rev. Leonard Busch
Freida Busch

In memory of Robert Jay Brasel
GDH Consulting, Inc.
Elba Brown

In memory of Sheila Sue Carter
Maxine Carter

In memory of Steve Roberts
Nancy Roberts

In memory of Susan Henley
Jim & Mary Connelly

In memory of Tommy Holland
Janet Holland

In memory of Vinson Reed
Becki & John Hawkins

In memory of Virgene Huffman
Judy Kauzlarich

In memory of Warren Estep
Greg Estep


If you would like to make a tribute donation in honor of someone who inspires you or has greatly impacted your life, click the orange donate button above or give us a call and ask for Christian.

In honor of the Clarehouse staff & volunteers
Pati Wilson

General Donors

  • Charles Anderson
  • Patricia Arnold
  • Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group
  • Gayle Balboa
  • Pamela Baney
  • Ronald & Constance Bartel
  • Brady Beard
  • Bluestem Escrow &Title
  • Lynn & Robert Bockmeulen
  • Melanie & Leonard Busby
  • Chinowth & Cohen Foundation
  • Church Of St. Mary
  • Jennifer & Christian Clark
  • Ruth Collins
  • Theresa Collins
  • Beverly Cottone
  • Patti Dalton Klein
  • Catherine Davenport
  • Lana Day
  • Cheyenne DeRamus
  • Sheryl Derrington
  • David Dunning
  • Kathy Easterling
  • Dennis England
  • Connie Fahler
  • Lindsay & Ron Fick
  • Focus Family Eyecare
  • Steven Forrester
  • Patricia Freese
  • Rosemary Frew
  • Michael Friedman
  • Deborah Gosvenor
  • Glenda Gould
  • Ashley & Johnson Gourd
  • Gourmet On The Go
  • Leon Hadley
  • Kate Halsmer
  • Carl Hefley
  • Tammy Hermesch
  • Florence Hoodenpyle
  • John & Michelle Hubner
  • Humanity Hospice
  • Robert & Elizabeth Ingold
  • Rachel Isedore
  • Tamara Rains & Charlie Jackson
  • Jerri Johnson
  • Joy Lutheran Church
  • Pamela & Ken Kiser
  • Daniel & Carrie Kittinger
  • Sue Lohmann
  • Tricia & Frank McDonald
  • Todd McKinney
  • Christian & Natalie McLain
  • Geraldine "Jerry" McLoud
  • Carla & Karsten Meyer
  • Kathy & Bret Mock
  • Amanda Moore
  • Peter Moran
  • Susan Morgan
  • David Morse
  • Wayne Myers
  • Network For Good
  • Ted & Karen Noland
  • Doris Nunnelee
  • ONEOK Foundation
  • The Oxley Foundation
  • Lisa Palmer
  • Diane Parnell
  • Troy Petit
  • Betsy & Walt Pettit
  • Joyce Polkinghorne
  • Cathi & John Prince
  • Verona Prokopich
  • Prosperity Bank
  • Nettie Reed
  • Saint Francis Health System
  • Marcia Sayles
  • Garrett & Katie Schmall
  • Kelley Scott
  • Tricia Senft-Roberson
  • The Sharna & Irvin Frank Foundation
  • Rebecca & Ted Sherwood
  • Britni Smith
  • Dana Solomon
  • Dennis Stell
  • Adelle Stults
  • Melissa & Roy Taylor
  • David & Claudia Thomas
  • U.S. Payments, LLC
  • Donna Willis
  • Rhonda Wilson
  • Theresa Witcher
  • Peggy Zannotti
  • Yelena Zimina

In-Kind Donors

  • Green Country Angels
  • David Bell
  • Norman & Jamie Tufts
  • Pat Richard
  • Tonia Neel
  • Donita Martin
  • Linda Rey Bone
  • Nanette McAdoo-Tucker
  • Sherry Short
  • Stan Hedges
  • Tawana James
  • Brenda Estes