Recent Donors

Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from December 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or

The Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation

Teresa and Alex Adwan

AgraTech, Inc.

American Airlines Charity Golf Assoc.

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Glenda Armstrong

Asbury United Methodist Church, Inc.

Asbury United Methodist Church, Esther Circle

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group

AT&T Employee Giving Campaign

Ellen Atkins

Barnes & Noble giftwrap donors

Sharon Barnett

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Edward E. Bartlett and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation

Joanne Beckmann

Doris Berg

Linda Bernklau

Linda and Phil Berrey

Bertha Black

Melisa and Edward Boersma

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Andy Brice

Matthew Bridwell

Ellen Bussard

Mary Jane Butler

Carol and Steve Caldwell

Alice Campbell

Stephanie Carrico

Rochelle Caudill

Chubb & Son

Church of St. Mary

Church of the Madalene, Social Concerns Group

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Dwight Claxton

Timothy Clement

Nancy and Tim Coburn

Christine Coleman

Jan and Ron Coleman

Jim and Linda Pat Colgan

Ruth Collins

Theresa Collins

ConocoPhillips Matching Gift Program

Cox Connects Foundation

Flinn and Tim Cremin

Doug Crews

Anna Cummins

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Melissa DePasse

Tania Desilva

Dale DeSpain

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Brenda Dubois

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Barbara Eisenhart

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Flint Family Foundation

Florence & Gordon Holland Family Foundation

Jane Fore

Sue Forney

Peggy Foust

Dona Frank-Morris

Colony and David Fugate

Cindy and David Gabriel

Marilyn Garbee

Karen and Alan Garrison

The Gelvin Foundation

Give With Liberty

Bert Goodwin

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Virginia Greek

Stacy Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Lynn Hart Thornley

Mrs. W.H. Helmerich, III

Dan and Jane Higgins

Patricia Holder

Janet Holland

Glen and Judy Hudgens

Christie Irwin

Barbara Iverson

Bunny Jackson

Judy Jennewein

Larry Johnson

John Paul and Martha Jones

George Kaiser Family Foundation

The Herman Kaiser Foundation

Kimberly Clark Foundation, the Matching Gift Center

Kimberly and Joseph Knapp

Barbara and Thomas Kraemer

Arthur Lee

Trish and Dick Lieser

Sue Lohmann

Cherry Lowther

Sue Majors

Mel and Brenda Martin

Janell and John McCormick

Katie and Brandon McCullough

Katy and Alan McElhaney

Cheryl and Bill McIntyre

Loretta and Alden Meadows

Lee Meyer

Millennium Sams

Adela Mitchell

Naomi Mitchell

Emily Mooney

Susan and Bob Morgan

Ruth Nelson Family Foundation

Dan and Nancy Nelson

Gail and Russ Newman

Betty and T.K. Nollan

Edward and Pamela Phillips

Sybil Phillips

Sheila Powers

Annette Pringle

Bruce Z. and Phyllis J. Raines Family Foundation

Patti and Tim Rains

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Lorrie Reibert

Elizabeth Rheingans

Cindy and Gordon Ritter

Marcy and Bernard Robinowitz

Jon Sanders

Marcia and Bob Sayles

Kelley Scott

Marietta Seibert

Betty Shaull

Randy Shepheard

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Glenda and Larry Silvey

SM Energy

SMG-BOK Center

William Smith

Sandy and Bob Sober

St. Anne Womens Club

Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation

Bethany Stephenson

Kaycee Strom

Ruth Stumpff

Betty Tam

The Early Ford V-8 Club of America

Erica Thompson

T-Town Questers

Gail and Keith Tucker

Tulsa Area Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Tulsa Community Foundation

Tulsa Foundation

Carlos Tuttle

Ed Van Eman

Hal and Patty Walker

Linda Wasson

Grace Watson

Doris and Erich Westfield

Pamela and William Wetterman

Jerry White

Jim and Sondra Whitt

Carol Wilkinson

Theresa Witcher

Mary Jo Wolff

Loretta and Bob Yandian

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Helen Zimina

Lora Zumwalt



In Honor of Robin Ballenger

Bob Ballenger


In Honor of the Clarehouse Staff

Marie Ahrens

Helen Duckert

Peggy Skinner


In Honor of the Clarehouse Volunteers

Peggy Skinner


In Honor of Kimberly and Jim Hardick

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In Honor of Dave Korkmas

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In Honor of Barbara Lawson

Peggy Skinner

Velma Swanson


In Honor of Barbara and Blu Lawson

Jim and Kimberly Hardick

Beth and Michael Lawson

Nora Walker


In Honor of Beth and Mike Lawson

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In Honor of Tricia and Frank McDonald

Becky Flynn


In Honor of Harold and Shirley Meinkoth

Jane Watts


In Honor of the Muratet Family

Linda Carrara


In Honor of Dian Peacock

Craig Jenkins


In Honor of Tamara Rains

The Smalling Family


In Honor of Charlie Jackson and Tamara Rains

Robert and Katie Smith


In Honor of Kelley Scott

Senior Transitions

Jill and Robert Thomas


In Honor of Ron and Shirley Sims Family

Shirley and Ronald Sims


In Honor of Velma Swanson

Barbara and Blu Lawson

Peggy Skinner


In Memory of Charles Abernathy

Debra Pohlson


In Memory of Jona  Allo

Shanna Gore


In Memory of Truman ‘Jack’ Armstrong

Suzanne Brickner


In Memory of Larry Arnold

Jon Sumners

Mark and Cheryl Wackenhuth

Kathleen and Bob West


In Memory of Lela Baker

Malinda Collins


In Memory of Lucille Baker

Phyllis and Walter Knapp


In Memory of Nancy Baylor

Susan Kraft

Kay Wolfe


In Memory of Evva Benton

Raymond Perkins


In Memory of Carolyn Billings

Wells Family Charitable Trust


In Memory of Joe Bilyew

Lewis Royster


In Memory of Lorene Boughton

Raymond Perkins


In Memory of Gary Bresnehen

Audrey Bresnehen



In Memory of Bruce Brooks

Pamela Cox


In Memory of Charley Brown

Brenda Mitchell


In Memory of John Brownlee

Jim Brownlee


In Memory of Carroll W. Bruce

Nina Salyer


In Memory of Sharon Burgess

HarDisha and Ransom Miller


In Memory of Mary and Joseph Burns

Alyssa Burns

David and Christine Burns

Jeffrey Burns

Joan and Patrick Burns

Lawrence and Linda Burns

Michael Burns


In Memory of Richard “Dick” Buster

Mark and Lisa Buster


In Memory of Mary Butler

Gil Eacret


In Memory of Daniel Carmichael M.D.

Kathy and Doyle Easterling


In Memory of Regina Pearl Cunningham

Kathy Cunningham


In Memory of George Dailey

Amy Dailey


In Memory of Charles Daniel

Julia Brown

Fred Cornish

Denise Daniel


In Memory of Phyllis DeArmond

Maxine Kelamis


In Memory of Louis Ray Dotson

June Ann and Bob Dotson


In Memory of Pam Dunbar

Bob and Deborah Maguire


In Memory of Elenora Durst

Waldine Henderson


In Memory of Carolyn Eason

Hershal Eason


In Memory of Ronald Easterling

Kimberly Dryden and Don Nixon

Karen and Alan Garrison


In Memory of Raymond Elliott

Lyn DeMars and Family

Katherine O’Neal


In Memory of Virgil Elliott

Joan and George Hauger

Barbara Jones

Peggy Rowley

Peggy and Richard Ziglar


In Memory of Bradley Evans

Amanda Wolfe

Kay Wolfe


In Memory of Richard Evans

The Evans Family


In Memory of Jack Federline

Betty Federline


In Memory of Eleanor Fitch

Richard and Shirley Fitch


In Memory of Sharon Fitzgerald

DeeAnn Davis


In Memory of Helen Flewellen

Carol Palmour


In Memory of Dorothy Franchi

Roger and Wanda Cole


In Memory of Beverly Freese

Betty Hastings


In Memory of Gary

Pam Price-Hoskins


In Memory of Sherry Gavurnik

Lorrie Murphy


In Memory of Steve Geddie

Susan and Phil Gelwick


In Memory of Robert Gibson

Beth and Terry Gilliland


In Memory of Jimmy Glavas

Georgeana and B.J. Rainwater


In Memory of LeeOna Haggard

Arthur Haggard

Robertson County Special Services


In Memory of Rilla Fay Hall

Larry Hall


In Memory of Wilma Haller

BS&B Safety Systems, L.L.C.

Joan Miller


In Memory of Edweena Harrell

Kay and John Morton


In Memory of Dandridge “Dan” Harrison

Andrew Ziola


In Memory of Floyd Hayman

Opal Hayman


In Memory of Norma Hendershot

Nancy and Ron Middleton


In Memory of Cleda Henry

The Family of Cleda Henry


In Memory of Corky Hickok

Jacki Crews


In Memory of Dr. Edward Hoffman

Linda Hoffman


In Memory of Jean Felt Holliman

Jacki Crews


In Memory of Dee Hooper

Open Door Church of Christ


In Memory of Mildred and Melvin Horn

Allen Horn


In Memory of Barbara Hugg

Katy Cloar

James and Joyce Faulkner

Jim Hall

Georgann Ozment

Robert Powers

Billie and Skip Rutherford

Amy Waychoff

Vivian Webb

Wittenberg, Delony & Davidson, Inc.

Glenda and Jerry Young


In Memory of Alfons Janowski

Susie Janowski and Joe Soerries


In Memory of Robert Kaiser

Carol Kaiser


In Memory of Sharon Kehr

Mike Kennedy

TES Productions, Inc.

Allie Thomas


In Memory of Gretchel Koelln

Kenneth Koelln


In Memory of M Kubernik

Joyce Roodman


In Memory of Renn LaCroix

Kevan LaCroix


In Memory of Donald Gene Lane

Aurora Slape


In Memory of Dixie Lewis

Verna Lewis


In Memory of Richard E. Lewis, Jr.

Doris Lewis


In Memory of Anne Linton

The Matherly Family


In Memory of Joyce Lively

Community Service Council Of Greater Tulsa

Lorrie Reibert

Rex and Bonita Webb


In Memory of Sue Marshall

Dolly Dixon


In Memory of Barbara Lynn Martin

Rhonda Bennett

Dolores Martin

Mary Jo and Jack Neal

Brent and Caroline Quinn


In Memory of Louis ‘Ed’ McClain

Helen McClain


In Memory of Barbara ‘Gigi’ McNatt

Amy and Chad Trainer


In Memory of H.D. McNerney

Kathleen Baab


In Memory of Mary McPherson

Billie and Donald Froning


In Memory of Lynn and Charlie McRill

Betty Hastings


In Memory of John R. Miller

Eastern Shawnee Tribe Of Oklahoma


In Memory of Orian Russell Miller

Pamela Fagan

Jane Fluman

Debbie and Stuart Landwehr

The Family of Orian Russell Miller, Jr

John and Mary Lou Miller

Ted Moore

David Skouby

Patricia Tallman

Rex and Lucia Winchester


In Memory of Carl and Dorothy Morgan

Frankie and Richard Harkey


In Memory of Bob Mullins

Nancy Mullins


In Memory of Monika Neil

Michael Neil


In Memory of Marion Norman

Louise Kennedy


In Memory of George Prothro

Gerald Gustafson


In Memory of John Reed

Nettie Reed


In Memory of Wanilda Wendy Reeder

Mary and Bill Russell


In Memory of Mike Reeves

Adam Weintraub


In Memory of Doreen and John Rigiani

Jane and David Emanuel


In Memory of Harry and Lois Robbins

Terry Robbins


In Memory of Dr. David Ronk

Joyce Roodman


In Memory of Jean Runge

Nancy Runge


In Memory of Ralph “Buz” Sawyer

Dorothy Blair

Katie Sawyer

Delmar and Margaret Stanfill


In Memory of Martha “Marty” Shahan

Terry and Denise Payne


In Memory of Sandra Sharp

Alma and Donald Sharp


In Memory of Jerry Shaw

James Nimerick


In Memory of Nora Simmons

Terence and Angela Golla


In Memory of Dave Simms

John Meyer


In Memory of Shane Simpson

Kevin Burton

Debbie Cadieux

Richard DeFreece

Dan Dodson

Sandy Shime and Family

Jon and Darlene Strong

Greg Strong and Family

Jon Strong, Jr and Family

Randy Strong and Family

Dee Talley and Family


In Memory of Danny Smith

Tim and Gerilynne Graves


In Memory of Nancy Smith

Linda and Robert Roggendorff


In Memory of David Snook

Phyllis Snook


In Memory of Larry Soderstrom

John and Jamie Soderstrom


In Memory of Richard Stathem

Virginia and Bill Lay


In Memory of Velda Stevens

Sue Casey


In Memory of James Barrett Stout

Susan and Phil Gelwick


In Memory of John L. Stuart, III

B.J. Blunt

Janet Stuart


In Memory of Ed Sullivan

Maxine Smithey


In Memory of Bernice Swopes

Levi Guttierrez


In Memory of Berry Taylor

Pat and Jim Elder


In Memory of Nancy Thompson

Peggy Osborn


In Memory of Roger Voss

J.B. and Maria Alexander


In Memory of Hazel Wall

Dianne and Nick Nail

Peter Wall


In Memory of Jody Walls

Earlene Gathright


In Memory of Judy Walls

Cindy DeVore


In Memory of Judith Watkins

Kathy Burcham


In Memory of Mary Weatherford

Don and Bobbie Henderson

Jane Holland


In Memory of Alton Whitworth

Mary Whitworth


In Memory of Judy Whychell

Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association


In Memory of M.C. Wigginton

Charlotte Bain

Julia Baker

Anita Brummett

Judy Garmaker

Susan Hodgson

Gretchen McGilbra

Diane Parrett

Phyllis Simmons


In Memory of Foy Wilson

Phyllis Snook


In Memory of Patti Wilson

Linda Grisso

Alice Matheson


In Memory of Riley Wilson

Joyce Barbee

Erma Jean Bilyeu

Millie Brewer

Dana Brown

Geraldine Byrd

Martin Cariker

Linda Crites

J J and Stephanie Johnson

Demyree Vetera

Barbara Wilson


In Memory of Al Wolf

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In Memory of Bill Yaunt

Connie and Robert Kruse

Marilyn McGee


In Memory of Janet Young

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In Memory of Larry Zankel

Nancy Zankel


In Memory of Donald Zannotti

Patricia Minielly


In Memory of Toni Zucconi

David Zucconi


In Kind Donors

Betsy Anderson

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Asbury United Methodist Church, Esther Circle

Deborah Babcock

Beta Sigma Phi – Xi Xi Chapter

Ed and Martha Clingerman

Linda Cox

Louise Czaprenski

Rhonda and Dan Duke

Jody Evans

Cherry and Norman Fisher

Shanna Gore

Harvest House Ministries

Rebecca Hays

Perry Hollund

Ruth Irwin

Greg and Michelle Kelso

Robin and Chris Lincecum

John Love

William Mahoney

Diane Parnell

Cheryl Phelps

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Jim Schuttler

The Schwarzkopf Family

Jeanette Sessom

Robert and Katie Smith

Daph Talley

Kathy Taylor

Tulsa County Clerk Office Employees

Vandever House

Bobby Weatherford

Denese Yancey


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