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Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from November 1, 2014 through November 30, 2014.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or

ACBL Charity Foundation

Carri Adams Ralston

Charlotte Alexandre

All Souls Unitarian Church

Doyle Allen

Janice and D.C. Anderson

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Ronald and Constance Bartel

The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

Bertha Black

Lisa Braverman

The Arnold and Pat Brown Foundation

Mike Brown

Keith and Debbie Browne

J Clark and Mary Bundren

Stephanie Carrico

James Chandler

Pamela Chronister

Church of St. Mary

Jennifer and Christian Clark

The Estates of Ezra B. Colbert and Alice M. Colbert

Ruth Collins

Theresa Collins

Pat Compton

Anna Cummins

Suzanne and Rick Davis

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties

Tania Desilva

Shelley and Mike Dill

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Dorothea Forrester

Sharon Gallagher

William Goad


Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Joan Graves

Stacy Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Suzann Ham

Gordon Hampton

Hardesty Family Foundation, Inc.

Margaret Hargett

Erin and Brandon Hart

Kathy Hatfield

Johnna and Jerry Himes

Mtani Holiday

Elizabeth Hudson

Christie Irwin

Judy Jennewein

Susie Kime

Kenneth Koelln

Virginia Lane

Phil Marshall

Masonic Temple, Delta Lodge #425

Bridget Matson

Dorothy McClintock

Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

Ruby Means

Adela Mitchell

Candi Mohn

Emily Mooney


Mary Noble

Otis and Nell Osborn

Sybil Phillips

David Prewitt

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Kaye Ronk

Andrea Schlanger

Barbara and David Schwarz

Kelley Scott

Randy Shepheard

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Mrs. Forrest Shoemaker

Jeanne and Johnny Smith

Lloyd Smith

Cherl and Ron Snyder

Theresa St. Clair

Kaycee Strom

Mackie Sutton

The Bama Companies, Inc.

The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Erica Thompson

Mary Turk

Marg Vilven

Dianne Walker-Propes

Walmart Foundation

Donetta Walsh

Carol and Dale Whitten

Joanne Williams

Theresa Witcher

Denese Yancey

Yelena Zimina

Lora Zumwalt



In Honor of Robin Ballenger

Bob Ballenger


In Memory of Wilma Arnold

Peter Walter

Joanne Detamore


In Memory of Lela Baker

Donald Baker

Pioneer Steel


In Memory of Glen Barnes

Barbara Barnes


In Memory of Beverly Barnhart

John Barnhart


In Memory of Paul Beaupre’

Jane and Paul Hartman


In Memory of Cynthia Bloomer

Marjorie Allen-Ashley


In Memory of Gary Bresnehen

Colleen and Dave Roberts


In Memory of Judy Brown

Brenda Ward


In Memory of Steve Buchman

Jill and David Mancuso


In Memory of Doris Bucklew

Cindy Gustafson


In Memory of Sharon Burgess

HarDisha Miller


In Memory of Margaret Cantrell

Sandra Urban


In Memory of Glenda Capps

Mary Martinovich


In Memory of Norma Chambless

Judy and Robert Azbill


In Memory of Virginia Cooper

Karen Warner


In Memory of Zona Crockett

Krista Muench

Cyndy McManus


In Memory of Mary Frances Downey

Lori Evans


In Memory of Ronald Easterling

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Lorene Webster

Arlayne and Ivan Orthengren

Katrina Allred

John and Joanne Huntsman

Gene Milbrath


In Memory of Dana Farley

Dani Turner


In Memory of Jack Federline

Sherry and Dick Nash


In Memory of Ireeta Ford

Darlene and Ellis Anderson


In Memory of Kristen Frampton

Gerald and Doe Tomasko


In Memory of Jimmy Glavas

Phi Master Beta Sigma and Phi Chapter

Jacqueline Wilson


In Memory of Chris Harrison

Sharon Harrison


In Memory of Opal Holland

Euna Smith


In Memory of Virginia Hopkins

Lena Benzel


In Memory of Geraldine Jerry Horn

Gayle Cater and Friends

The Horn Family


In Memory of Barbara Hugg

Beth and Michael Hickman

Jeff Schlacks


In Memory of Mary Jane Jenkins

Helen and Jack Santee


In Memory of W. Ross Jenkins

Doris Jenkins


In Memory of Kylie Johnston

Jamie Johnston


In Memory of Beverly Keeler

Wendell and Elizabeth Ridings


In Memory of Alice Kennedy

John Kennedy


In Memory of Ethel Kirkland

Vicki and Richard Kirkland


In Memory of Nancy Jane Kopp

Bud and Amy Kopp


In Memory of Donald Gene Lane

Aurora Slape


In Memory of Herbert Doyle Lay

Marillyn Lay


In Memory of Eddie Lenihan

Sue and Richard Dixon


In Memory of Clara Lenning

Esther and Paul Vana


In Memory of Betty MacKay

Mary and Stanley Dennis


In Memory of John Magnino

Barbara Magnino


In Memory of Nancy Jayne Mason

Leah Greaves


In Memory of Cecil Massa

Karen Smith


In Memory of Margie McCluskey

Bob McCluskey


In Memory of Don McDonald

Sam Shaw


In Memory of Javan McIlroy

Ken and Ann Ishmael


In Memory of Forrest McLane

Patty McLane


In Memory of Pat Krause and Patsy Milburn

Debbie Peterson


In Memory of Shirley Millisor

Kathy and Greg Hale


In Memory of Rose Ella Misch

Ed Van Eman


In Memory of Bob Mullins

Nancy Mullins


In Memory of Virginia Newman

Jane and Pat Newman


In Memory of Wink Newman

Cyndee Rice


In Memory of Katherine Oberlander

William Oberlander


In Memory of Jessie Osburn

Kristi Michener


In Memory of Mike Patterson

Sandra Patterson


In Memory of Nina Poston

Brick Ayola and Sherry Becker


In Memory of Clarence “Chuck” Quinton

Jerry Quinton


In Memory of Dwain Simmons and Janice Rader

Lois Thomas-Deupree


In Memory of Hazel Rector

Marilyn and Fred Hopper


In Memory of John Reed

Nettie Reed


In Memory of Rita Santmyer

Sharon Woods


In Memory of Al Schultze

Jane and Paul Hartman


In Memory of E. Ferrell Semler

Julia Monaco

Jerry Semler


In Memory of James Sesow

Edna Sesow


In Memory of Janet Shackelford

Joe and Carol Wampler


In Memory of Dave Simms

Rozetta Marple


In Memory of Elizabeth Stepp

Sherry and Johnny Baker


In Memory of Mary Tedder

Debra Barlow


In Memory of Janice Voskuhl

Ken Voskuhl


In Memory of James Merle Webb

Teri Bookout


In Memory of Billie Jean Webster

Janice Fagg


In Memory of Reverend Joseph Wilcox

Janet and Victor Parachin


In Memory of Jack Wiles

Mary and Stanley Dennis


In Memory of Riley Wilson

Noell Jones

James Campbell

Tom and Lola Fletcher

JoAnn Schooley

Gerald and Melba White

Albert and Diane Cariker

Ruth Shaw

Jarred & Jenny Shaw

Kevin & Amy Smith


In Memory of Bill Yaunt

Marilyn McGee


In Kind Donors

Asbury UMC Care Ministers

Glad Tidings, Assembly of God

Karen and Jim Horton

Dean Bradley and Dena Wilson

Gayle Cater and Joan Hiner

Mike Chambers

Dale and Pam Cuckler

Preceptor Xi Xi

Pat and Jim Elder

Cherry and Norman Fisher

Steve and Shelley Gray

Reta Hallam

Carolyn Haring

Terri Hollingsworth

Harriet Jordan

Kimberly-Clark Corp

Stan Krause

Barbara Magnino

Tricia and Frank McDonald

Nan and Fred Munkholm


Georgeana and B.J. Rainwater

Sharon Rhees

Lynn and Joe Robbins

Ron and Esther Staebell

Sheila Sullivan

Mary Ellen Taylor

Thrivent Financial Services

Trinity Lutheran Church, LWML

Vision of Faith Church


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