Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from August 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email Melanie Craddock.


Charlotte Alexandre
James Alfred
AmazonSmile Foundation
Janice and D.C. Anderson
Patricia Arnold
Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group     
Elisabeth Baluh
Toni Barsh
Ronald and Constance Bartel
Jane Beckwith
Doris Berg
Kathleen Best
Bixby Tag Agency             
Blo Blow Dry Bar              
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma     
Lynn Bockmeulen
Leigh Buser
Carol and Steve Caldwell
Maxine Carter
Church Of St. Mary           
Jennifer Clark
Dwight and Donna Claxton
Gina Clemmer
Theresa Collins
Ruth Collins
Jane Cook
Melanie Craddock
Debbie Crawford
Jacki Crews
Patti Dalton Klein
Elinore Davis
Lana Day
Sheryl Derrington
Sarah Digregorio
Kim Doner
Cheryl and Larry Dukes
David Dunning
John and Carol Durkee
Kathy Easterling
EPUMPS, Inc.     
Frieda Ferguson
First Watch          
Allen Fitzgerald
Larry and Jane Flynn
Glenn "Junior" Foster
Thomas Frank
Friends Of Tulsa 
Judy Fulfs
Gardner's Used Book & Music, Inc.
Susan and Phil Gelwick

David and Judy Gibson
Kristie and John Gibson
Deborah Gosvenor
Ashley and Johnson Gourd
Vicki Groninga
Wanda Hall
Kate Halsmer
John Hammock
Ann Harrison
Ginny Hensley
Mary Herrold
Jeanne Hix
Alissa Hurley
Indian Springs WGA
Rachel Isedore
JC Salon
Jess L. and Miriam B. Stevens Foundation
Jerri Johnson
JTR Group
Rick and Debbie Kelso
Pam and Ken Kiser
Daniel Kittinger
George Krumme
Stacy Kymes
Shelley Latta
Lithaprint, Inc.
Living Energy
Sue Lohmann
Lucas Controls Company, Inc
Suzanne Markham
Mel and Brenda Martin
Sharon Mason
Ron and Carole McGarrie
Jane and Jim McKinney
Carla and Karsten Meyer
Millennium Hospice
Emily Mooney
Moore/Fitzgerald Funeral Homes, Inc.
Edward Morris
Elmer and Robbie Neel
Neighborhood Jam
Network For Good
P.F. Chang's
John Park
Troy Petit
Betsy and Walt Pettit
Katie Poe
Barbara Pointer
Jennifer and Joe Potts
Brent and Caroline Quinn

Nettie Reed
Barbara and Jerry Reeves
Regent Bank
Jeff and Denise Reid
Results Medical Aesthethics
Ronald and Denece Robinson
Pamela and Randel Robison
Julie Roderick
Judy and Mark Rodrigues
Dean and Janet Ruckman
Marylyn Rusher
James Russell
Nina Salyer
Kelley Scott
Edna Sesow
Rebecca and Ted Sherwood
Joyce Short
Marcia and Ken Smith
Linda and Ken Smith
Britni Smith
Catherine Smith
Sue Smith
South Tulsa Home & Garden Group
Anne and Gregg Stevenson
Sally Stewart
David Stiles
Jennie Stow
Sherry Strong
Scott Swearingen
Melissa and Roy Taylor
Marla Taylor
Velta Troxell
Tulsa Country Club
Tulsa Wealth Advisors, Inc.
Katherine Vance
Cynthia Washburn
Betty Wharton
Carol Whitten
Janice and Joe Wilburn
Wilkinson Manufacturing Co.
Robert and Jo Carol Williams
Williams Companies, Charitable Giving
John Wilson
Theresa Witcher
Tom Wright
YourCause, LLC
John Zarbano
Helen Zimina


In honor of Kelley Scott, Amy Bailey Freeman and all friends of Clarehouse!!
Susan and Phil Gelwick

In honor of Mary Ann Murray
John and Dilia Steltzlen
Pamela Elliot
Robert and Jo Carol Williams

In honor of Mrs. Sarah Sparks
Sally Stewart

In honor of Ruth Nelson
Joseph Moran


In memory of Alene Tippin
Terry and Carol Ann Tippin

In memory of Ann Raphael
Robert Doenges
Sherry Strong
Patricia Pixley

In memory of Ben Latham
Jacki Crews

In memory of Berry Taylor
Pat and Jim Elder

In memory of Bill Allen
Jacki Crews

In memory of Daniel Staudt
JS Allen

In memory of Don Kittinger
Daniel Kittinger

In memory of Dovie Bickel
George and Patricia Meadows

In memory of Doyle Reaves
Deanna Beasley
Marilyn Graham
Joan George

In memory of Frank Ross Hunt Jr
Results Medical Aesthethics

In memory of Georgette McCready
Gina and Mark McCready

In memory of Glen Johnson
Mary Jo Mathews

In memory of Janice Uhl
Carmen Warden

In memory of JB Shelton
Jerry and Cindy McKenzie

In memory of Jerri Jones
Georgia Snoke

In memory of John Latham
Julia Klammer

In memory of Julia Leist
Norma Cates
Rebecca and John Harkins
Melissa Brown
Terri Berg

In memory of Julie Allen
Jacki Crews

In memory of June Sholander
Kris English

In memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm

In memory of Margaret Ruth Stewart
Betty Wharton

In memory of Marion Schulz
Pamela and Randel Robison

In memory of Martha Best
Amy Best
Gayle Kauffman

In memory of Mary "Lomeda" Hall
Wayne and Carolyn Rowe
The Wood Family
George and Patricia Meadows

In memory of Mary Ann Allen
Ronald and Denece Robinson

In memory of Maxine Biby
Cynthia Biby-Wallace

In memory of Michael Hays
Sandra and Dennis Shay

In memory of Midge Coffman
Marty and Marcy Howerton

In memory of Neil Felber
Twenty First Properties, Inc.
John Park
Terri and Charley Wall

In memory of Pansy Luck
Edward Mullins

In memory of Patsy Luck
Rick and Debbie Kelso

In memory of Ralph Coffman
Marty and Marcy Howerton

In memory of Ruth Morris
Brenda Copeland

In memory of Samuel Thomas Allen
Elmer and Robbie Neel

In memory of Teresa Ann Sirmon
South Tulsa Home & Garden Group

In memory of Tony Thomas
Kathy Dodd

In memory of Vernon Van Horn
Patricia Bradshaw

In Kind Donors

Indian Springs WGA          
Jamie Tufts
Leigh Ann Reece
Curtis and Penny Janko
Crystal James
Jamie Hart
Will Cunningham
Kelly Sanders Thompson