Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from March 1 through March 31, 2018.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact Stacy at (918) 893-6150 or

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group
Brian and Margaret Bailey
Toni Barsh
Ronald and Constance Bartel
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks; Tulsa Lodge No. 947
Ryan and Stacy Brah
Melanie and Leonard Busby
Church of St. Mary
Jennifer and Christian Clark
Ruth Collins
Theresa Collins
Debbie Crawford
Tom and Diane Daly
David Dunning
Kathy and Doyle Easterling
Margaret Edelhoff
Kim Doner and Dennis England
First Christian Church Women's Fellowship
Kathryn Garman
Jill Gist

Deborah Gosvenor
Ashley and Johnson Gourd
Allison and John Greene
Kate Halsmer
Hille Foundation
Mtani Holiday
Christie Irwin
Rachel Isedore
Jerri Johnson
Kathleen & David Lay
Danielle Lewis
Patsy Lyon
John Meyer
Emily Mooney
Sean and Allison Moore
Network for Good
Doyle Newby
Grace Olabiwonninu
Nancy Pasdach
Troy Petit
Betsy and Walt Pettit
Sybil Phillips
Prudential Financial

Bernard Reif
Carol Robinson
Julie Roderick
Judy and Mark Rodrigues
Kelley Scott
Deborah Sellers
Rebecca and Ted Sherwood
Diane Short-Collier
Richard Slattery
Britni Smith
Neal Sperry
Ruthie and Earl Spickelmier
Steve Spinharney
Stanley Black & Decker
Bethany Stephenson
Sarah and Bernhard Storjohann
Joanne Swanson
Ed and Kari Taylor
David E. & Cassie L. Temple Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Theresa Witcher
Yelena Zimina


In honor of Opal Delozier
Angie Stogner

In honor of Barbara Magnino
Marsha and Steve Magnino

In honor of Betsy Pettit
Laura and Kyle Travis


In memory of Gene Abbet

In memory of Jo Ann Bond
Georgia Snoke

In memory of Chauncey Braucher
Thomas Aude
Ann Cassell
Pat Hays

In memory of Betty Brown
Rae Jean Roller

In memory of Steve Buchman
Vera Buchman

In memory of Mary and Joseph Burns
Lawrence and Linda Burns

In memory of Tarica Clark
Sally Altman-Holt

In memory of Shirley Collins
Family of Shirley Collins
Kimberly Stauffer

In memory of Howard Cross
Marsha and Shawn Dodds
Crystal Vanscoyoc

In memory of Barbara and Clifford DeLay
Leanne Helmerich
Scott Knowles

In memory of Curtis Dement
Alice Dement
Robert and Terri Thomas

In memory of Clarence Dunbar
Gary and Joyce Flansburg
Lisa Miller
Jan and Tommy Ray
Julie Sugg

In memory of Clarence Edmonson
Rita Abair
Kathryn Greene

In memory of Gene Elsberry
Raymond and Susie Kelley

In memory of Donald Eustice
Clinical Perfusion Systems Inc
Janette and JC Gillispie
Ronald and Patricia Lawson
Alice Schmidt

In memory of Jack Federline
Betty Federline

In memory of Cindy Friedman
Jon and Betty Heller
Saint Francis Physical Medicine

In memory of John Gale
Leslie Gale

In memory of Helen Garland
Garland Family

In memory of Cecile Gillum
Duane and Linda Burritt

In memory of Gloria Glenn
Brent and Carole Burdge

In memory of Vernie Godwin
Shirley Curry
Skip and Jean Holtmann
Teresa Hughes
Gwen and Brian Smith

In memory of Genelle Harris
Virgil Harris

In memory of Rita Hemphill
Alexandra Epps

In memory of Cleta Herron
Erik Herron

In memory of Basker Johnson
Pat Conrad
Shawn Conrad
Stacey and Sara Conrad
Doug and Linda Dawson
First Church of The Nazarene
Elmer and Robbie Neel
Kelly and Lisa Nichols and Family
John Shore
Hal and Donna Smith and Family

In memory of Donald Earl Johnson
Suzanne Smith
Unit Corporation

In memory of Norma "Jeane" Kelly
Clyda Holloway

In memory of Jack Kennett
Donna Allen

In memory of Don Macheers
Cindy Divine
Jack and Lois Divine
Elaine and John Mowder
The Macheers Family

In memory of Belinda McCormick
Karen Blum

In memory of Thomas Moody
Karen McMillan

In memory of Michael Mowery
Rebecca Burke
Mary Mowery

In memory of Kenneth Nivens
Barbra Nivens
Helen Vaught

In memory of Eileen O'Neill
Peggy O'Neill

In memory of Paula Orthman
Gerald Barnes
Linda Brandt
Audrey Marchant
Dorothy Marchant
Roger Marchant
Carol Marchant Pivnick

In memory of Virginia "Ginny" Pennington
The Kurt Minnich Family

In memory of Joanne Phillips
Mike Taliaferro

In memory of Betty and John Redding
Tom and Delma Birbilis

In memory of John Reed
Nettie Reed

In memory of Vickie Roberts
Betty Federline
Kathy and Dave Lowry

In memory of Charles Rowan
Denise and John Redmond

In memory of E. Ferrell Semler
Jerry Semler

In memory of Millie Smith
Brent and Carole Burdge

In memory of John Stow
Jennie Stow

In memory of Annamae Van Doren
Briana Motley
Margaret VanDiehl

In memory of Eddie Walker
Joe and Gracie Roper

In Kind Donors

Asbury UMC Ladies Circle
Teresa Bond-Mason
Kathy Cleary
Jeff Corbett
Lisa Cotero
Dale and Pam Cuckler
Matt and Becky Davis
Opal Delozier
Gaye Eccles
Brenda Estes
Spencer Forbes

Frank Kernan Ministries
Mary Helen Freter
Karon Fritz
Ethan Horst
Karen Horton
Rob and Lee Jolley
Betty Kennett
Paula and Denny Kline
Life Pace
Moore Funeral Homes, Inc.

Walt and Doris Murphy
Walter Sacilowski
Stanleys Funeral Service
Kimberly Stauffer
Louis Stefanopoulos
Trust Company of Oklahoma
Jamie and Norman Tufts
Bonnie VanOrsdol
Mary Westbrook
Deneise Wilderom