Programs and Resources

Community Conversation Series

The Community Conversation Series is a three evening event dedicated to starting the conversation and providing the tools needed to put one’s priorities and desires into action. Keynote speakers lead discussions about end-of-life care and living for what matters most.

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Tulsa Healthcare Decisions Day

Do you have a Advance Directive? Only 22% of Oklahomans do! Join us for Tulsa Healthcare Decisions Day, which highlights the importance of early healthcare decision-making and encourages the public to take action.

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"We Should Talk..."

This group presentation features local actors in two vignettes portraying the contrast of prepared and unprepared families facing life-threatening illness. These one-act plays are followed by a guided look at our Healthcare Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for navigating serious illness. Invite us to your faith community, civic organization, or even a family gathering to share this important message.

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Before I Die Wall

Before I Die is a global art project that reimagines our relationship with death and with one another. It encourages people of all ages to contemplate death and reflect on their lives by writing their hopes, dreams and aspirations on a public chalkboard. People need no explanation – they approach the wall, absorb it, and contribute. Our wall is mobile and meant to be hosted by local groups.

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Healthcare Toolkit

Our custom Toolkit is a comprehensive, hands-on resource created to help you to prepare and organize your legal, financial and healthcare documents. Preparing for serious illness before a crisis allows us to focus on living and eases the burden of emergency decision making. Toolkits are available in paper or digital formats.

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Your Voice. Your Wishes. Your Advance Directive.

Your Voice. Your Wishes. Your Advance Directive. addresses the unique challenges for the Oklahoma Advance Directive for Healthcare and serves as a step-by-step video guide to completing the form.

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Think you want to die at home?

Published in the LA Times as an Op-Ed, Think you want to die at home? You might want to think twice about that. outlines the reason for homes like Clarehouse and the struggles families face when caring for a loved one. The comic was written and drawn by Dr. Nathan Gray, an assistant professor of medicine and palliative care at Duke University School of Medicine and an artist who draws comics on medical topics.

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