Fresh image, Enduring Mission

Fresh image, enduring mission  –  Welcome to our new website! Over the past few weeks, we’ve rolled out a new look for Clarehouse communications. For 9 months, we’ve engaged in a rebranding process to better represent our message to the community. We are excited to share this new look that captures the heart of Clarehouse with a warm, vibrant design. You’ll see a slight change to the logo (the swoosh is gone) along with a new tagline: Living. Loving. Sharing. that very simply defines our journey. In addition, 7 keywords that capture the essence of our organization are utilized in a dynamic new color palette. These words encapsulate our values: Home, Sharing, Peace, Dignity, Love, Warmth, Joy. If you know us; if you’ve been in our home, you know these are the basic elements of life at Clarehouse. I hope you like what you see and that it helps you connect with us. You are welcome in our home!

– Kelley Scott, Executive Director