Recent Donors

Thank you so much for your generous support! We witness the impact of your gifts as families spend their tender last days together. The donors noted represent gifts received from December 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email us at


In memory of Alfons Janowski
Joseph Soerries

In memory of Amelia Wilson
Ginny & Floyd Lewis

In memory of Annamae Van Doren
Jeanne & Sam Chinnock

In memory of Armon Pittman
Teresa & Bill Danne

In memory of Arthur Bogie
Kathy "Hetty" Bogie

In memory of Austin "Chip" Clary
Hugh Daly

In memory of Barbara Mayes
Carolyn & Robert Hudson

In memory of Barbara "Sue" Nivens & Kenneth Nivens
Scott Nivens

In memory of Becky Thompson
Brenda & Shane Richards

In memory of Belinda McCormick
Robert McCormick

In memory of Betty Wade
Ashley & Perry Dunham

In memory of Beverly Rill & Gilbert Rill
Jeff Rill

In memory of Billie Reeder
Reeder Ranch

In memory of Billy Lee Delozier
Margaret Terrapin

In memory of Bluford Johnson
Karen Freeman

In memory of Bob Davis
Pamela & James Ritchey

In memory of Bob Young
Linda Sue Childers

In memory of Bobby Taylor & Norman Watson
Steve & Beverly Sutterfield

In memory of Bobby Wilson & Riley Wilson
Lana Wilson

In memory of Brooks Tyson
Judi Barrett

In memory of Caesar Soltis (pet therapy dog)
Pam Soltis

In memory of Calvin & Martha Shahan
Mary Ellen Martin

In memory of Carl Webb
Nicole Webb

In memory of Charles Burger
Calveta Burger

In memory of Charles Daniel & Jackson O. Clancy
Fred & Lee Cornish

In memory of Charles Pharris
Annette Heidebrecht

In memory of Cindy Friedman
Jon & Betty Heller

In memory of Clara Lenning
Paul & Esther Vana

In memory of Clarence Nix Storm
Lisa Robinson

In memory of Clevanne Kirberger
Denise Whitman

In memory of Connie & George Dailey
Amy Dailey

In memory of Dana Callahan
Carrie Jo & Dixon Johnson

In memory of Dana Farley
Robn Werner

In memory of Danny Smith
Jim & Judy Cummings

In memory of Darlene Presley
Tomlinson Wood Gift Trust, a Donor Advised Fun of U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

In memory of David Spring
Linda Spring

In memory of Deborah Twilley
Donna Husband

In memory of Dewitt "Dee" Unruh
Charles & Debra Unruh

In memory of Dick Teubner
Thomas & Heather Minkler
Billie Mindeman
Stephen Poleman

In memory of Don R. Bauer, Jr.
Don Bauer

In memory of Don Young II
Peggy Young

In memory of Donald Johnson
Kim Schaefer

In memory of Donna Beller
Alice Culhane

In memory of Donna Fulks
Sherry Chalk

In memory of Dorothy Franchi
Roger & Wanda Cole

In memory of Eddie Walker
Carol Walker

In memory of Editha Covey
Lynn & Sandra Pike

In memory of Ellen Ledvina Garland
Wells Family Charitable Trust

In memory of Ellen Morris
Edward Morris

In memory of Elma "Jean" Laymon
Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc.

In memory of Emma "Dolly" Harrison
Hayden & Rhonda Harrison

In memory of Eric Peaden
Stuart & Peggy Scheppele

In memory of Eva Mahan
Steve Mahan

In memory of Evelyn "Billie" Peden
Tom Peden

In memory of Florence Holland
Florence & Gordon Holland Family Foundation

In memory of Gary Hildestad
Lois Malicote

In memory of Gerald "Pete" Stamper
Kim King

In memory of Granville Smith
Ann Tosky

In memory of Greg Kocsak
Greg Parker

In memory of Hans Fichtenberg
Maude I Logan Elementary
Carla, D'Ann, Julie & Regina
Diana & Tim Hartley
Doris Boshers
Eileta Creekpaum
Elaine Dame
Janet & Robert Kimball
Reiko Shiota
Rochelle Grisafi
Sharon Fichtenberg
Susan Engles
Terry & Mirae Spradlin
Tom & Sue Stees

In memory of Hazel Davis
Lana Wilson

In memory of Helen Kennemer
James Kennemer

In memory of Jack Federline
Betty Federline
Sherry & Dick Nash

In memory of Jack Loeffler
Michael Loeffler

In memory of James Gicaletto
Barbara Gicaletto

In memory of James Little
Beth & Terry Gilliland

In memory of JB Shelton
Mike & Carolyn Shelton

In memory of Jeane Wood
Fred & Evelyn Fegaly

In memory of Jeffrey Griffith
Barry Schockemoehl

In memory of Jesus Ramirez
Joanne Ramirez

In memory of Jim "James" Holland
Audrey Holland

In memory of Jim Chuculate
Jamie Hamil

In memory of Jim D. Farris
Rosalie Farris

In memory of Jim Lieberman
Jan Lieberman

In memory of Jim Sisler
Judy Sisler

In memory of Jimmy Glavas
Betty Glavas

In memory of Jody Jordan
W R Machine Shop Inc

In memory of John "J.W." Ray
Julie Courcier

In memory of John and Keith Sands
Maureen Sands

In memory of John Freese
Freese Family Foundation

In memory of John L. Stuart, III
Janet Stuart

In memory of John Rhinehart
Laura Rhinehart

In memory of Judith Watkins
Debi & Chet Calico

In memory of Judy Walls
Diane & Don Rahrig

In memory of Katherine Oberlander
William Oberlander

In memory of Kathryn Kinney
Karen Kinney

In memory of Kelly Burden
Melanie Osterhout

In memory of Kenley R. Williams
Ferna "Sue" Williams

In memory of Kenneth Bays
Rosalind Bays

In memory of Kenneth Morton
Janice Morton

In memory of Lance Trimble
Lorrie Reibert

In memory of Larry Arnold
Jon Sumners

In memory of Larry Venable
Carla Venable

In memory of Larry Zankel
Nancy Zankel

In memory of Laurette Heger
Earnest Hoberecht
Toni Hoberecht

In memory of Linda Ebert
M Winfrey Ebert Madeira

In memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm

In memory of Lloyd Trogdon
Sharon Trogdon

In memory of Lomeda Hall
Andrea Hall

In memory of Loretta Fabrizius
Brad & Janice Young

In memory of Lou Cavins
Carolyn & Mark Cavins

In memory of Louie Ray Dotson
Bob Dotson

In memory of Lynn & Charlie McRill
Betty Hastings

In memory of Marcus W Dennis
Christi Broam
Chad & Brandi Doty
Keith & Lisa Owen
Nancy Scott

In memory of Margie Hinkle
Greg & Rene Armbruster
Arthur & Patricia Howe
Robert & Barbara Blais

In memory of Mark Alan James
Jeanne Hix

In memory of Mary Weatherford
Jerri Wood

In memory of Mattie Green
Kathey Stephens

In memory of Max Day
First United Methodist Church of Owasso, New Life Class

In memory of Mike Reeves
Barbara & Jerry Reeves

In memory of Millie Arthrell
Claudia Arthrell

In memory of Millie Smith
Lane Smith

In memory of Mohammad Abaee
Ahmad Moradi
Abaee Family
Mujeeb Cheema

In memory of Nancy Dowdy
Peggy Young

In memory of Nancy McDuffie
Steven & Kay Terry

In memory of Natkei Yar
Abeda Yar

In memory of Norman Watson
Erma Watson

In memory of Pam James
Joe & Carol Wampler

In memory of Pat Fields
Debera Wakefield

In memory of Patricia "Pat" Chaney
The Estate of Patricia Chaney

In memory of Patricia Meyer
Alyson & Larry Langholz

In memory of Patsy Castle
Tulsa Enlightened Team

In memory of Patti Cowan
Betsy & Chuck Blue

In memory of Philip McBrayer
Anonymous Donor

In memory of Renn LaCroix
Kevan LaCroix

In memory of Rev. Leonard Busch
Freida Busch

In memory of Richard Adams
Jeanne Adams

In memory of Rita Masters
Angela Reed

In memory of Ronald Frakes
Dorothy & Tommy Clay
Gary Oberste

In memory of Ronald McGarrie
Carole McGarrie

In memory of Ronald Morrison
Mindy Taylor

In memory of Ronald P. Fink
Lucinda Beck

In memory of Rosalea Barnett
Billy & Debra Barnett

In memory of Rosemarie Robinson
Barbara Robinson
Robin Postier

In memory of Sally Sullivan
Marjean & Charlie Cole

In memory of Sam Turner
Helen Turner

In memory of Sandra Smoot
Brett Stiger

In memory of Shanon Nelson
Faye Thompson

In memory of Sharon Carr

In memory of Shirley Millisor
Kathy & Greg Hale

In memory of Shirley Roddy
Cary Roddy
Craig & Laurie Roddy

In memory of Steve Chrisco
Melissa & Greg Chrisco

In memory of Steve Roberts
Nancy Roberts

In memory of Sue Lohmann
Carolyn Snivley
Jenifer & Millard Matthews
Mark & Ann Krueger
Mel & Brenda Martin
Sharon & Henry Brolick

In memory of Susan Michele Nichols
Martha Gay

In memory of Tom Minardi
Brad & Karen Penrod

In memory of Toni Zucconi
David Zucconi

In memory of Velda Stevens
Norma Canon

In memory of Virginia Sides
Linda & Don Sides

In memory of Wayne Bridenstine
H.J. & Connie Ullman
Jessica Rott
Joseph & Cherie Egger
Lynn & Linda Townsend
Robert Karlen
Susan & Michael Phillips
Barbra & Kenneth Weikel


If you would like to make a tribute donation in honor of someone who inspires you or has greatly impacted your life, click the orange donate button above or give us a call and ask for Christian.

In honor of David & Rosie Simms
Cindy & Larry Angle

In honor of Emily Mooney
Lisa Chronister & Aaron Mooney

In honor of John Jacobs
Lauretta Henry

In honor of Julie L. Mueller
Animal House Veterinary Hospital

In honor of Kirk & Ladon Chalmers
Greg & Karen Chalmers

In honor of Merrilee Langer
Erin Wambold

In honor of the Muratet & Morakot families
Linda Carrara

In honor of Pam Rogers
Lea Kannady

In honor of Sr. Ellie Finlay
Charlotte Alexandre

In honor of Susan Shibley
Jody Cunningham

In honor of the Clarehouse staff and volunteers
Mel & Brenda Martin

General Donors

  • Viviana Abrego
  • Jeffrey Alderman
  • JS Allen
  • Michele Allison
  • Anchor Stone Co.
  • Charles Anderson
  • Judith & Edwin Anderson
  • Marilyn Anderson
  • Berhane Andu
  • Glenda Armstrong
  • Patricia Arnold
  • The Arnold and Pat Brown Foundation
  • Asbury Church, Mariners Group
  • Amy Bailey
  • Gayle Balboa
  • Dixie Banner
  • Debra Barlow
  • Ronald & Constance Bartel
  • Brady Beard
  • Doris Berg
  • Steve & Debbie Berlin
  • Jana Bingman
  • Karen & Danny Bishop
  • Lynn & Robert Bockmeulen
  • Susan Borgstrom
  • Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, Roundtable Class
  • Lisa Braverman
  • Bruce Z. and Phyllis J. Raines Family Foundation
  • Richard & Cynthia Burdyn
  • Arysetta Burkhart
  • Melanie & Leonard Busby
  • Ellen Bussard
  • Carol Robinson Charitable Fund
  • Christ Church Episcopal
  • Church of Saint Mary
  • Jeffrey Clay
  • Jennifer & Christian Clark
  • Jan & Ron Coleman
  • Barbara & John Collier
  • Ruth Collins
  • Theresa Collins
  • Bill & Lois Condrin
  • Judy Critchfield
  • Chris Crittendon
  • Crossroads Communications, LLC
  • Jean Curry
  • Lana Day
  • Cheyenne DeRamus
  • Richard Dericks
  • Sheryl Derrington
  • Elaine Dodson
  • Helen Duckert
  • David Dunning
  • Kathy Easterling
  • Martha Ebert-Baum
  • Lonnie Eck
  • Mary Edmondson & Michael Ross
  • Pamela Edwards
  • Eisenhower PTA Fiestivale
  • Dennis England
  • Epsilon Sigma Alpha Sorority, Alpha Rho #4350
  • Brenda Estes
  • Arthur Fabrizius
  • Connie Fahler
  • Carol & Glenn Fielder
  • William & Mary Filener
  • Flint Family Foundation
  • Steven & Jennifer Forrester
  • Andrea Fowler
  • Lynn & Katherine Frame
  • Karen Freeman
  • Sharon Gallagher
  • Susan Gandall
  • Leann Garrett
  • B.E. Gibbs
  • Carol & David Gideion
  • Bendy Gilpin
  • Starla Glazer
  • Mindi Godfrey
  • Goodshop
  • Deborah Gosvenor
  • Glenda Gould
  • Ashley & Johnson Gourd
  • Denise Griffin
  • Leon Hadley
  • Kate Halsmer
  • Nancy & Hank Harbaugh
  • Margaret & Glenn Hargett
  • Larry & Ann Harral
  • Elizabeth & John Harrington
  • Mary Ann Harrison
  • Cindy Hays
  • Brenda Henderson
  • Mark Henley
  • Vannesa Henneke
  • Vicki & Robert Hibbert
  • Roger Holder
  • Kristin Holland
  • Mary Paula Hunter
  • Rachel Isedore
  • Evan & Hannah Jacobs
  • Jerri Johnson
  • Jones Family
  • Jeanne Jones
  • Judy Jones
  • Mike & Amiee Jones
  • Stephanie Keller
  • E. A. Kersey
  • Ketchum Charitable Foundation
  • Daniel & Carrie Kittinger
  • Duane & Lolita Kleppe
  • Virginia "Ginny" Lane
  • Anne-Marie Lawson
  • Learning Bridge Foundation
  • Ben & Kristi Lenski
  • Carole Lewandowski
  • Tiffany & Brad Long
  • Karen Mainprize
  • Sandra & Lee Massey
  • Judy Matthews
  • Clark & Marcia May
  • John & Lorrie McGlothlin
  • Christian & Natalie McLain
  • Peggy McLeland
  • Midwest Engineering Group, LLC
  • Debbie Milberger
  • Millennium Sams
  • Adela Mitchell
  • Kathy & Bret Mock
  • Emily Mooney
  • Amanda Moore
  • Kathleen Moore
  • Brenda Morgan
  • Susan Morgan
  • Timothy Morrell
  • Wayne Myers
  • Wade & Donna Nasworthy
  • Victor Neal
  • Network For Good
  • Gail & Russ Newman
  • Eve O'Kelley
  • Amy Osborn
  • Cynthia & Eric Outlaw
  • Lisa Palmer
  • Perry Palmer
  • Anita Pancook
  • Barbara Parnell
  • Lisa Patton
  • Ron & Bonnie Peters
  • Troy Petit
  • Betsy & Walt Pettit
  • Joanne Powell
  • Cathi & John Prince
  • Verona Prokopich
  • Kathy & Charles Purser
  • Boy Scouts
  • Benelle Reeble
  • Nettie Reed
  • Ryvers Reeder
  • Suzanne Reese
  • Mike Reeves
  • Linda Ringold
  • Judy & Mark Rodrigues
  • Rita & Russell Rogers
  • Laurinda Romaine
  • Nina Salyer
  • Larae Sanders
  • Garrett & Katie Schmall
  • Kristen Schmidt
  • Mandi Schooley
  • Kelley Scott
  • Tom Seifried
  • Steve & Niki Sharples
  • Jim & Sandra Shaw
  • Cynthia & Richard Shawley
  • Rebecca & Ted Sherwood
  • Janet Shipley Hawks
  • Glenda Silvey
  • Britni Smith
  • Marcia & Ken Smith
  • Dana Solomon
  • Nancy & Hank Sossin
  • Brotherhood 2022 Golf Classic
  • Crystal Stewart
  • Sarah & Bernhard Storjohann
  • Nikki Storm
  • Jimmy & Deborah Straughan
  • Suzanne Mordhorst Rev Trust
  • Cynthia Swofford
  • Marla Taylor
  • Jessie Thiel
  • Anita Townsend
  • Jo Trobaugh
  • Tulsa Foundation
  • Stacy Turner
  • Susann Upton
  • Harold VanCompernolle
  • Sheldon & Kathy Waeger
  • Jen Wald
  • Hal & Patty Walker
  • Terri & Charley Wall
  • Terri & Oscar Wantiez
  • Melanie & Dan Webb
  • Lorene Webster
  • Diane Wells
  • Charles Wentz
  • Karen Westerby
  • Carol Whitten
  • Stephanie Wilbanks
  • Beverly Williams
  • Becci Willis
  • Pati Wilson
  • Martin Wing
  • Theresa Witcher
  • Pam & Bill Young
  • Mary Ziegler
  • Yelena Zimina
  • Clarence Zitterkob

In-Kind Donors

  • Redeemer Church
  • Sundance Office
  • Brenda Estes
  • Cindy & Kevin Ketchum
  • Norman & Jamie Tufts
  • Pat Coyle
  • Beverly Sams
  • Channing Chisum
  • David Bell
  • Larry & Dixie Sams
  • Nanette McAdoo-Tucker
  • Toni Dusina
  • Dawn Duca
  • Sherry Stout
  • Tricia & Frank McDonald