Am I ready for Clarehouse?

Clarehouse provides short-term care for dying people in need. Talk to your family and hospice nurse about when the timing is right for you.

  • Life expectancy of a month or so
  • Comfort focused care
  • Do Not Resuscitate/Allow Natural Death Status
  • Enrolled in a local medical hospice program

We believe that every moment matters and strive to provide comfort and support while respecting your dignity.

How do I become a guest?

CarePage2 A simple phone call starts the process.
We accept referrals directly from individuals in need, family members, hospice staff, doctors and hospitals. Once a referral is made, we gather medical information from your hospice and determine if we can meet your needs.

Individuals and families are invited to tour Clarehouse during daylight hours. No appointment is necessary.

Once mutually agreed that Clarehouse is the right choice for you, a bedroom will be offered as soon as available. This process usually takes about a week. Your hospice will arrange for your transportation to Clarehouse and the delivery of needed medical equipment.

What are the costs?

All Clarehouse services are provided free of charge. We are a 501(c)3 public charity and are funded entirely by donation. We do not bill Medicare, private insurance or individuals.

Click here for a printable brochure

Submit an Application.

Paperwork is kept to a minimum at Clarehouse. We do require an application and care agreement to be completed. Click here to review/print these forms – they may be completed in advance or on the day of admission.