Mission Statement

Clarehouse provides a loving home, quality end-of-life care and access to hospice services to people in need.

We are a loving home for terminally ill people, providing living space, practical care and access to hospice services – devoted to the care of dying people and to the support of their loved ones.

Welcome Home is more than a greeting: it’s a feeling that permeates the experience of everyone who enters Clarehouse. Before Clarehouse, families in our community had few choices when their loved one needed more care than medical hospice services could provide.

Clarehouse was formed in January of 2001 by a group of committed individuals with a passion for easing the burden of those dying in need. At Clarehouse, we consider ourselves an extension of the family as caregiver and home to dying people. We provide living space and round the clock practical care for terminally ill people, accessing hospice care through existing local hospice programs. Clarehouse provides short-term, end-of-life care to people of all ages. Guests must be enrolled in a local hospice program.

We're an Omega Home

Clarehouse was the first Omega Home in Oklahoma. What’s an Omega Home? Among other things, it’s a home that’s:

  • designed for and totally focused on care at the end of life
  • staffed by paid caregivers supported by community volunteers
  • not a medical facility
  • created by the local community for the local community
  • an independent nonprofit.

Omega Homes are part of the movement to improve the end-of-life experience for individuals and families in America.


We opened our doors in a modest three-bedroom apartment in mid-town Tulsa in October, 2003. Due to great need, we expanded our service twice in that temporary location, to a total of eight bedrooms. We were honored to serve more than 1000 people in that humble home. In July of 2007, we launched a capital campaign to build, equip and furnish a purpose-built home and provide long-term funding for our care. The incredible generosity of the Tulsa community and beyond enabled us to surpass our goal. We moved into our permanent home in August of 2009 and have served over 4,100 guests, providing more than 40,000 days of loving care, all completely free.