Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from May 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email Melanie Craddock.


Jeanne Adams
James Alfred
Sue and Dale Amstutz
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Patricia Arnold
Alvin Arterbury
Keith and Amber Arterbury
Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group     
Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
Ronald and Constance Bartel
Lynn Bockmeulen
Lori Bradley
Ryan Brinton
Juli Bulleigh
Melanie and Leonard Busby
Freida Busch
Sue Casey
Church Of St. Mary           
Jennifer and Christian Clark
Theresa Collins
Ruth Collins
Columbia Liquor
Kathy Cook
Melanie Craddock
Debbie Crawford
Lana Day
Opal Delozier
Sheryl Derrington
Kim Doner
David Dunning
Shirley Easterling
Kathy Easterling
R.D. and Willa Ellis
Don Ferrell
First Christian Church Women's Fellowship 
Thomas Frank
Peter and Ruth Ann Fritz
Linda Gentry

Elizabeth Giebel
Deborah Gosvenor
Ashley and Johnson Gourd
Ken Gowriluk
Theresa Grego
Kate Halsmer
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino              
Helen and Dave Harris
Becki and John Hawkins
Gordona Duca Heiliger
Thad Hensley
Haywood Hill
Joanne Huntsman
Rachel Isedore
Deborah Jansson
Jerri Johnson
Jenk Jones
Addeline Keith
Donetta Kemper
James King
Danny and Carrie Kittinger
JoAnn Lemley
Robert and Helen Lyons
Wanda Marrs
Jane and Jim McKinney
Carla and Karsten Meyer
Susan and George Moffatt
Emily Mooney
Timothy Morrell
Aaron and Brennen Murray
Mary Jo and Jack Neal
Network For Good             
Nondestructive Testing Management Association      
Cynthia and Eric Outlaw
Troy Petit
Betsy and Walt Pettit
Philbrook Museum Of Art
Pier 13 Liquor
Katie Poe
Barbara Pointer
Joyce Polkinghorne

Curtis and Carol Porter
Jim and Barbara Price
Tamara Rains
Barbara Read
Nettie Reed
Gail and Philip Reedy
Jeff and Denise Reid
Darren and Melissa Rethford
Laura Rhinehart
Virginia and Paul Richard
Arlene and Ray Rochau
Julie Roderick
Judy and Mark Rodrigues
Lenne and Janet Rogaczewski
Saint Patrick's Episcopal Church    
Sarkeys Foundation           
Kelley Scott
Rebecca and Ted Sherwood
Britni Smith
Sue Smith
Cathy and Brent Smith
Christina Snyder
Phyllis and D.M. Sokolosky
David Stiles
Tina Stoltzfus
Pat and Jan Tsotsoros
Crystal Vanscoyoc
Barbara VanSickle
David and Joni Walker
Terri and Oscar Wantiez
Joe and Karen Warlick
Gary and Linda Watts
Lorene Webster
Jim Wessel
Williams Community Relations - Matching Gifts        
B Willis
Theresa Witcher
Pat Woodward
YourCause, LLC
Helen Zimina



In honor of Eva D
Tina Stoltzfus

In honor of Katie Poe
Kelley Scott


In memory of Al Oyler
Helen and Dave Harris           

In memory of Allen Jacks
Bonnie Jacks           

In memory of Brooks Tyson
Ali Survant           

In memory of Charlie King
Gary and Linda Watts
Curtis and Carol Porter
Robert and Helen Lyons           

In memory of Connie and George Dailey
Amy Dailey           

In memory of David Kramer
Kathy Cook           

In memory of Dolores Lee McElrath Sperry
Wayne and Jo Hillin

In memory of Don Cook Sr.
Cleo Cook

In memory of Donald Mathews
Donna Mathews

In memory of Doyle Easterling
Joanne Huntsman
Tamara Rains
Lenne and Janet Rogaczewski
R.D. and Willa Ellis
Lorene Webster
Aaron and Brennen Murray           

In memory of Elizabeth Fowler
Lori Bradley

In memory of Esperanza Gonzales
Ashley Bergin
Kelley Goodrum

In memory of Frank Marcum
Pete and Lynne Trumper           

In memory of Gordon Fallis
Lynn and Sandra Pike
John and Susan Dornblaser  

In memory of Grace Malloy
Ginger Buhler           

In memory of Isabella Guthrie
Deborah Jansson           

In memory of James Sullins
Nondestructive Testing Management Association 


In memory of Jim and Annabelle Sullins
Hyde Park HRC              

In memory of Joseph 'Jed' Day
Leslie Day           

In memory of Karen Butler-Hawkins
James Hawkins           

In memory of Katie Lou Janik
Elizabeth Giebel           

In memory of Lesa Minasian
Virginia Walker           

In memory of Linda Chapman
Tanya Jackson           

In memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm
Rebekah Davis           

In memory of Lois Elich
Scott and Gretchen Mitchell

In memory of Lucinda French
Kay Holland
Sondra Reeder
David Wong
Dorothy Scrutchfield
Gary Friske
Mike Gilbert
Linda Parkhurst
Katheryn Pennington
Christina Poor
Emily Teasdale
Paul Gayowski
Vera Whitehall
Greg and Karen Chalmers
Ronald French
Burk Bishop
Don and Dorothy Spankuch
Linn Ann Huntington           

In memory of Mariellen Montgomery
Jean Folkerth 

In memory of Mary "Randy" Thompson
Norma Murphy
Katheryn Pennington
Ken and Jerry Bibb           

In memory of Mary Lou Smith
Shelly Rochester
Scott and Lisa Cotero           

In memory of Mary Lynn Ruehlen
Cathi and John Prince

In memory of Mike Casteel
Susan Altmann           

In memory of Milford Gross
Elizabeth Giebel           

In memory of Mona Cunningham
Marilyn Barnes           

In memory of Patsy Warren
William Nelson
Veronica and Matthew Warren           

In memory of Phyllis Braunlich
Thomas Braunlich           

In memory of Rev. Leonard Busch
Tami and Michael Northrup           

In memory of Robert Miler
Donnie Benson           

In memory of Rose Fischer
Christy Williamson
Sam and Sarah Smith
Molly Masat
Joyce Stanley
Ted Harshbarger           

In memory of Rusty Sharples
Barbara VanSickle           

In memory of Shirley Roddy
Cary Roddy           

In memory of Tommy Holland
Grant Blaies
Matt and Sarah Miller
Marguerite Chapman
Anne Moser
Tracey Wood-Stanford
Richard and Sherri Segnar
Carolyn Litke
Robert and Helen Lyons
Robert Martin
Sandra and Daniel Eckenfels
John Shadley
Sue Sark
Barbara and Nick Allen           

In memory of Vennie Nantz
David and Joni Walker
Phyllis and D.M. Sokolosky           

In memory of Vickie Roberts
Peter and Ruth Ann Fritz
Lewis Roberts           

In memory of Vinson Reed
Becki and John Hawkins           

In memory of Virginia "Jenny" Kidd
Christina Snyder

In Kind Donors

Alpha Rho
Shari Arnold
Rita and Carl Cantrell
Brenda Estes
Max and Laura Grunewald
Melissa Halve
Deborah and Mo Mallory

Joanne O'Malley
Sarah Paulson
Leigh Ann Reece
Marie Reese
Beverly Sams
Larry and Dixie Sams
Gloria Smith

Sonia Sniderman
Trinity Lutheran Church, LWML    
Jamie Tufts
Norman Tufts
Carl Umland
Amy Vu
Sue Williams