The Clarehouse Volunteer Program provides assistance and support to staff, guests, and families.

Our volunteers keep Clarehouse healthy and strong. Clarehouse is supported by over 200 volunteers who work both inside and outside the home. Volunteers receive training in the Clarehouse philosophy of providing emotional, spiritual and social support. The Volunteer Program is coordinated by our Support Services Director.

To learn about how your talents can help Clarehouse, contact Support Services, or simply complete and return the Application Packet.

Volunteers recognized at the 2014 Clarehouse Volunteer Banquet


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Melanie Wignall receiving her 10 Year Service Award as well as the Most Valuable Volunteer for 2013 from Kelley Scott, Executive Director and Mike Douthitt, Support Services Director.

Most Valuable New Volunteer: Kristee Eastman

Most Valuable Volunteer: Melanie Wignall

10 Year Service Awards:

Lois Ainsworth

Dr. Jim Geurin

Gayle Kauffman

Melanie Wignall



Volunteers Recognized at the 2013 Clarehouse Volunteer Banquet

Over 100 Clarehouse Volunteers gathered at the Stokely Event Center for recognition of their outstanding service to Clarehouse.

Clarehouse has 204 volunteers that gave over 8,451 hours of service last year.  Some were awarded for service of over 100 hours or more in one year.

Dave Simms received the 2013 Lifetime Service Award.  Dave has been volunteering for Clarehouse since before we began operations in 2003. In 2012 he donated 87 hours.  Since 2003, when we began recording volunteer hours, Dave has given Clarehouse 736 hours.


Terri Hollingsworth received the 2013 Most Valuable Volunteer Award.  Terri gave 141 hours of service last year.

And Ron Straley & Brian Wilson received the 2013 New Volunteers of the Year Award.  Straley and Wilson worked as a team and gave 144 hours of service to Clarehouse last year.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for all you do for Clarehouse.


2012 Special Volunteer Award Winners