About Us

Welcome Home is more than a greeting: it’s a cozy feeling that immediately surrounds you at Clarehouse. Families settle into the peaceful atmosphere and focus on what matters most while our staff and volunteers provide round-the-clock comfort care.

When a loved one needs more help than is available at home, we provide 24/7 care like a family member would, with each person’s hospice agency providing medical case management.

We pioneered this innovative, non-medical model of care and have served our community for twenty years as home and family to over 5,600 souls.


Clarehouse envisions a loving community where all people have the care they need at life’s end and no one walks their final days alone.


We embrace death and dying as a normal part of life and provide, at no cost to guests and families, the support people need to make the most of every moment.

We believe...

  • that people who are dying deserve the very best we have to offer.
  • that no one should suffer when comfort is possible.
  • in fostering connections so that people who are dying are surrounded with loving comfort while family and friends are supported as they say goodbye.
  • that dignity, peace and kindness always matter.
  • in providing state-of-the-art education that fosters community and empowers people to live more intentionally.
  • in extending our impact by sharing our innovative model locally and nationally.

Our three unique qualities:

  1. We extend loving hospitality at our one-of-a-kind, purpose-built campus, created to promote peace and comfort enhanced by extensive volunteer support.
  2. We broaden our impact with robust education to prepare our community to navigate and craft meaningful end-of-life experiences.
  3. We are leaders and mentors in this innovative model, founding and fostering the Omega Home Network, a grassroots national movement to improve care at life’s end.

Our secret sauce:

  1. We are a loving home away from home with individualized, person-centered care.
  2. We have a well-defined service niche that fills a gap and avoids duplication in services.
  3. We extend our impact through expertise and input from multi-skilled volunteer engagement.
  4. We use a comprehensive fundraising strategy centered around building relationships focused on heart and mission.
  5. We share our experiences while remaining lifelong learners.