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Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from February 1, 2014 through February 28, 2014.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group

AT&T Employee Giving Campaign

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Doris Berg

Stephanie and Brad Carrico

Church of St. Mary

Jennifer Clark

Theresa Collins

W.R. and Lois Condrin

David Cordell

Margie Cravens

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Tania Desilva

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Marion and William Elson

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Karen Fellinger

Cindy and David Gabriel

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Stacy Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Hille Foundation

Mtani Holiday

Dianna Ingle

Christie Irwin

Susie Kime

Jennifer Landers

Dean and Marilyn Lewis

Betty Lowry

Patsy Lyon

Madalene Church, Social Concerns

Larry Mancini

Patricia A Mitchell

Emily Mooney

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Nancy Mullins

Newfield Foundation, The

Carl and Annette Novinger

Sybil Phillips

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Carol and Rick Ryser

Kelley Scott

Jerry Semler

Randy Shepheard

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Marcia and Ken Smith

Kaycee Strom

The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Erica Thompson

Oscar and Terri Wantiez

Jeanne Washburn

Grace Watson

Pamela and William Wetterman

Theresa Witcher

Sue Young

Helen Zimina



In Memory of Truman ‘Jack’ Armstrong

Susan and John Dulin

Francie and Dale Gillman


In Memory of Carl Arnett

William and Toni Struebing


In Memory of Dr. Robert W. Baker, Jr.

Carol and Jim Lewis


In Memory of Kenneth Bays

Rosalind Bays


In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Burns

Lawrence and Linda Burns


In Memory of Zona Crockett

Krista C Muench


In Memory of Mary Frances Downey

Jennifer Daley

Susan Keary

Diana Marler

Phyllis Murta

Northern Hills Elementary School

Bruce Wilkin


In Memory of Pam Dunbar

Bob and Deborah Maguire


In Memory of Frank Dunn

Marjorie Dunn


In Memory of Carolyn Eason

Timothy and May Sheehan

Women of St. Luke’s; St. Luke’s Episcopal Church


In Memory of Dora Edwards

IRIS Networks


In Memory of Ray Gaither

Virgil L. Gaither


In Memory of Billy Garvin

Michelle Harp


In Memory of Steve Geddie

Barbara and Nick Allen

Tom, Donya and Angie Bailey

Quata Bayles

Jeanie Bernbaum

Diane Carlstrom

Carolyn and Mark Cavins

Green Key Resources

Gail Huber

Terry and Andy Marcum

Jane and James McKinney

Betty Reymer

Robert and Mary Stanton Family

Katy Vaughn

Cynthia Ward


In Memory of Richard Green

Pat Smallwood


In Memory of Emma ‘Dolly’ Harrison

Greg Geiger


In Memory of Mark Alan James

Jeanne M. Hix


In Memory of Lawrence Killgore

Helen Killgore


In Memory of Donald Gene Lane

Aurora Slape


In Memory of Ann Ludwig

Chuck Ludwig


In Memory of Betty MacKay

Neill MacKay


In Memory of David Buddy Majors

Sue Majors


In Memory of Raymond Martin

Lacy Garrison


In Memory of Stayton Milligan

DeAnn and Mike Milligan


In Memory of Katherine Oberlander

William Oberlander


In Memory of Kenneth Olinger

Nancy and Curtis Coggins

Mrs. David C Davies

Carolyn and Jess Evans

Lyle and Colleen Gesch

Claudette Gilbert

Cathy Gotcher

Wesley and Addie Harmon

Chris and Marti Harris

Carolyn La Fevers

Mary McCollough

Gwen Olinger

Robert and Vada Strattan


In Memory of Helen Lucy Pettit

Sara Pettit


In Memory of Richard Pratt

Judy Wampler


In Memory of Arthur Randall

Teri Barber

Julie Brewer

CNB Fixed Assets Group

JT DeWeese

Bob and Loveda Garner

Lynn Johnson

Terri Jungels

Mike and Gina Lodes

Tom McNally

Lisa and Scott Neely

Paul and Jonnie Neely

Terrie and Stephen Neely

Barbara Randall

Bobby Randall

Charles and Mary Randall

Craig Randall

Steve and Rebecca Randall

Sharon and J.L. Sixkiller

Anna Lee Walker

White Tucker Company


In Memory of John Reed

Nettie Reed


In Memory of Brenda Reese

Tonja Griffin


In Memory of Harry Robbins

Mollie Achterberg

Anonymous Donor

Ruth and Don Bauer

Duane and Elaine Bierwirth

Wanda Brooks

Teressa and Bruce Brotherton

Lucille Carr

David and Sandy Clarkson

Doris Clarkson

Randy Clarkson

Colleen Clinefelter

Larry and CJ Clinefelter

Shirley Curry

Martha Dahlor

Jim and Alice Dowell & Cheryl

Taylor and Linda Dueker

Jim and Debby Grechus

Debbie Hall

Adam and Samantha Jones

Mary Lou Jones

Steve and Diane Lambert

David and Kelly Manking

Nancy Perrin

Rick and Donna Post

Professional Business Systems, Inc.

Sue and Carl Richards

Donna Ritchie

Lois Robbins

Linda Sapenaro

Teresa Schrenker

Kenneth and Ann Sedge

Gwen and A.B. Steen

Jerry and Dorothy Wilson

Pat and Don Woodrich


In Memory of Sibyl Ruffin

Kenneth Ruffin


In Memory of Sharon Shepherd

John Shepherd


In Memory of Dave Simms

Jane and James McKinney

Judy and Tom Poole


In Memory of Rose Marie Smith

Loyd Smith


In Memory of Richard Stathem

Jane and James McKinney


In Memory of Eloise ‘Ellie’ Stensaas


Jimmy Baker

Mary Baker

Jill Bayes

Ken Burkhart

Cedar Springs Homeowner’s Assoc.

Thomas and Jo Susan Corbin

Bill Harris

Michelle Hawksworth

Carolyn Higgins

Suzy Kimber

CRT Team and Sandy

Eric and Kim Loring

Kim and David Loring

Raymond and Lorrie Mason

Genevieve Melby

David Melone

Kent Mueller

Clarice Pruitt

Bart Ramsey

Merl and Jackie Ramsey

Margaret Reece

Shirley Riggs

Sandy and Randy Rodewald

Brenda and David Ross

Mary Schaum

Leon Shephard

Bette Shields

Barry Sicks

Jim and BJ Smart

Gary and Barbara St John

Glenn and Joyce Stensaas

Glenn and Joyce Stensaas

James Stensaas

Joe and Theresa Stensaas

Larry Stensaas and Family

Heinz Steves

Keith Ulmer

Ron Walton

Clyde Yeldell


In Memory of John ‘Bill’ Talley

Elizabeth Ammon

Sandra Cahill


In Memory of Amy Sue Thomas

Tony Thomas


In Memory of Tina Vassar

Elaine and Buddy Biles


In Memory of Janice Voskuhl

Mary and Jack Holton


In Memory of Evelyn Warhurst

Faye Thompson


In Memory of Renee Watkins

Midwest Mechanical, Inc.


In Memory of Hazel Watt

Spunky Creek Homeowners Assoc

Don Watt


In Memory of Barbara Weston

Idlewild Baptist Church; Faith Sunday School Class


In Memory of Rhona Whitaker

Tom Whitaker


In Memory of W.C. ‘Wayne’ Williams

Pamela S Williams


In Memory of Bill Yaunt

Marilyn McGee


In Kind Donors

American T’s

Avant-Garden Designs

Rhonda and JP Beene

Linda and Phil Berrey

Gay Clary

Randy Clary

Joan Crager

Brenda Estes

Cherry and Norman Fisher

Carmell Gaine

Lawrence Gaston

Carole Greaves

Harvest House Ministries

Marie Herndon

Terri and David Hollingsworth

Metro Appliances & More

Dana Pettit

Neeta Remy

John Shepherd

Paul Smith

Pamela Snodgrass

The Journey Home

Melinda Voss

David Watt

Melanie and Eric Wignall

Wild Orchid

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