Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from April 1, 2017 through April 30, 2017.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact Stacy at (918) 893-6150 or

Janice and D.C. Anderson

Amy Bailey

Robin Ballenger

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Rita Bell

Joe Bender

Stacy Brah

Church of St. Mary

Church of the Madalene

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Ruth Collins

Theresa Collins

Commerce Bank

Vickie and Larry Cone

Amy Cottingham

Minnie Cottingham

Penny and Kirby Cozort

Debbie Crawford

Amy Crotchett

Bruce Curtis

Janis Day

Opal Delozier

David Dunning

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Epsilon Sigma Alpha OK District III

Floral Haven Funeral Home

Kathe Garman

Beth and Terry Gilliland

Bert Goodwin

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Linda Gunnells

Lloyd Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Dr. and Mrs. H. Dwight Hardy

Mtani Holiday

Jerri Johnson

Mary Kubena

KWB Oil Prop Mgmt, Inc.

John Mader

Jane and Jim McKinney

Lloyd Miller

Emily Mooney

Timothy Morrell

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Kim Murtola

John Onorato

Troy Petit

Betsy and Walt Pettit

Sybil Phillips

The Prudential Foundation

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Carol Robinson

Julie Roderick

Kelley Scott

Betty Shaull

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Diane Short-Collier

Joan Sizemore

Loyd Smith

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

St. John's Episcopal Church

Stanley Black & Decker

Bethany Stephenson

Kaycee Strom

Melissa Taylor

Crystal Vanscoyoc

Waters Charitable Foundation

Duane and Ruth Will

Theresa Witcher

Yelena Zimina


In honor of Linda B. Ebert
Nina Salyer


In memory of Katharine Alperin
Vera Berlin

In memory of Dorothy Anderson
Calvin and Retha Mayhew

In memory of Roy Baker
Curtis Voyles

In memory of Jerry Basford
John Garner
Carol and Dale Whitten

In memory of Ron Baucom
Roseann and Bill Stith

In memory of Joe Bedwell
Jackie Esnard

In memory of Maxine Biby
Frank and Anna Fortino

In memory of Rev. Leonard Busch
Freida Busch

In memory of Betty Jo Carroll
Bobby Carroll

In memory of Zona Crockett
Krista Muench

In memory of Leatrice Joye Devin
Jean Ann Brinlee

In memory of Vernon Dietrich
TCC - Nursing Faculty

In memory of Steve Dixon
Julia and Gordon Craft
Diane Desantis and Peter Ehnstrom
Susan Ehnstrom
Penny Kelly

In memory of Pam Dunbar
Bob and Deborah Maguire

In memory of Billy "Chuck" Duty
Rodney and Teri Callison
LaDonna and Carrol Crass
Elmer and Robbie Neel
Josh and Amy Thrower

In memory of JD Duty
Phyllis Duty

In memory of Barbara Ellis
Emma and Bud Carver
Eastern Okla Ear, Nose & Throat

In memory of Thomas Ethridge
Pat Woodward

In memory of Bill Fahler
Nancy Parker

In memory of Larry Fasel
Zarrow Pointe Bingo Players

In memory of Gladys L. Kenny and Richard K. Greaves
Leah Greaves

In memory of George Groenewold
Rex and Jane Evans
Craig and Irene Leverette
Elmer and Robbie Neel

In memory of Don Hammock
Terry and Bobbie Bolinger
Todd and Lindi Bolinger
Travis, Mandy and Kenzie Bolinger

In memory of Louise Elizabeth Helm
Candace Fair and Robert Jones

In memory of John Heltzen
Judith and Joseph Losi

In memory of Daniel Hendrix
Debra and Ken Jones
Lovell/Scott Families

In memory of Rande Humphries
Sybil Atherton
Terry and Bobbie Bolinger
Todd and Lindi Bolinger
Travis, Mandy and Kenzie Bolinger
Peggy Duncan
Barbara Giles
Kathy Hendricks
Vickie and Rick Kennedy
Linda and Wayne Nicholson
Ronald and Shirley Wheaton
Wanda Youngblood

In memory of Mark Alan James
Jeanne Hix

In memory of Doris Jouas
Irwin Gorman and Elayne Kitchen

In memory of Marjorie Lee
Ruth and James Bolliger
Shirley Curry
Jim and Peggy Davenport
Ruth Faller
Neil and Lynette Hayes
William Hayes
Becky Kownacki

In memory of Dorrence "Dee" Leech
Gabriela Lopez

In memory of Jim Lieberman
Don East

In memory of Edna "Edie" Lucas
Rick and Kathy Buxton

In memory of Norma "Corke" Mahoney
Arthur and Patty Bonifazi

In memory of Dorothy Marang
Gary Cathey
Kimberly Dixon
Joann Jumper
Mike Maris
Sylvia Meyers
Tina Platt
Russ and Christine Price
Marie Stockham
Ocie Stockham
TCC International Students
Tulsa City County Library
Mary Winn

In memory of Tom McDonald
Jane and Jim McKinney

In memory of Millennium Hospice patients served by Clarehouse
Millennium Hospice

In memory of Bob Mullins
Nancy Mullins

In memory of Katherine Oberlander
William Oberlander

In memory of Patricia Parker
Frank Parker

In memory of Robert Perkey
The Perkey Family

In memory of Stan and Margie Peters
Ron and Bonnie Peters
Tulsa Community Foundation

In memory of Robert Phillips
Carol and William Brumbaugh

In memory of Doyle Ramsey
Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc
Charlotte Brown
Maxine Carter
Mary and Armand Celaya
Rick Croft and Family
Sherri and Jerry Cruce
Ryan and Salinda Daniel
Joe and Shirley Gill
Linda and Richard Hachigian
Danny Kalender
Mitch and Shonna Payne
Roy Radke
Dan and Jana Stein
Linda Tindall
Paul and Marilyn Winford
Troy Winford
Pat Woodward

In memory of John Reed
Nettie Reed

In memory of Jewel Russell
Paula Soper

In memory of Alana Simpson
Jack Allen
Larry and Katie Bartley
MaryPat Bessolo
Bill and Joanne Dodd
Charles and Janice Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Goforth
Patty and Randy Heckenkemper
Darrell Ingmire
Jamie and Lyn Livingston
Judith (Johnson) and Lewis Logue
Walter and Dorothy Macmillan
Jack Neely
Ralph and Nancy Timmerman
Larry and Susan Voight
Pamela Wright

In memory of Rocky Stegman
Barbara and Jerry Reeves

In memory of Robert Stone
Betty Stone

In memory of John Tarrant
HUB International CFR

In memory of Jerry Tiner
Marian Martuccio
Twyla Neumann

In memory of Joseph Volpe
Curt and Stephanie Volpe

In memory of Gary Williams
Gerald and Rosalie Dennis
Kermit and Linda Moore

In memory of Harry L. Williams
Carolyn and Elmer Johnson

In memory of Amelia Wilson
John Wilson

In memory of David Wilson
Mark and Debi Combs
Shawn Whatley

In memory of Riley Wilson
JoAnn Schooley

In Kind Donors


Sallye Atkins

AT&T Pioneers

Mary Blakey

Bloom Lash/Brow Boutique

Charles Causey

Rebecca Chase

Gerald Coppler

Anna Curtis’ Family

Delta Theta Chi Sorority

Environmental Loop Service, Inc.

Brenda Estes


Don and Bobbie Henderson

Tierra Hines

Ideal Image

Laser Quest

Joan Little

Tammy Moeller

Frank Parker

Janet Persson

Karrie Pettyjohn

Purple Glaze


Lynn Richardson

Saied Music Company

Beverly Sams

Dixie and Larry Sams

Anne Stroud

The Market at Walnut Creek

Jamie and Norman Tufts

Tulsa State Fair

Waters Charitable Foundation