Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from July 1 through July 31, 2018.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact Linda at (918) 893-6150 or

Jeanne Adams
Joan and William Albrecht
James Alfred
Janice and D.C. Anderson
Gary Ruckgaber
Toni Barsh
Ronald and Constance Bartel
Bertha Black
Karl Cocke
Linda Buck
Arysetta Burkhart
Melanie and Leonard Busby
Cheryl Cato
Jack Gleason
Jennifer and Christian Clark
Ruth Collins
Theresa Collins
Debbie Crawford
David Dunning
Kathy and Doyle Easterling
Dennis England
Lori Evans
May Sheehan
Marilyn Stone
George and Leanne Roberts, Sam and Alex Family Fund

Kristie and John Gibson
Deborah Gosvenor
Ashley and Johnson Gourd
Suzan Guthrie
Larry Haggard
Dale and Patsy Hair
Kate Halsmer
Harry Hannigan
John Onorato
Clinton and Arlene Hulsey
Rachel Isedore
Earl Johnson
Jerri Johnson
Judy and Arthur Johnson
Jeff and Penny Lastrapes
Billie Lenhart
Sue Lohmann
Mel and Brenda Martin
Bob McCluskey
Jane and Jim McKinney
Ruby Means
John Meye
Kathy Mock
Emily Mooney
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Network for Good

Troy Petit
Betsy and Walt Pettit
Elliot Ranard
Nettie Reed
Julie Roderick
Judy and Mark Rodrigues
Kelley Scott
Rebecca and Ted Sherwood
Diane Short-Collier
Helen Marie and Jerry Sisler
Britni Smith
Catherine Smith
Helene and Robert Smith
Neal Sperry
Bethany Stephenson
Anne and Gregg Stevenson
Adelle Stults
Mary Kay and William Sutherland
Kenneth Trinidad
Jayne Mayer
Sandra Vinson
Brenda Ward
Theresa Witcher
YourCause, LLC
Yelena Zimina




In memory of Viola Bradford
Sharon Decoste

In memory of Gayee Caldwell
Vincent and Beverly Zardus

In memory of Weldon Cole
Jerry and Kelly Turley

In memory of Robert Davis
Pamela Ritchey

In memory of Gene Elsberry
Judy Fulfs

In memory of Ronald P. Fink
Lucinda Beck

In memory of Harvey Floyd
Martha Jones

In memory of Ireeta Ford
Darlene Anderson

In memory of Ruby Glover
Larry Flynn

In memory of Henry Grego
Roy and Holly Meade

In memory of Tim and Rosa Lee Griffin, Kelly Boen
Dotty Oelkers

In memory of Virginia Griffith
Silvio Cianfrone
Denise Mohr

In memory of Cordell " Tiny" Hanebrink
Roberta Williams

In memory of Bud Hillburn
Patricia Nunley
Judy Anderson

In memory of Mark Alan James
Jeanne Hix

In memory of Donald Earl Johnson
Donald Earl Johnson Rev. Living Trust

In memory of Norma Johnson
Lois Kelley

In memory of Stephen Johnson
Thomas and Sarah McCoy

In memory of Nancy Jane Kopp
Bud and Amy Kopp

In memory of Renn LaCroix
Kevan LaCroix

In memory of Retha Long
Michael Long

In memory of Sharon Long
Darlene Anger

In memory of Marion Wall
Jimmy Wall

In memory of Patrick Matheny
Badger Meter

In memory of Judith Mears
HollyFrontier Corporation
Patricia Thompson 

In memory of Roy Merrill
Kathy Hatfield
Lynne Merrill

In memory of Roger Montandon
Blaise Montandon

In memory of Neal Kirk Pennington
Anna Stall
Peter Kingery
Phyllis Hayes
Spirit Bank

In memory of Vinson Reed
Becki and John Hawkins

In memory of Linda Richmond
Jeanie Frauenthal
Carla Grayson
Bob Bailey
Doug Maercklein
Roger Mobley
Lex Anderson
Harvie Roe
David Beckwith
George Tabor
Natalie Parker
Carol and Steve Caldwell
Edwin Reavis
David Castro
Michael McCue
Mary Blanchard
Mary McIlhany
John Helm
Mary and James Diacon
Herbster Family Foundation
SH High School Class Of '73

In memory of Cheryl Smith
Patricia Haden
Rex Smith
Beverly Hammock

In memory of Louise Somers
Keith Smith

In memory of Hershel "Monty" Spencer
Connie and Robert Kruse
Charlene Keveney

In memory of Michael Surbaugh
John Scott

In memory of Sheila Swearingen
Scott Swearingen

In memory of Margaret Valk
Virginia England

In memory of Eddie Walker
Patricia Pulliam

In memory of Marion Wall
Bobby Cypert

In memory of Barbara Weatherford
Barbara Bradford

In memory of Gerald White
Tom Brandon

In memory of Janet Youngblood
James McNulty

In Kind Donors

Bass Pro Shop
Nadine Bastian
Bixby Funeral Home
Ron Cesar
Tonya Cotton
Opal Delozier
Stacey Edmiston
Carmell and Gerald Gaines
Mike Gosselin

Jeni Griffin
Kate Halsmer
Matt Mata
Audrey Holland
Paula and Denny Kline
Chenoa Lewis
Beth McCaw
Karla McIntosh
Allen Medlock

Sharon Moyer
Sonya Neece
Nelda Shoemaker
Shirley Stanberry
Scott Tucker
Jamie Tufts
Ethan Frank
Kim Zardus