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Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from August 1, 2015 through August 31, 2015.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Karen Bussey

Stephanie and Brad Carrico

Church of the Madalene, Social Concerns Group

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Bill Hemm

Deborah Gosvenor

Stacy Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Christie Irwin

Jerri Johnson

Leslie Jones

Emily Mooney

Sybil Phillips

Bethany Stephenson

Kaycee Strom

Erica Thompson

Dalvin Tobin

Theresa Witcher

Yelena Zimina

Lora Zumwalt

Helen Carpenter

Melissa and Greg Chrisco

Karen DeCoud

Marilyn Hartman

David Mitchell

Cathy Ramsey

Carol Robinson

Mike and Carolyn Brown

Church Of St. Mary

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Theresa M. Collins

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Betsy and Walt Pettit

Kelley Scott

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Pamela and William Wetterman

AmazonSmile Foundation

Grace Watson

Moore Funeral Homes, Inc.

Mtani Holiday

Alison Anthony

W.R. and Lois Condrin

Zagnona Cox

Alieta Gunn

Kathy Hatfield

Kenneth Koelln

Rita Ksepka

Neill MacKay

Dorothy McClintock

Catherine Mohr

Marcia and Ken Smith

Broken Arrow FBC; Lydia Ladies SS Class

Crystal Vanscoyoc

Linda and John Bates

Karen Goldberg

Nancy and Hank Harbaugh

Deborah and Ben Morris

Robert Parker

Ruthie and Earl Spickelmier



In honor of Robin Flint Ballenger

Bob Ballenger



In memory of Lois Thornton Adams

Jennifer Palmer


In memory of Alex Austin

Virginia Austin


In memory of Gary Baker

Leslie Anderson


In memory of Gertrude and Tad Birch

Diane and Robert Williams


In memory of Marietta Bitting

Eddie and JoAnn Powell


In memory of Leslie Boston

Janet Black

Charles and Nancy Demarest

Karen and Larry Eudaley

First Book Family

Stephanie and John Greenfelder

Kathleen Harms

Marian Needham

Cheri Pickens

Catherine Sholl

Clint Stevens


In memory of Cathy Breslin

Curt Groninga


In memory of Sharon Burgess

HarDisha and Ransom Miller


In memory of Mary Cantrell

Robert Cantrell

Thomas Crisman


In memory of Charles ‘Dee’ Carrico

Janice Carrico


In memory of Crosby Casillas

Johanna Woods Mobile Home Park


In memory of John Caulfield

Jane Holland


In memory of George Mark Clary

Ruth Wilson


In memory of Jane Louise Frey Cook

Sue and Burnett Dunn

Bob and Nancy Newman


In memory of Rusty Cothran

Alan and Patricia Conger


In memory of Hazel Davis

Nancy and Clifton Collins

Elizabeth Mars

JoAnn Schooley


In memory of Pam Dunbar

Bob and Deborah Maguire


In memory of Mary Ann Dutton

Donna and David Dutton


In memory of Janet Evans

Larry & Judy Mix


In memory of Luana and Charles Fricke

Patti Pitcock


In memory of Ruby Glover

Jane Flynn

Ted Glover


In memory of Sue Grattopp

Lynda Alford

Dianna Buck

Jim and Judy Hemphill

Ellen and Dustin Hodges

George and Elizabeth Hodges

Jacob, Sarah, Charlotte, Alice & Clark Hodges

Chris and Ruth LeSourd

Lucy and Jerry Stimmel


In memory of Angie Grace Hall

Paul and Phyllis Hall


In memory of Lela Anita Hammond

MMI Employee Fund


In memory of Laurette Heger

Delta Theta Chi Sorority

Shelley, Mark, William & Jackson Spaeth


In memory of Jimmy Hicks

Carl and Louise Beck

Heidi and Don Main

Tracie Wareham

Warren Clinic


In memory of Beverly Hill

Mary Munn


In memory of Geraldine “Jerry” Horn

Gayle Cater


In memory of Maxine Houston

Karen Roediger


In memory of Charles Hovorka

Johnnie Hovorka


In memory of Mark Alan James

Jeanne Hix


In memory of Peggy Johnson

Beverly Stites


In memory of Susan Johnson

Ron and Ann Love


In memory of Clevanne Kirberger

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Jill Richmond


In memory of John Eldon Kutz

Church Of Christ

Mary Cryer

Leslea Delaney

Sharlette Martin

James Pittman


In memory of Renn LaCroix

Kevan LaCroix


In memory of Stephanie Landers



In memory of Paul Limerick

Anna Marie Bond


In memory of Retha Long

Mike Long


In memory of Forrest McLane

Marjorie and Donald Lee


In memory of Brenda McLaughlin

Pat Taylor


In memory of Ron Meeker

Dorothy Chapman

Norma Chapman

Kathy and Rick Davis

Kathleen and Jack Kneafsey

Kathy Rodgers


In memory of Lana Perdue

Melissa and Perry Lay


In memory of Rich Minshall

Dorothy and Michael Tramontana


In memory of Bob Mullins

Nancy Mullins


In memory of Patty Patterson

Dan Patterson


In memory of Nina Poston

Brick Ayola and Sherry Becker


In memory of Oleta Rankin

Marilyn and Ron Cox


In memory of Frank Redman

Darrell and Greta Caviness

Sheila Richardson

Sue Self


In memory of John Reed

Nettie Reed


In memory of Billy Risley

Penny Risley


In memory of Floyd Schulte

Friends at AEP/PSO


In memory of Sherri Lynne Stanford

Cheryl Baker

DeAnn Bratton

Carolyn Chaput

Joyce and Darold Grauerholz

Kathy Harger

Harvest Christian Church

Mark Mann

Earlene Miller

Reid and Karen Miller

Mary Moore

Christina Nelson

Kristi Rothchild

Sean Stanford

Memory Stunz

Waddell & Reed


In memory of Sally Sullivan

Tom Moody


In memory of Karen Tucker

Scott Tucker


In memory of Winona Wilburn

Jana and Dave Bradley

Mary Hille

Anil Kilpadikar

James and Diana McPhail

James and Tricia Welch


In memory of Jimmy Woodard

Nancy Vire


In memory of Charlie Yates

Mary Bartlett

Mildred Karpuk

Dale and Marcia Moreland

Tina and Robert Wilkes


In memory of Bill Yaunt

Marilyn McGee


In Kind Donors

Jordan Ayres

Penny Baker

Pamela Baney

Mary Jo Becerra

Dianna Buck

Terri and Andy Callaway

Janet Chapin

Twila Colegrove

Susan Cornett

Teresa Cummings

Gourmet On The Go

Jill Hovis

Annabel Ishmael

Marc Kutz

Bob and Liz Miller

Lynn Pike

QuikTrip Corporation

Beth Roberts

Erika Robison

Penny Rodocker

Tianna Rogers Garcia

Southwest Airlines Co.

Debbie Stanfield

Cathy Truskett

Whitney and Karla Tyler

Melinda Voss

Ricky and Judy Watkins

Dianne Williams


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