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Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from May 1, 2015 through May 31, 2015.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group

Asbury United Methodist Church, Priscilla Group

Robin Ballenger

Bank of Oklahoma

John and Lucy Barker

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Rita Bell

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, Roundtable Class

Sharon Bowman

Merrilyn Brady

Mary Burns

Stephanie and Brad Carrico

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Church Of St. Mary

Church of the Madalene

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Roger and Wanda Cole

Ruth Collins

Theresa M. Collins

W.R. and Lois Condrin

William Cox

Anna Cummins

DaVita Inc. Central Tulsa Dialysis

Tami and David DeAngelis

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Don East

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Epsilon Sigma Alpha Oklahoma District III

Betty Garrett

Mary Beth Gill-MacDonald

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Grace Hospice Of Oklahoma

Lloyd Haggard

Stacy Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Margaret Hargett

Kathy Hatfield

Mtani Holiday

Neil Hunsberger

Christie Irwin

Jerri Johnson

Renita Johnson

Kaye Klintworth

Margaret Kohl

Ana Maria Lloyd-Jones

Sue Majors

Larry McCain

Dorothy McClintock

Shauna and Bill McCollough

McFarland Architects

Connie and Mark McFarland

Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

The Lou & Connie Miller Charitable Foundation

Emily Mooney

Susan Nelson

New Gulf Resources

Carol Nickel

Sybil Phillips

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Tom and Betty Rains

Jeff Reid

Elizabeth Rheingans

Jenny Schrom

Kelley Scott

Jerry Shelton

Michelle Siewert

Cherl and Ron Snyder

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Ruthie and Earl Spickelmier

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church

Bethany Stephenson

Anne and Greg Stevenson

Kaycee Strom

The Journey Home

Erica Thompson

Sam Viersen Family Foundation, Inc.

Grace Watson

Brad and Charlene Watts

Nancy Westfall

Doris and Erich Westfield

Pamela and William Wetterman

Glenann Wilkerson

Theresa Witcher

Kodi and Carl Yorman

The Zarrow Families Foundation

Yelena Zimina

Lora Zumwalt



In Honor of Clarehouse Guests

Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties


In Honor of Sandra Freeman

Jane McKinney


In Honor of Susan McKee

Jane McKinney


In Honor of Melinda Kay Stephens

Sue and Wendell Stephens



In Memory of Dale Aaron

Dennis Aaron


In Memory of Evelyn Abel

Deanna Barrett


In Memory of Bill Alsabrook

Betty Alsabrook


In Memory of Bob Anderson

Kazuhiro Norihide

Jim and Diane Reib

Carolyn and Jack Rogers


In Memory of Kelly Boen

Dotty Oelkers


In Memory of Ellen Buckinger

Jeffery Buckinger


In Memory of Sharon Burgess

HarDisha and Ransom Miller


In Memory of Sally Byrd

Ruth and Sam Irwin


In Memory of Gerard Campbell

Joseph Parker


In Memory of Betty Jo Carroll

Sharon Walsh


In Memory of Regina Pearl Cunningham

Kathy Cunningham


In Memory of Anna Curtis

Bruce and Gayla Curtis

William Curtis

Ed Smith Family Trust


In Memory of Pam Dunbar

Bob and Deborah Maguire


In Memory of Joan Flint

Patsy Lyon


In Memory of Kenneth Fugate

Sherry and Stanley Barnes

Leslie Brunken

Greg Fugate

Stephanie Garrett

Ricky Harper

Kelly and Gary Hawver

Mike and Lillie Ratliff

Debbie Reed

Karl and Jennifer Schultze

Jana Springer

Paula Stafford

Steve and Jeanette Travis

Tulsa Trail Riders

Bob and Shelley Weiss

Douglas Weiss


In Memory of Richard Ganders

Martha Ganders


In Memory of Jimmy Glavas

Betty Glavas


In Memory of Cynde Green

Jane Holland


In Memory of Tim and Rosa Lee Griffin

Dotty Oelkers


In Memory of Larry Hall

Jim and Diane Reib


In Memory of Janice Heath

Walter Heath

Jessie Enloe


In Memory of Mike Hill

Connie and Loddie Mnich


In Memory of Martha Holder

Don and Marcia Aspenson

Blake Atkins

Sandra Freeman

Raymond Holder

Ronni and Allen Horn

Lori Horton

Leonard Paine

Gail and Kip Richards

Barbara Sappenfield

Shirley and J.T. Stanberry

Brenda Waltermire


In Memory of Judy Holton

David and Patsy Dismuke

Gary and Paula Lee

Ken and Julie Miller

Mark and Paula Norvell

Steve and Debbie Wharry

Jeanne and Terry White


In Memory of William Horry

Kim Burgoyne

Gene Spencer


In Memory of Cheryl Johnson

Victor Whiteside


In Memory of Charley Kaler

Joyce Kaler


In Memory of Donald Gene Lane

Aurora Slape


In Memory of John Jack Lannon

Sandy Harned

Ron and Hilda Lantz


In Memory of Mary Alice Leggett

Susan Leggett


In Memory of Thelma Linderer

Regina Carter

Ruth and Jack Norman

Shelley Pulliam

Belva Wanamaker

Clarence and Jennifer Welch


In Memory of Retha Long

Mike Long


In Memory of Ronald McDowell

Mary McDowell-Miller


In Memory of Brenda McLaughlin

Kathy McCutcheon


In Memory of Darlene McNutt

Bunko Group


In Memory of Fred Mellott

Sherryl McGuire


In Memory of Bob Mullins

Nancy Mullins


In Memory of Louise Nogulich

M.G. Fair

Gail and Justin Hawk


In Memory of Katherine Oberlander

William Oberlander


In Memory of Patty Patterson

Arthur and Carmen Baum

Robert and Jewel Benham

Jerald and Kathleen Clark

Sharon and Donald Edgar

Phyllis Fletcher Walker

Debbie Gallaway

Phyllis and W.R. Osborn


In Memory of Mary Pat Pratt

Larry Pratt


In Memory of Paul Rainbolt

Krista Wilson


In Memory of John Reed

Nettie Reed


In Memory of Doreen and John Rigiani

David and Jane Emanuel


In Memory of Kenneth Stanley

Maxine Stanley


In Memory of Richard Stathem

Larry Harral


In Memory of Rocky Stegman

Barbara and Jerry Reeves


In Memory of Philip Stolper

Timothy and May Sheehan


In Memory of Sally Sullivan

Jacque and William Hodges

Judy and Jim Horn


In Memory of Dorothy Thacker

Jo Lynn Foster

Saint Francis Physical Therapy Department


In Memory of Tamara Tobler

James Tobler


In Memory of Mary Anne Travers

Ashley Spears


In Memory of Karen Tucker

Automated Building Systems – Tulsa

Boone & Boone Sales Co, Inc.

Don, Kathy and Danielle Cotleur

Donna and Michael Crutchfield

Kevin Earnest

Barbara Free

Carol Hamilton

Danny Hancock

Herron Mechanical Sales, LLC

Tamara Lissuzzo

Tom and Vicki Lock

Nancy Long

Kathleen McGivern

Shirley and Kenneth McNeil

Charles and Carol Redditt

Mary and Bill Russell

Don and Letty Ann Schiesz

Sharon Tucker

Carolyn and Max Walter


In Memory of Wayne Way

Douglas and Alice Parkin


In Memory of James Weiss

Jennifer Weiss


In Memory of George Welch

Jim and Diane Reib


In Memory of Wayne White

Wm Rinehart


In Memory of Bill Yaunt

Marilyn McGee

In Kind Donors

Brandy Brend

Stephanie and Brad Carrico

Tim Cramer

Custom Cuts Tree Care

Randy Doyle

Heather Embrey

Fellowship Lutheran Church

Cherry and Norman Fisher

Floral Haven Funeral Home

Gentle Jesters

Haikey Chapel

Randall and Janet Halley

Baylor Heath

Jean Keller

Sandy Loebeck

Bob and Liz Miller

Preceptor XiXi

QuikTrip Kitchens

Jamie and Norman Tufts

TCC; Student Christian Fellowship, Southeast Nursing Division


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