Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from October 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email Melanie Craddock.


A G Equipment Co.
Jeanne Adams
Teresa and Alex Adwan
Paul and Glenda Gould
Airbus Americas, Inc.
James Alfred
AmazonSmile Foundation
Janice and D.C. Anderson
Marilyn Anderson
Steven Anderson
Patricia Arnold
Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group
Phyllis Bailey
Donald and Shelba Baker
Debra Barlow
Toni Barsh
Ronald and Constance Bartel
Doris Berg
D'Ann Berson
Jana Bingman
Lisa Braverman
The Arnold and Pat Brown Foundation
Linda Buck
Leland Burrow
Melanie and Leonard Busby
Freida Busch
Ellen Bussard
Carol and Steve Caldwell
Campbell-Lepley/Hunt Foundation, Inc.
Terry Cannon
Church Of St. Mary
Jennifer and Christian Clark
Roger and Wanda Cole
Ruth Collins
Theresa Collins
Kathy Cook
Fred and Lee Cornish
Margie Cravens
Debbie Crawford
Suzanne and Rick Davis
Lana Day
Opal Delozier
Rosie Denton
Downing Inc
Helen Duckert
David Dunning
Eagle's Wings Foundation
Kathy and Doyle Easterling
Kim Doner and Dennis England
Elizabeth Ferrari
Lindsay and Ron Fick
Judy Fulfs
Sharon Gallagher

Phyllis and Charles Gilmore
Deborah Gosvenor
Ashley and Johnson Gourd
Kimberly Gourd
Dale and Patsy Hair
Kate Halsmer
Ken Hargett
Margaret Hargett
Betty Lou Hargrove
Ken Hargrove
The HoganTaylor Foundation
Nancy Anthony
Hospice Foundation Of The Ozarks
Indian Springs WGA
Rachel Isedore
Michael Iverson
Jerri Johnson
Kay Lynn Johnson
Johnny Jones
Pamela Kantner
Donna Keener
Kendix Enterprises
Susie Kime
Danny Kittinger
Becky Kownacki
Ann Lackey
Patsy Lyon
Wanda Marrs
Phil Marshall
Mary Romanza Noble Family Trust
Dorothy McClintock
Tricia and Frank McDonald
Merck Foundation
Millennium Hospice
John and KarenMiller
Darren Minus
Adela Mitchell
Kathy Mock
Bo Moffatt
Emily Mooney
Vic Morgan
Timothy Morrell
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Kim Murtola
Wade and Donna Nasworthy
Robert Nelson
Network For Good
New Century Hospice
Charles Orthman
Osteopathic Founders Foundation
Melanie Osterhout
Pappus House
Troy Petit
Betsy and Walt Pettit

Deborah Pinkerton
Jim and Barbara Price
Brent and Caroline Quinn
Dorreen Rardin
Robin and James Redding
Jacqueline Reed
Nettie Reed
Linda Ricks
Cindy and Gordon Ritter
Julie Roderick
Judy and Mark Rodrigues
Virginia Kaye Ronk
Walter Sacilowski
Karen Schulte
Sue Schwartz
Kelley Scott
Jerry Shelton
Rebecca and Ted Sherwood
Britni Smith
Smith Kristy
Marcia and Ken Smith
Roy and Judy Snell
Georgia Snoke
Cherl and Ron Snyder
Beverly Spencer
Neal Sperry
Karen Stanhope
Stanley Staubach
Bethany Stephenson
Sherry Stewart
Darline Strain
Mary Kay and William Sutherland
Candy Thomas
Jill and Robert Thomas
Wendy Thomas
Marie Valoris
Crystal Vanscoyoc
Viersen Family Foundation, Inc.
Mark and Cheryl Wackenhuth
Terri and Oscar Wantiez
Tim and Karen Warner
Judy Waters
Judee Weinberg
Deborah Whittaker
Williams Community Relations
Robert Winchester
Theresa Witcher
Rhonda Worley
Nancy Roeming
YourCause, LLC
Mary Ziegler
Yelena Zimi


In Honor of Julie L. Mueller  

Pat and JP Gorrell


In Memory of Richard Adams
Jeanne Adams
In Memory of Joanna Al-Junaidi     
Janet and Craig Sheik
Kelly and Cindy Springer
Vicky Olson & Family
In Memory of Michael Banes 
Jim Banes
In Memory of Lorranie Belcher        
Barry and Lynne Berghorn
In Memory of Margaret Belden        
Joe and Carol Wampler
In Memory of Barbara Bennett        
Tammy Dolce
In Memory of Dovie Bickel     
Donald Bickel
Loyd Bickel
Alice Criner
Celia McGraw
Rena Schidendeman
Linda Smith
Cathleen Tammen
Kaiser Francis Oil MIS Dept   
In Memory of Nancy Black     
Mike Bird
In Memory of Jack Booth       
Lenetta Springer
Warren and Betty Trinka
In Memory of Cathy Breslin   
Vicki Groninga
In Memory of Lillian Mae Brothers  
Patty Palmer
In Memory of Otis Brown       
Margaret Warren
In Memory of Tuttle Brown    
Lee Sheldon
In Memory of Steve Buchman
David and Julie Mancuso
In Memory of Rev. Leonard Busch  
Michael and Tami Northrup
In Memory of Mary Butler      
Patsy Robinson-Walker
In Memory of Dorcus Cannon
Doralia Reynolds
Marilyn and David Wheaton
In Memory of Judith Catlett    
Brenda Lehenbauer
In Memory of Steve Chrisco   
Mike Martin
Clarice and Maxine      
Julie and Vernon Jones
In Memory of Peggy Closz      
Winifred Hall
Charles and Judy O'Brien
In Memory of Henry Creekmore      
Debra and Jerry Creekmore
In Memory of Pamela Curtis   
Deann Abram
Annie Carder
Carol Curtis
Kay Curtis
Donovan Dierksen
Kim Dunayer
Patricia Griffin
Frankie Harkey
Ken and Nelda Helt
Suzy Sharp
Pamela Terhune
In Memory of Joseph "Jed" Day      
Bobby Jones
Faye Robinowitz
In Memory of Max Day 
Lana Day
In Memory of Michael Derrington   
Sherri Billings
Julie Coe
Sheryl Derrington
Larry and Pauline Tilly
In Memory of Oscar Desrosiers        
Randy and Darby Dahl
Krista Solomon
David Steffen
Wayne and Rogene Jarmer
Kevin and Peggy Halderson
Bjorn and Miranda Halderson
Tiffany and Paul Halderson
Bob McGouney

In Memory of Crystal Ann Dillard    
Anna Johnson
In Memory of William Douglas        
Glenn Watson
Sarah Graves
UniFirst Holdings
Eric McMillan
In Memory of Mary Frances Downey
Lori Evans
In Memory of Angela Drake   
Tulsa Wealth Advisors, Inc.
In Memory of Linda Eakes     
Joan Long
John and Jean Richardson
In Memory of Linda Ebert      
Patty Palmer
In Memory of Craig Eiland    
Peggy and Richard Ziglar
In Memory of Gene Elsberry   
Judy Fulfs
In Memory of Loretta Fabrizius       
Arthur Fabrizius
In Memory of Dana Farley     
Robn Werner
In Memory of Jack Federline  
Sherry and Dick Nash
In Memory of Jeanette Findley
Roger Findley
In Memory of John Flinsbaugh       
Johnna Knapp
In Memory of Harvey Floyd   
Martha Jones

In Memory of Patricia Ann "Pat" Fox      
David and Judy Gibson
Rose Thomas
Susan Cheairs
Megan Nelson
James and Suzette Birch
Jack and Paula Walton
Dennis Stell
Randy and Darby Dahl
Sherry Jackson
Kenneth and Teresa Duke
Susan Brooksher
In Memory of Dorothy Franchi        
Roger and Wanda Cole
In Memory of Cindy Friedman
Nancy and Barry Wayne
Michael Friedman         

In Memory of Richard G. Gibbons   
Dorothy Gibbons

In Memory of Ann Gibbs        
Southminster Presbyterian Church
Eugene Gibbs
In Memory of Nello Gionta    
Thomas and Susan Loganbill
Lloyd and Donna Shallenburger
Sandra Baranski
Steven and Lillie Juergens
Barbara and Terry Robinson
Brent and Shelley Schultz
Robert and Linda Garrett
Pam and Dale Brown
Jacque Fowler
In Memory of Francis Glancey
Dave Mount
In Memory of Jimmy Glavas   
Georgeana and B.J. Rainwater
In Memory of Chuck Groninga        
Vicki Groninga
In Memory of Don Hammock 
Barbara Giles
Lynn McConnell
In Memory of Floyd Hayman 
Opal Hayman

In Memory of Chris Henley    
Joy Zielke
Bill and Carla  Williams
Joyce Wilson
Richard Herron
In Memory of Bobby Hightower       
Linda Carole Scott
In Memory of Cynthia Hulsey 
Alan and Peggy Hulsey
Billy and Betty Davis
Gentner Drummond
Celia Perry
In Memory of Rande Humphries      
Barbara Giles
In Memory of John Huntsman
Kathy and Doyle Easterling
In Memory of Charles "Bud" Jackson      
Lavona Schnaithman
Lynda, Gronke and Bryan Drake
Bret and Becky Jennings
In Memory of Bernice Jiles     
Allison Banks
In Memory of Stephen Johnson       
Helen Johnson
In Memory of Nancy Jane Kopp      
Bud and Amy Kopp
In Memory of Eric Larson      
Rebecca Gregg
In Memory of Marjorie Lee    
Donald Lee
In Memory of Roxanne Libasci        
Tammy Dolce
Todd Libasci
Todd Libasci
In Memory of Anne Linton     
Jeff Linton
In Memory of Tilmon Lloyd, Jr.       
Ruth Lloyd
In Memory of Uther "Gene" Loyd   
Nora Gordon
In Memory of Vernon Marine 
Barbara Pointer
In Memory of Les Matthies     
Chris Matthies
In Memory of Peggy McKinney        
Jerry McKinney
In Memory of Colette Merrifield       
Karen Merrifield
In Memory of Nancy Middleton       
Niesha Nahkala
Lyle and Gina Clinkingbeard

In Memory of Robert Miler     
Audrey Ormerod
Christi Dorsey
Jean Freeman
Walt and Susan Rock
Helen Pummill
Karen Morgan
Scott and Melissa Miler
Sheron Radcliff
Tuesday Morning Bridge Club
Jean Fine
Nancy and Fred Gardner
Hank and Nancy Sossin
In Memory of Loren Miller     
Victor Neal
In Memory of Orian Russell Miller, Jr       
Pamela Fagan
In Memory of Mark B. Mindeman   
Jacki Crews
Barry McBee
In Memory of Lou Emma Morgan   
James Morgan
In Memory of Rodney Morgan
Harriet Weirich
Melinda Norton
Jan Rosander
Charles Morgan
Brad and Kathy Long


In Memory of Ellen Morris     
Edward Morris

In Memory Janet Muller
Canyon Creek Energy
Stephenie Surbey
Jean Ehmke
Barbara Parnell
James and Sandra Birch
In Memory of Virginia Newman      
Jane and Pat Newman
In Memory of Harry Niles       
Linda and Lewis Jones
Gladys Niles and Family
In Memory of Clema North    
Ronald and Jeanette North
In Memory of Frank Oliver     
Dan and Janet Oliver
In Memory of Dr. Margaret Olorunda       
Tom Bruno
In Memory of Zerita Packard 
Susan and George Moffatt
In Memory of Stan and Margie Peters        
Ron and Bonnie Peters
In Memory of Carol Ann Pinion      
Mike Pinion
In Memory of Thomas Potts   
Frank and Carolyn Flynt
David and Linda Dyson
In Memory of Denny Powell   
Susie Butler         

In Memory of Ky Quach
John and May Long
In memory of Dale Reagan     
Richard and Kimberly Theken
Patti Jett
In Memory of Frances Belle Reeder 
Ray Dean and Rhonda Sites
Neta Adams
In Memory of Wanilda 'Wendy' Reeder
Mary and Bill Russell

In Memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm
Mangy Paoletti

In Memory of Lahonda Roberts
Jan Baylers
David and Pamela Harrison        

In Memory of Steve Roberts
Nancy Roberts
Verna and Gary Tindill         

In Memory of Imogene Roe
Donnetta Kemper         

In Memory of Merlin Roush
Barbara Roush         

In Memory of Michael Samara
Paula Osko         

In Memory of Ralph "Buz" Sawyer
Mary Sawyer         

In Memory of Caroline Scofield
Nora Gordon         

In Memory of Joyce Shanks
Janet Bassett         

In Memory of Donald and Sandra Sharp
Alma Sharp         

In Memory of Dave Simms
John Meyer         

In Memory of Alana Simpson
William Hanks         

In Memory of Cheryl Smith
Rex Smith         

In Memory of Rose Marie Smith
Lloyd Smith         

In Memory of William Southmayd
Mrs. David Davies
Bob Lyon         

In Memory of Bill Stewart
Sarah Stewart         

In Memory of Eugene Stierle
Janet Bassett         

In Memory of Patsy Tapp
Mike Easterling
Karen and Alan Garrison
Shirley Easterling         

In Memory of Rebecca Thornton
William and Kandis Hallam         

In Memory of Karen Tucker
Mary and Bill Russell         

In Memory of Dorthy Turner
Gladys Smith         

In Memory of Janice Voskuhl
Ken Voskuhl         

In Memory of Kenneth Waldhoff
David Scharf         

In Memory of Curtis Webster
Leona Webster         

In Memory of Sally Wessel
Jim Wessel         

In Memory of Dale Whitten
Carol Whitten         

In Memory of Jack and Rosemary Wiles
Frances Jamieson         

In Memory of Ronnie Willhoite
Ron and Tona Willhoite         

In Memory of Riley Wilson
JoAnn Schooley         

In Memory of Polly Winters
Cheryl Reis
Larry and Laurie Swarer
Janice Portela
Ted Hall
Heddy Zirin
Stanley Weindorf
Olsten Family S. Foundation
Phyllis Hampton
Rhonda Smith
David and Kaye Burlison
Terry Franz         

In Memory of Larry Zankel
Mary and Stanley Dennis         

In Memory of Tony Zarbano
John Zarbano

In Kind Donors

Joyce Alynch
M Sabina Bourland
John and Jessica Bowman
Brenda Buss
Christine and Jeff Carter
Rebecca Carter
Central State Community Services
Margie Cravens
Dale and Pam Cuckler
Stacy Curtis
Opal Delozier
Kristen Desrosiers
Brenda Estes
Sharon and David Forth
Eugene Gibbs
Diana Giordenella
Bobbie Guercio
Harvest House Ministries
Teresa Hingey
Terrie Hoover

Rachel Isedore
Harriet Jordan
Jane Watson
Paula and Denny Kline
Steve Lovell
Richard Malone
Mark Youngblood
Nanette McAdoo-Tucker
Cathy McCants
Julie McInnis
John and Karen Miller
Claudia and Steve Milligan
Angel Molina
Annie Morton
Nolan and Julia Vockrodt
North Peoria Church of Christ
Joanne O'Malley
Wyatt Orman
Patricia Paterson
Chantal and Jack Pixley

Whitney Pontious
Denise Randall
Judy Ray
Jim Ritchey
Janice Schwarzkopf
Sharon and J.L. Sixkiller
Olive Swan
Tara and Merl Swayze
Deborah Rainey
David Cloeter
Jamie Tufts
Norman Tufts
Tulsa Community College
Tulsa Community College Student Group, SCNF
Sue Williams
Kristine Wilson
Conner and Diane Wood
Cindy Zaloudek