Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from November 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact Stacy at (918) 893-6150 or

Jeanne Adams

AmazonSmile Foundation

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group

Brian and Margaret Bailey

Robin Ballenger

Leonard Barnes

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Don Bauer

Doris Berg

Chester Bewley

Ryan and Stacy Brah

Ethel Mae Brown

Melanie and Leonard Busby

Rachel Calvert

Terry Cannon

Helen Carpenter

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Ruth Collins

Theresa Collins

Vera Cornell

Debbie Crawford

David Culbertson

James Daniel

Ruth and George DeShazo

Cherry Doyle

David Dunning

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Lois Elich

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Janice Fagg

Sharon Gallagher

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Mary Graham

Lloyd Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Joe Hamby

Nancy and Hank Harbaugh

Dr. and Mrs. H. Dwight Hardy

Margaret Hargett

Mark Henley

Mtani Holiday

Allen Horn

Christie Irwin

Earl Johnson

Jerri Johnson

Pamela Kantner

Ketchum Charitable Foundation

Kathleen and Jack Kneafsey

Becky Kownacki

Ann Lackey

Wanda Marrs

Phil Marshall

Susan and George Moffatt

Emily Mooney

Timothy Morrell

Lynda Morris

Bard and Kathleen Moss

Kim Murtola

Doyle Newby

Doris Nunnelee

Grace Olabiwonninu

Cynthia Outlaw

Allen Pease

Troy Petit

Betsy and Walt Pettit

Sybil Phillips

Prudential Foundation

QEP Resources

Robin and James Redding

Casey Rejda

Lynn and Joe Robbins

Melissa Roberds

Carol Robinson

Julie Roderick

Barbara Sappenfield

Andrea Schlanger

Bob and Shirley Scott

Kelley Scott

Jerry Shelton

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Diane Short-Collier

Britni Smith

Cherl and Ron Snyder

Tim and Tamara Sortet

Neal Sperry

Bethany Stephenson

Sarah and Bernhard Storjohann

Jennie Stow

David and Claudia Thomas

Wendy Thomas

Dorothy and Michael Tramontana

Sandra and Rick Webb

Vail Wilcox

Donna Willis

Peter Winn

Theresa Witcher

Rhonda Worley

Aaron Brownlee

Yelena Zimina


In honor of the Clarehouse staff and volunteers
Jennifer and Christian Clark

In honor of Melanie Roberts
Peggy Hardy
Linda Susie Mays and Dennis Mays


In memory of Evelyn Abel
Deanna Barrett

In memory of Brenda Adams
Carri Adams Ralston

In memory of Marjorie Allen-Ashley
Sue Ahle
Ruby Meyer

In memory of Cindy Anderson
The Arnold and Pat Brown Foundation

In memory of Bernard and Wilda Bergjans
Suzanne Reese

In memory of Maxine Biby
Cynthia Biby-Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hawkins
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Wallace

In memory of Martha Joan Blevins
R.D. Miller

In memory of Kelly Boen
Dotty Oelkers

In memory of Cathy Breslin
Richard Sandefur

In memory of Steve Buchman
Jill and David Mancuso

In memory of Kelly Burden
Melanie Osterhout

In memory of Gertrude "Trudy" Carter
Jeanette Redman

In memory of Lou Cavins
Ruthie and Earl Spickelmier

In memory of ChaCha
Susan Connolly

In memory of Zona Crockett
Charles Northcott

In memory of Connie and George Dailey
Amy Dailey

In memory of John Detrick
W.R. and Lois Condrin

In memory of Wilma Sue Dudley
Interstate Steel and Metals
John and Karen Miller

In memory of Maribelle Elmore
Sam Martin
Debra Masterson

In memory of Gene Elsberry
Judy Fulfs

In memory of Loretta Fabrizius
Arthur Fabrizius

In memory of Dana Farley
Robn Werner

In memory of Harvey Floyd
Martha Floyd

In memory of Ireeta Ford
Darlene Anderson

In memory of Luana and Charles Fricke
Patti Pitcock

In memory of Jimmy Foster
Heat Transfer Equipment

In memory of Ann Gann
Judy and Randy Gann

In memory of Allen Gelwick, Jr
Rhonda and Doyle Bailey
Phil Gelwick and Marsha Swift

In memory of Signa Gibbs
Kathy Waeger

In memory of Jimmy Glavas
Georgeana and B.J. Rainwater

In memory of Dale Greiner
Barbara Greiner

In memory of Don Hammock
Barbara Giles
Lynn McConnell

In memory of Keith Hanchett
Jeanette Redman

In memory of Rhonda Hanes
Rosemary Self
Pat Watkins

In memory of Genelle Harris
Virgil Harris

In memory of Irene Karttunen
Linda Moreland

In memory of Robert Keener
Zagnona Cox
Pam Garwood

In memory of Don Kittinger
Danny Kittinger

In memory of Alden Leavitt
Tracy Leavitt Hughes

In memory of Stephen Lee
Elizabeth Macedo

In memory of Vernon Marine
Barbara Pointer

In memory of Rita Masters
Angela Reed

In memory of Les Matthies
Chris Matthies

In memory of Millennium Hospice patients served by Clarehouse
Millennium Hospice

In memory of Stayton Milligan
Claudia and Steve Milligan

In memory of Don Moore
Diane Moore

In memory of Henry Parks
Karen Bunch
Kathy Neichoy
Irene and Bob Parks

In memory of Ruby Pennel
Judy Brantley

In memory of Al Perkins and Charles Wollmershauser
Peggy and Mark Wollmershauser

In memory of Audrey Pine
Chelsea, Nate, Brittany, Paula and Val at The Wolek Group
Keller Williams Advantage
Patty Koelling
Jan Mueller Stevens
Kelly Searcy

In memory of Jim Reagor
Barbara Magnino

In memory of John Redding
Thomas Campbell
Julie Fondren
Nick Lucas
Shelley Murphy
Ken and Heather Roper
Lola Turnham

In memory of John Reed
Nettie Reed

In memory of Gilbert Rill

In memory of Katherine Robinson
Carla Robinson

In memory of Nancy Sandt
Helen and Dave Harris

In memory of Don Scott
Sherry Stewart

In memory of Margaret Seratt
Earline and Bill Teague

In memory of Roy Shell
Adaira Apple

In memory of Dave Simms
Jack Meyer

In memory of Rose Marie Smith
Loyd Smith

In memory of Richard Stathem
Larry and Ann Harral

In memory of Lawrence Stith
Julie Durham

In memory of Marilyn Taylor
Christina Nelson

In memory of Tommy Tucker
James Posey
TPD Forensic Lab

In memory of Janice Voskuhl
Karl Voskuhl
Ken Voskuhl

In memory of Dale Whitten
Carol Whitten

In memory of Jack and Rosemary Wiles
Frances Jamieson

In memory of Amelia Wilson
Ginny and Floyd Lewis
John Wilson

In memory of David Wilson
Rhonda Wilson

In memory of Riley Wilson
JoAnn Schooley

In memory of Bill Yaunt
Connie and Robert Kruse

In memory of Karen Young
Brandalynn Tatum

In Kind Donors

Laurie Althouse

David Bell

Vicki Brower

Brenda Estes

Keith Fallis

Laura Friend

Grace Hospice of Oklahoma

Jenny Haberman

Ann Harrison

Stephanie Howerton

Charlotte Jones

David Jordan

Michelle Landtroop

McAllister's Deli

Lisa Meacham

Patricia Otomewo

Trenna and Joe Pester

Annette Pruitt

Melanie Reece

Seasons Hospice

Judy Shell

Nelda Shoemake

Armond Silas

Emma Suto

Jenny Tallent

Jamie and Norman Tufts

Debera Wakefield

Teresa and Frank White