Coin Drive Success!

Today was a great day for Clarehouse! I am often humbled by the generosity of the community that supports us. Today was no exception. In less than 4 weeks we organized today’s event, a coin drive and cookout centered around a visit from the MidFirst Bank coin truck. Like all Clarehouse events, this one came together thanks to the many hands of those who love us and support our mission. Everyone from members of our Board of Directors, who took charge of the grill and turned out some pretty delicious burgers and dogs, to our amazing volunteers and staff, all of whom worked hard to make today a success! When you organize a coin drive, there really is no way to know how much you have collected. Over the past weeks we have seen family members and community members, some emotional with so much love for Clarehouse, bring jars and boxes of change to our house. During our cookout event today we welcomed families of former guests and many volunteers, all with buckets of change for Clarehouse. This event was a wonderful example of the fact that we are a community home, as everyone enjoyed food and fellowship for our cause. At the end of the event we were thrilled to receive the total, over $2,800 in coins were donated. Add to this a matching gift of $1,250 from MidFirst Bank, and we are over the $4,000 mark, more than we could have dreamed! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We are only able to provide the loving and compassionate care that we do thanks to YOU! I know that our community is filled with loving and generous people, because I am lucky enough to bear witness to it each day. Melanie Craddock, Donor Relations Manager