“Before I Die I want to…”

How would you complete that sentence? This question requires intentional thought and purposeful conversation about life and death. But how do you start such an ambitious conversation?

Before I Die is a global art project that reimagines our relationship with death and with one another. It encourages people of all ages to contemplate death and reflect on their lives by writing their hopes, dreams and aspirations on a public chalkboard.

The project was created by artist Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after losing someone she loved. Today, there are over 2,000 walls around the world, including one at Clarehouse.

Our wall is mobile and meant to travel around the community. People need no explanation – they approach the wall, absorb it, and contribute. The words are serious and silly, inspirational and inane, sad and joyous – give a voice to the voiceless, save a life, win the lottery, play football. It’s participatory art that progresses the conversation about living well and dying well.

We believe talking about dying helps us to fully live. Please, spend time considering what matters most and participate in the conversation.

If you would like to host the wall, email Britni, Clarehouse Education Director or call at  918-893-6150

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