Recent Donors

Thank you so much for your generous support! We witness the impact of your gifts as families spend their tender last days together. The donors noted represent gifts received from November 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email us at


In memory of Anne Tucker
Kim Murtola

In memory of Arthur Bogie
Anna Milligan
Ed & Barbara Osborn

In memory of Billie Jean "Jeanie" Webster
Janice Fagg

In memory of Billy Lee Delozier
Regenia Simpson
Barbara George
Brenda, Karen & Carol
Dawn Duca
Diana Mohr
Opal Delozier
Angie Stogner

In memory of Bobby Wilson & Riley Wilson
JoAnn Schooley

In memory of Bonnie Ballard
Karyn Spencer

In memory of Cindy Friedman
Nancy & Barry Wayne

In memory of Danny Smith
Tim & Gerilynne Graves

In memory of Darlene Presley
Amgen, Inc.
Jane Bates
Joe & Amy Burnett
Robert Shain
Samantha Shaw

In memory of David Schachle
Amy & Lance Schachle

In memory of Debbie Robison
Gary Robison

In memory of Deborah Twilley
Stacey Molinar

In memory of Delores Southern
Margaret Stanfill

In memory of Dolores Gonzalez
Mary Ann & Don Hauglid
Shelly Snyder
Vallie Taylor

In memory of Doug Stephens
Jason & Katy Stephens

In memory of Dr. Roger D. Wilson, MD
Valerie Wilson

In memory of Elma "Jean" Laymon
Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc.

In memory of Frank Marcum
Barbara & John Turner

In memory of Frank Moffitt
Phil Moffitt

In memory of Gary Hildestad
Lois Malicote

In memory of Gene Elsberry
Judy Fulfs

In memory of Gertrude "Trudy" Weil
Cathy Weil

In memory of Jack Loeffler
Michael Loeffler

In memory of Janice Voskuhl
Mary & Jack Holton

In memory of Jennifer Chapman
Tracy Monteiro Allard

In memory of Jim Chuculate
Jamie Hamil

In memory of Joe Braverman
Joseph Braverman

In memory of John "J.W." Ray
Julie Courcier

In memory of Keith Rapp
Mary Rapp

In memory of Kelly Boen
Dotty Oelkers

In memory of Lanh Trinh
Thanh Nguyen

In memory of Laurette Heger
Earnest Hoberecht
Toni Hoberecht

In memory of Leon Woodruff
Doris Woodruff

In memory of Lillian Drvostep
Robert Drvostep

In memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm

In memory of Marc Wright
Cynthia Wright

In memory of Margie Hinkle
Brad & Lillian Holverson
Brent & Jennifer Kratky
Frances Lies
Jonathan Hinkle
Patricia Wilson
Stacy Morrison
Steve & Lisa Butcher
Wayne Kirk

In memory of Mary Lynn Ruehlen
Karen Smiley

In memory of Mary Pierce
Julie & Vernon Jones

In memory of Peggy McKinney
Jerry McKinney

In memory of Rebecca Thornton
John & Theresa Shurtleff

In memory of Rev. Leonard Busch
Freida Busch
Tami & Michael Northrup

In memory of Richard Adams
Jeanne Adams

In memory of Robert Nail
Donna Nail

In memory of Robert Phillips
Linda Phillips

In memory of Robert Vaught
Dana, Betty & Wendy Slone

In memory of Ronald Morrison
Lara Irvin

In memory of Rosemarie Robinson
Judith & Keith Gan
Karen Robinson
Sharon Quinn

In memory of Russell Vassar
Lana, Robin & Jj Gourley
Butch & Susan Zimmerman

In memory of Sandra Smoot
Indian Electric and IEC Employee Club
Amanda Witty
Gene & DeNeil Rowland
Jane Hewett
Jason & Tricia Harrison
Joanne & Jack Foreman
John & Lori Gillet
Joni & Stephen Messer
Susan Ricks
Becci Willis

In memory of Sharon Carr
Ben & Kristi Lenski

In memory of Sheila Sue Carter
Maxine Carter

In memory of Sue Lohmann
Adelia Farris
Linda Lyons Coyle

In memory of Vincent Zardus
Abeda Yar

In memory of Wanda Peevy-Zahler
Laura Haney

In memory of Wayne Bridenstine
Barbara Pinney
Dave & Donna Beekman
Donald & Patricia Stonebarger
Leslie & Lynne Sunderland
Sherry Anderson
Thomas Rashid


If you would like to make a tribute donation in honor of someone who inspires you or has greatly impacted your life, click the orange donate button above or give us a call and ask for Christian.

In honor of Ronald Frakes
Bob Soerries

General Donors

  • Walter & Rhona Allen
  • Charles Anderson
  • Patricia Arnold
  • Asbury Church, Mariners Group
  • Robin Ballenger
  • Ronald & Constance Bartel
  • Brady Beard
  • Allison Biggs
  • Lynn & Robert Bockmeulen
  • Richard & Cynthia Burdyn
  • Ellen "Lori" Burge
  • Melanie & Leonard Busby
  • Charles W. Harris Foundation
  • Church of Saint Mary
  • Jennifer & Christian Clark
  • Ruth Collins
  • Theresa Collins
  • Susan Cornett
  • David Culbertson
  • Lana Day
  • Cheyenne DeRamus
  • Sheryl Derrington
  • David Dunning
  • Kathy Easterling
  • Dennis England
  • Connie Fahler
  • Steven & Jennifer Forrester
  • Thomas Frank
  • Kristie & John Gibson
  • Deborah Gosvenor
  • Glenda Gould
  • Ashley & Johnson Gourd
  • Mark Grober
  • Mary Groves
  • Leon Hadley
  • Kate Halsmer
  • The HoganTaylor Foundation
  • Rachel Isedore
  • John & Rhonda Jacobs
  • Jerri Johnson
  • Daniel & Carrie Kittinger
  • Lucas Controls Company, Inc
  • Philelle McBrayer
  • John & Lorrie McGlothlin
  • Christian & Natalie McLain
  • Sandra Michalcik
  • Midwest Mechanical, Inc.
  • Amanda Moore
  • MyWalgreens/Givio Charitable
  • Terri & Kenneth Neil
  • Network For Good
  • Catherine & Gordon Nielsen
  • Lisa Palmer
  • The Paul L. & Helen I. Sisk Charitable Trust
  • Troy Petit
  • Betsy & Walt Pettit
  • Andrew Polly
  • Cathi & John Prince
  • Verona Prokopich
  • Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
  • Beverly Ramsey
  • Nettie Reed
  • Daniel Richmond
  • Cindy & Gordon Ritter
  • Garrett & Katie Schmall
  • Kelley Scott
  • Kathy Shaffer
  • Betty Shaull
  • Rebecca & Ted Sherwood
  • Anne Smalling
  • Britni Smith
  • Martha Spalding
  • The Other Side of the Cup
  • Anna & William Turner
  • Cathy Walls
  • Jim Welch
  • Valerie Wilson
  • Theresa Witcher
  • Yelena Zimina

In-Kind Donors

  • Brenda Estes
  • Fran Tebow
  • Kevin & Shanna Hardin
  • Norman & Jamie Tufts
  • Executives Title & Escrow LLC
  • Green Country Angels
  • Arthur & Shannan Davis
  • Bobbie Poindexter
  • James Robinson
  • John & Karen Miller
  • Kathy Dailey
  • Mareta Sole
  • Sue Hunt
  • Tawana James