Have you ever thought about how you would complete this sentence? At Clarehouse, we believe living and dying well requires intentional thought and conversation. But how do you start such a difficult conversation?

Last year, we began hosting a “Before I die…” wall, offering people in our community the opportunity to engage in public discussion about living well and dying well. It’s simply a chalkboard with the words “Before I die I want to  ____________” stenciled over and over.

People need no explanation – they approach the wall, absorb it, and contribute. In the days the wall has been traveling around our community, we’ve seen a constant stream of thoughtful writers. People of all ages read, ponder, reflect, and write about their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The words are serious and silly, inspirational and inane, sad and joyous. It’s been described as a magnet, drawing people to it to share their thoughts and soak up the thoughts of others. It’s art and conversation at the same time.

The wall is mobile, built to travel around our community giving rise to public discussion. If you would like to host the wall, email Britni, Clarehouse Education Director or call at  918-893-6150.   Printable Flyer

We believe talking about dying helps us to fully live. Please, spend time considering what matters most and participate in the conversation.