Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from December 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or email Melanie Craddock.


Kathy and Mike Abbott
Tobey Ballenger and Jeff Alderman
James Alfred
Donna Allen
Judy Allen
Charles and Boyd Andrews
Patricia Arnold
Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group
Sharon Barnett
Toni Barsh
J. Michael Bartel
Ronald and Constance Bartel
Janie and Curt Bates
Kent and Diane Bays
Steve and Debbie Berlin
Linda and Phil Berrey
Donald Bickel
Irene and Marc Bookbinder
Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, Roundtable Class
Robyn Brooks
Jonna Brown
Bruce Z. and Phyllis J. Raines Family
Christie and Michael Burk
Arysetta Burkhart
Lawrence and Linda Burns
Melanie and Leonard Busby
Robert and Rebecca Cable
Laurie Campbell
Thomas Campbell
Campbell-Lepley/Hunt Foundation, Inc.
Carol Robinson Charitable Fund
Robert and Kitt Carroll
Rochelle Caudill
Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation
Church Of St. Mary
Jennifer and Christian Clark
Linda K.Clark
Sonny and Debbie Cline
Karl Cocke
Jan and Ron Coleman
Marjorie Collier
Ruth Collins
Theresa Collins
Rena Cook
Melanie Craddock
Cynthia Cranford
Debbie Crawford
John and Polly Curtis
Patti Dalton Klein
Denise Daniel
Jeff Davis
Teresa DeLarzelere
Sara Delgado
Sheryl Derrington
Dolly Dixon
Robert Doenges
John and Carol Durkee
Debi Dyer
Kathy and Doyle Easterling
Donna Eastham
Edward E. Bartlett and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation
Kim Doner and Dennis England
Shelly Eversole
Richard and Shirley Fitch
Allen S. Fitzgerald
Flint Family Foundation
Florence and Gordon Holland Family Foundation
Brian and Sherry Gildehaus

Jack Gleason
Deborah Gosvenor
Ashley and Johnson Gourd
John and Sarah Graves
Brenda Haggard
Cathy Haguewood
Kate Halsmer
Beverly Hammock
Gordon Hampton
Nancy and Hank Harbaugh
Helen Jo and Jim Hardwick
Larry and Ann Harral
Hayden and Rhonda Harrison
Stephen Harwell
Janet and Bob Hawks
Coleen and Wayne Hazelwood
Gordona Duca and Larry Heiliger
Donna Hiner
Jack Holland
Arthur and Patricia Howe
Karen and Chris Hunter
Indian Springs WGA
Rachel Isedore
Sharon Jensen
Jerri Johnson
Kay Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson
Marla Johnson
Ruth Sowards and Elizabeth Ann Kersey
Ketchum Charitable Foundation
Betty Ketchum
Robert and Linda Kuhn
Linda Lantz
Charlene Law
Sue Lohmann
Jack and Susan Lollis
Mike Long
Jeanne and Mike Love
Cherry Lowther
Lynne and Richard Luebke
Vernon Lusk
Katherine Magrini
Mariner Wealth Advisors
Dennis and Janat Marler
Mel and Brenda Martin
Sandra and Lee Massey
Pam Matthews
Thomas and Deborah McClain
Tricia and Frank McDonald
Ron Middleton
Naomi Mitchell
Emily Mooney
Patrick Morgan
Eveyln Morton
Dan and Nancy Nelson
Mike Nelson
Pam Nelson
Randy Nelson
Tim Nelson
Network For Good
Gail and Russ Newman
Elizabeth Parsons
Paul L. and Helen I. Sisk Charitable Trust
Janet Persson
Troy Petit
Betsy and Walt Pettit
Drew Phillips
Pipeline Equipment, Inc.
Joyce Polkinghorne
Jean and Doyle Powell

Precision Hose Technology, Inc.
Cathi and John Prince
Jodi Rahm
Barbara Read
Nettie Reed
Suzanne Reese
Darren and Melissa Rethford
Laura Rhinehart
Cindy and Gordon Ritter
Julie Roderick
Judy and Mark Rodrigues
Linda and Robert Roggendorff
Gary Ruckgaber
Kimberly Rutherford
Larae Sanders
Maureen Sands
Marcia and Bob Sayles
Anne and Stephen Schwerdt
Kelley Scott
Gordon Sewell
Betty Shaull
Stephen and Gayla Sherment
Rebecca and Ted Sherwood
Shirley Sims
Britni Smith
Catherine Smith
William Smith
Tim and Tamara Sortet
Neal Sperry
Scott and Donna Spivey
Margaret Stanfill
Bethany Stephenson
Corry Stephenson
Sarah and Bernhard Storjohann
Adelle Stults
Suzanne Mordhorst Rev Trust
The Herman Kaiser Foundation
The Oxley Foundation
Dorothy and Michael Tramontana
Mary Tubbs
Tulsa Area Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha
Tulsa Foundation
Tulsa Wealth Advisors, Inc.
Ed Van Eman
Bill and Karen Walker
Hal and Patty Walker
Terri and Charley Wall
Gary Ward
Joe and Karen Warlick
Veronica and Matthew Warren
Melanie and Dan Webb
Doris Westfield
Suzanne Wheeler
Deborah Whittaker
Bruce Wilbanks
Beverly Williams
Robert Williams
Williams Companies, Charitable Giving
Donna Willis
Suzanne Wills
Patricia Wilson
Wipe Out Cancer Foundation
Theresa Witcher
Tim and Janet Wright
Janice Rae Wyatt
YourCause, LLC
Yelena Zimina


In honor of Barbara and Blu Lawson
Carole Borton

In honor of Cheryl Lefler
Gwen Stanberry
Shirley Stanberry

In honor of Dandridge "Dan" Harrison
Terri Pirtle

In honor of Gwen Stanberry
Cheryl Lefler
Shirley Stanberry

In honor of James Jackson
Kent Clark

In honor of Julie L. Mueller
Suzanne Hurst

In honor of Kristie and John Gibson
Jim and Sandra Shaw

In honor of Mary Riddles
George and Dorcas Riddles

In honor of Melissa Taylor
Janice Ward



In honor of Patsy Selman
Peggy Selman

In honor of Paul and Allan Smith
Cynthia Smith

In honor of Paula Narrin
Paula and Fred Narrin

In honor of Peggy Ellis
Bonnie Corbett

In honor of Ray Patton, Ryan Sacra, Chris Wilson, Curt Long, Pam Phillips and Lisa Feagins
Debi and Chet Calico

In honor of Robin Flint Ballenger
Bob and Shirley Scott

In honor of Shirley Stanberry
Cheryl Lefler
Gwen Stanberry

In honor of the Muratet Family
Linda Carrara

In tribute to Cindy Freidman
Craig Engles


In memory of Abeba Andu
Berhane Andu

In memory of Alfons Janowski
Joseph Soerries

In memory of Alton Whitworth
Mary Whitworth

In memory of Alvin "Jack" Washington
Kathryn Passmore-Meyer

In memory of Amelia Wilson
Ginny and Floyd Lewis

In memory of Andy O'Rear
Kevin Kessing
Jeffrey Stoneking

In memory of Anna Curtis
Bruce Curtis

In memory of Barbara Lynn Martin
Dolores Martin

In memory of Berry Taylor
Pat and Jim Elder

In memory of Betty Wade
Ashley and Perry Dunham

In memory of Bill Cox
Pamela Cox

In memory of Bill Yaunt
Connie and Robert Kruse

In memory of Billie Jean Webster
Janice Fagg

In memory of Bluford Johnson
Karen Freeman

In memory of Bob Anderson
Barbra and Kenneth Weikel

In memory of Bobby Joe Moon
Give With Liberty
Bert A. Goodwin

In memory of Brenda McLaughlin
Pat Taylor

In memory of Brent Lewis
Melissa Leedy

In memory of Carl Morgan
Frankie Harkey

In memory of Cathy Rubio
David Rubio

In memory of Charles "Bud" Jackson
Imogene Muskrat

In memory of Cindy Anderson
Laurie Brown Purser and Darrell Purser

In memory of Cindy Friedman
Michael Friedman
Jon and Betty Heller

In memory of Cleo Stick
Larry Stick

In memory of Clevanne Kirberger
Denise Whitman

In memory of Clifford Bond
Linda and Rick Page

In memory of Danny Smith
James and Judith Cummings
Tim and Gerilynne Graves

In memory of David Wilson
Maurice Hess

In memory of Deni Eldridge
Norman and Dana Loffer

In memory of Dianna Afuvai
Joyce Short

In memory of Dixie Lewis
Verna Lewis
Ronda Rohling

In memory of Don Kittinger
Daniel Kittinger
Danny Kittinger

In memory of Don Montgomery
Dianne and Nick Nail

In memory of Dorothy Shepherd
Aosheng Wang and Lin Ma
Christoph and Elizabeth Klawun
JB Shepherd
Ray and Mae Shepherd
Tim and Kathy Simon

In memory of Dovie Bickel
Rebecca Carter
Loretta and Alden Meadows

In memory of Earl and Madelyn Connely
Betty Hastings

In memory of Ed Schroedter
Mary Pierson Ttee

In memory of Elizabeth Johnson
Larry Johnson

In memory of Ellen Ledvina Garland
Patty Himes

In memory of Eric Larson
Diane Pickle

In memory of Eric Peaden
Stuart and Peggy Scheppele

In memory of Eva Battoe
Mary Battoe

In memory of Evelyn Abel
Deanna Barrett

In memory of Floyd Cullins
Mike and Susan Toone

In memory of Frances Belle Reeder
Ashley and Perry Dunham
Monte Dunham

In memory of Francis Glancey
Kristin Dow

In memory of Galyn Faith
Kent and Lisa Faith

In memory of Gayee Caldwell
Ashley and Perry Dunham
Monte Dunham

In memory of Geneva Earline Winfrey
Karen Winfrey

In memory of Gilbert Cornett
Susan Cornett

In memory of Glenda Capps
John Capps

In memory of Grace McDonald
David and Bette Carroll

In memory of Harriet Darby Gibson
John Capps

In memory of Hazel Davis
Lana Wilson

In memory of Helen Bunn
Karen Winfrey

In memory of Helen Flewellen
Carol Palmour

In memory of Helen Lobaugh
Gary and Cathy Lobaugh
Linda Lobaugh

In memory of Helen Savage
William and Barbara Blake
Russ Donnelly
David and Mary Sigmon

In memory of Henry Parks
Karen Bunch

In memory of Irene Johnston
Karen Pinard

In memory of J.T. Stanberry
Cheryl Lefler

In memory of Jack Federline
Betty Federline

In memory of James Junkens
Naomi Valliere

In memory of Janet Miller
Gary Miller

In memory of Janet Youngblood
Joseph Becker
Susan Bentley

In memory of JD Duty
Paulette Wamego

In memory of Jean and Lance Trimble
Lorrie Reibert

In memory of Jesus Ramirez
Joanne Ramirez

In memory of Jewell Spears
Connie and Greg Kach

In memory of Jim Coleman
Clinton and Arlene Hulsey

In memory of Jim Curzon
Vera Curzon

In memory of Jim Holland
Betty Bobo
Audrey Holland

In memory of Jim Sisler
Kim Sutton

In memory of Jodie Lampkins
Phyllis Snook

In memory of John L. Stuart, III
Janet Stuart

In memory of Johnny P. Smith
Lorrie Reibert

In memory of Juanita Whiting
Donetta Walsh

In memory of Judith Watkins
Kathy Burcham

In memory of Judy Bewley
Chester Bewley
Ellie and Norlan Scrudder

In memory of Judy Harrison
Ric Harrison

In memory of June Sholander
Kris English

In memory of Katherine Oberlander
William Oberlander

In memory of Kenneth Easterling
Agnes Easterling

In memory of Larry Arnold
Jon Sumners

In memory of Larry Zankel
Nancy Zankel

In memory of Lawrence Stith
Julie Durham

In memory of LC Goodson
Allyson and Jerry Bockman
Ray and Ida Brown
Charlie and Kay Dardenne
Craig and Darla Egleston
William and Sheryl Hanson
Cyndi Ralston

In memory of Leon Woodruff
Doris Woodruff

In memory of Lillian Drvostep
Robert Drvostep

In memory of Linda Poteet
Cynthia and Richard Shawley

In memory of Linda Richmond
John Helm
Daniel Richmond

In memory of Linda Zabienski
Mark Hubble and Dale Fowler

In memory of Lloyd Trogdon
Sharon Trogdon

In memory of Loretta Fabrizius
Arthur Fabrizius
Brad and Janice Young

In memory of Louis Ray Dotson
Bob Dotson

In memory of Lynn and Charlie McRill
Betty Hastings

In memory of M.C. Wigginton
Stephen and Sharon Wigginton

In memory of Maggie Bloese
Michael Bloese

In memory of Malinda Martin
Melita Davis

In memory of Marilyn Dickey
Betty Federline

In memory of Mary and Joseph Burns
Peter and Caitlin Burns

In memory of Mary Anne Travers
Ashley Spears

In memory of Mary Mitchell
William Filener

In memory of Mary Wamsley
Valerie Jennings

In memory of Mary Weatherford
Jerri Wood

In memory of Max Day
Lana Day

In memory of Michael Young
Regina and Leon Hicks

In memory of Mrs. Jane Proctor Smith
Lorrie Reibert

In memory of Nancy Middleton
Brenda Kothe
Robert Weitzeil
Jolenna Wright

In memory of Nancy Rider
Gloria Lloyd

In memory of Nello Gionta
Anne Nolan
Jean and Stephen Retherford

In memory of Olive Boggs
Jackie Robb

In memory of Pat Bales
Teri Goza

In memory of Patricia Ann "Pat" Fox
Shelley Lane
Robert and Lynda Portiss

In memory of Patrick Lobaugh
Gary and Cathy Lobaugh
Linda Lobaugh

In memory of Patti Cowan
Charles Blue

In memory of Patty Patterson
Dan and Denise Patterson

In memory of Ray Vaughan
Wanda Vaughan

In memory of Raymond Easterling
Agnes Easterling

In memory of Rebecca Thornton
John and Theresa Shurtleff

In memory of Renn LaCroix
Kevan LaCroix

In memory of Rev. John B. Wolf
Barbara Wolf

In memory of Richard E. Lewis, Jr.
Doris Lewis

In memory of Riley Wilson
Martin Cariker
Lana Wilson

In memory of Rita Masters
Angela Reed

In memory of Robert Miler
Carlene Miler
Peggy Osborn

In memory of Ron Meeker
Martin Cariker

In memory of Ronald Easterling
Agnes Easterling

In memory of Rosalea Barnett
Billy and Debra Barnett

In memory of Shane Simpson
Jeff Simpson

In memory of Sharon Fitzgerald
DeeAnn Davis

In memory of Sheila Brunton
Terry Bevins

In memory of Shirley Millisor
Kathy and Greg Hale

In memory of Shirley Vanderpool
Stephen and Sharon Wigginton

In memory of Stella Hubbard
Dorothy and Corky Buser

In memory of Steve Geddie
Dee Dee Geddie

In memory of Suzanne Reeble
Benelle Reeble

In memory of Thomas Blunt
Susan Buitink
Carol Forbus

In memory of Thomas Potts
Debbie Burchfield

In memory of Velda Stevens
Norma Canon

In memory of Vera Berlin
Andrea Schlanger

In memory of Vickie Roberts
Donald Higgins

In memory of William Douglas
Terry Bevins
Sharon Brown
Ronda and Nevin Cooper
Janis Griffin
Jeff and Gail Selvidge
Brian Wooldridge

In memory of Yolande Thompson
Sandra Michalcik

In memory of Zona Crockett
Charles Northcott

In Kind Donors

Joyce Alynch
Asbury United Methodist Church, Sarah Circle
Joe Barker
Beacon Stamp & Seal
David Bingham
Mary Blakey
Brenda K. Blissit
M. Sabina Bourland
John and Jessica Bowman
Christine and Jeff Carter
Rebecca Carter
Congregation B'nai Emunah
Margie Cravens
Dale and Pam Cuckler
Teresa Cummings
Stacy Curtis
Denise Daniel
District One - Order Of The Eastern Star
Mary and John Dobbs
Deborah Eastman
Pat and Jim Elder
Brenda Estes
Keith Fallis
Diana Farley
Marc Fitzerman
Sharon and David Forth
BJ Gandert
Eugene Gibbs
Ron Goodner
Sarah Hart

Teresa Hingey
Audrey Holland
Terrie R. Hoover
Gina Illingsworth
Indian Springs WGA
Becky Johnson
Harriet Jordan
Paula and Denny Kline
La Madeline French Bakery
Linda Lantz
Jeff and Penny Lastrapes
Jan Lieberman
Dave Loken
Tiffany and Brad Long
Richard Malone
Nanette McAdoo-Tucker
Cathy McCants
Julie McInnis
Cara McKinley
Carlene Miler
Mill Creek Carpet & Tile
John and Karen Miller
Angel Molina
Annie Morton
North Peoria Church Of Christ
Kimberly O'Barr
Wyatt Orman
Dara Paez

Patricia Paterson
Russell Phipps
Mary Pierson Ttee
Chantal and Jack Pixley
Whitney Pontious
Amanda Preston
Deborah Rainey
Judy Ray
Leigh Ann Reece
Denise Reed
Kris Schueren
Janice Schwarzkopf
Hayden Sides
Kyle and Tiffany Sien
Sharon and J.L. Sixkiller
John and Jamie Soderstrom
Olive Swan
The Oklahoma Center For Arthritis Therapy and Research
Thrivent Financial Services
Jamie Tufts
Norman Tufts
Carol Walker
Nancy and Barry Wayne
Melanie Wignall
Alicia Williams
Conner and Diane Wood
Mark Youngblood
Cindy Zaloudek
Jennifer Zuyul