In the News

The plight of unmet caregiving needs for terminally ill people has been the topic of many recent news articles. Exploring the challenges of caring for a loved one at home is an important conversation to be having. The innovative model of Clarehouse, and sister homes across the country through the Omega Home Network, directly addresses […]

Coin Drive Success!

Today was a great day for Clarehouse! I am often humbled by the generosity of the community that supports us. Today was no exception. In less than 4 weeks we organized today’s event, a coin drive and cookout centered around a visit from the MidFirst Bank coin truck. Like all Clarehouse events, this one came […]

Family expresses appreciation of compassionate care

The following is a Letter to the Editor published in the Tulsa World on Jan. 5th, 2018. I was deeply moved and inspired by the kindness, dignity and professionalism extended to us by the staff and volunteers at Clarehouse as they cared for our dear friend, Richard Barnes, in his last days. Outwardly it looks […]

Kelley Scott shares her passion and vision with TulsaPeople

Kelley Scott wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl in Oklahoma City. “My mother and my two aunts were nurses,” she says, “and I loved the stories they told me about their nursing school days. My heart has always been in nursing.” For her first nursing job, she had a choice […]

To Tell or Not To Tell

From Guest Blogger, Dr. Jennifer Clark! To Tell or Not To Tell…that is the question. As a physician, I am privileged to be able to meet people and be welcomed to bear witness to the most vulnerable aspects of their lives.  Unfortunately, as a result, I am often responsible for the delivery of bad news.  […]

Our New Memorial Garden

I LOVE THIS SPACE. I love it. And after nearly 8 years of looking at it with anxiety and avoidance, that’s saying a lot. This area used to be a void. Undeveloped and barren. Not helpful to the unique serenity of the chapel and labyrinth and the beauty of our campus. But it had potential, […]

Encouraging the conversation

In October 2016, we hosted our annual public education series, Dying Dialogues, in collaboration with Tulsa City County Library, Phillips Theological Seminary and Arts Alliance Tulsa. Our four organizations came together to promote the hard conversations we all need to have. “This year’s series focused on an interactive public art project, the “Before I Die…” wall, and three presentations […]

Cherishing Every Moment

Sitting in our interdisciplinary team meeting last week, I was struck anew by the vastness of the personal experience of dying and grief. I heard the story of a guest whose family closely monitored, and sometimes challenged, every dose of comfort medication given, constantly fearing that too much medicine would rob them of precious time […]

Fresh image, Enduring Mission

Fresh image, enduring mission  –  Welcome to our new website! Over the past few weeks, we’ve rolled out a new look for Clarehouse communications. For 9 months, we’ve engaged in a rebranding process to better represent our message to the community. We are excited to share this new look that captures the heart of Clarehouse […]