Community Education: Living Well Throughout Dying

Clarehouse envisions a future where people and families all across our community have the expectation of living well throughout dying - in comfort, with dignity, and supported by expert and compassionate people.

This kind of care doesn’t just happen. It starts with a conversation that leads to awareness, then inspires focused effort, preparation and organization in the very special area of end-of-life care planning.

Achieving the highest possible quality of life matters until the very last moment.

Join us for a conversation…

Community Conversation Series 

Our annual Community Conversation Series is a three-evening event dedicated to starting the conversation, sharing information and providing the tools needed to begin the process of putting one’s priorities and desires into action. We feature regional and national keynote speakers leading the discussion about end-of-life care and wishes, opening our minds and hearts to talk about death and dying. Past speakers include Roz Chast; Lucy Kalanithi, MD; Ira Byock, MD; Jessica Zitter, MD. All events are free and open to the public.

2020 Community Conversation Series
2020 Community Conversation Series Flyer

Book Talk
Join us virtually on Zoom for an informal discussion of these books. Click the link for the flyer. Click the links below to register.
"Blindspot" Mahzarin R. Banji and Anthony G. Greenwald - July 26, 2021
"Transcend" Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD - September 27, 2021
"Black Widow" Leslie Gray Streeter - November 15, 2021

Death Over Dinner 

Gather family and friends and join us for dinner at Clarehouse as we help you pursue a conversation about what is important to you in living and dying. The time is now, before a crisis situation. To learn more about this unique opportunity, visit, then call or us to schedule this important family event.

Healthcare Toolkit

We believe in starting the conversation about end-of-life care and planning before a health crisis. Our Toolkit for Healthcare is a comprehensive hands-on resource created to inform and instruct you on preparing and organizing your legal, financial, and healthcare documents. Preparing for death allows us to focus on living and eases the burden of emergency end-of-life decision making. Contact us to learn more about our Toolkit for Healthcare or to receive an electronic toolkit.

"We Should Talk..." A Presentation for Groups

Having a conversation with family and friends about end-of-life wishes is as important as preparing end-of-life documents. This program features local actors in two vignettes portraying the contrast of prepared and unprepared families facing life-threatening illness. These one-act plays are followed by a guided look at our Healthcare Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for navigating serious illness. Invite us to your faith community, civic organization, or even a family gathering to share this important message. Let's talk about it—so we can be better prepared for ourselves and our loved ones. Click the link to view and print a flyer.

“'We Should Talk' received rave reviews from residents who attended the session, and several people attended the second session because they heard such great feedback about the first session. The skits brought to light real-life concerns about being unprepared for end-of-life decision-making. The presenters who shared information about hospice and about the toolkit were extremely knowledgeable, and the toolkits, themselves, are a fantastic takeaway! Overall, those who were able to participate left with a wealth of information and a better understanding of what to expect and how to prepare for the end of life. Thank you so much for bringing this session to Montereau!" - Kristen Schooley, Montereau Director of Wellness

To learn more about these opportunities, email Britni Smith, Education Director, or call her at 918.893.6150.

Speakers Available

Interested in a specific topic? Call us for individual or group discussions regarding:

  • Starting the conversation
  • Getting prepared
  • Learning to be a caregiver
  • Understanding Clarehouse and medical hospice

Welcome Wednesdays: Let’s do lunch!

Curious about who we are? What we do? How to get help? How to get involved?
On the second Wednesday of each month, we offer a complimentary lunch, presentation
and tour of our home and campus. Join us at 11:30 am to learn how we provide a loving
home, quality end-of-life care and access to hospice services to people in need. To RSVP,
call or email our Donor Relations Manager, Melanie Craddock.