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Caring for a loved one around the clock can be challenging and many families need help. Our dying family members are often alone, spending their last days in hospitals or other facilities. A lack of information about healthcare choices and advance care planning can lead to unwanted treatments and the burden of uncontrolled symptoms. People may suffer unnecessarily, without the ability to direct their final days based on their values, goals and preferences.

Clarehouse is a tested and effective solution and we unite with organizations across the country that have implemented this innovative model of care, known as Social Model Hospice. In contrast to a Medical Hospice, the Social Model Hospice primarily addresses the caregiver crisis, offering individualized supportive care through community participation. We are committed to the growth of this compassionate approach and empower other communities to adopt the model.

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The Social Model Hospice is

  • a community supported home, providing 24-hour care for terminally ill individuals and their loved ones when dying at home becomes unmanageable.
  • dedicated to the care of dying individuals and families.
  • individualized loving care in a community home setting.
  • a non-profit, charitable organization.
  • provided by a mix of paid and volunteer caregivers.
  • free or sliding-scale.
  • provided in collaboration with a medical hospice responsible for case management.
  • not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.
  • grass-roots and community based and supported.
  • unique and does not duplicate existing community resources.
  • home and family to people in need.

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Because we feel so strongly that every community should have a home like Clarehouse, we mentor projects across the US, sharing our story, home and expertise. Interested individuals are welcomed for site visits, meet our staff and see our compassionate care firsthand.

The Omega Home Network

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The Omega Home Network fosters end-of-life care homes, sharing inspiration and expertise to further the model of community care of dying people.