About Us

Welcome Home is more than a greeting: it’s a cozy feeling that immediately surrounds you at Clarehouse. Families settle into the peaceful atmosphere and focus on what matters most while our staff and volunteers provide round-the-clock comfort care.

When a loved one needs more help than is available at home, we provide 24/7 care like a family member would, with each person’s hospice agency providing medical case management.

We pioneered this innovative, non-medical model of care and have served our community for eighteen years as home and family to over 5,000 souls.

We believe...

• that dying people deserve the very best we have to offer.

• that no one should suffer pain or other symptoms when comfort is possible.

• that no one should have to die alone or lonely.

• that a loving, homey environment enables death to be a part of personal, family story rather than a medical event.

• that surroundings, aromas, cleanliness and kindness always matter.

• that family and friends deserve our care as much as the person dying.

• that enabling family to be present simply as family and not the caregiver is just what some people need to cope, grieve and say goodbye.

• that dignity and comfort are more important than tasks and schedules.

• that music, birds, candles and touch make a difference, even to those who can’t respond.

• in partnering with hospice organizations and other service providers to avoid duplication of services.

• in sharing what we’ve learned.