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Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from July 1, 2015 through July 31, 2015.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact us at (918) 893-6150 or

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Julie Becwar

Carol Benedict

Bio Nexus Healing, LLC

Stephanie and Brad Carrico

James Chandler

Pamela Chronister

Church Of St. Mary

Church of the Madalene, Social Concerns Group

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Theresa M. Collins

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Pat Doyle

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Terry and Sharon Easterling

Lois Elich

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Owen Evans

Mary Ewing

Walt Fielding

Thomas Frank

Sharon Gallagher

Aline and Wayne Gent

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Arthur Haggard

Stacy Haggard

Kate Halsmer

Gordon Hampton

Ken Hargett

Verna Hedrick

Beatrice Hidy

Mtani Holiday

Dianna Ingle

Christie Irwin

Doris Jenkins

Jerri Johnson

Barbara Jones

Becky Kownacki

Virginia Lane

Lithaprint, Inc.

Sue Lohmann

Rosie and Charles Lomenick

Tiffany Long

Alice Lyons

Wanda Marrs

Phil Marshall

Mel and Brenda Martin

Mary Romanza Noble Family Trust

Donna and Richard McCandless

James McGill

Bill and Joyce McKee

Ross McKinney and Anessa Steidley

Ruby Means

Rebecca Metcalfe

Jack Meyer

Mission Hospice & Home Care

Emily Mooney

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Paula and Fred Narrin

Joy and Fred Ondracek

Cheryl Pearson

Betsy and Walt Pettit

Sybil Phillips

Regent Bank

Cindy and Gordon Ritter

Carol Robinson

Ruth’s Open Door Class; South Tulsa Baptist

Andrea Schlanger

Barbara and David Schwarz

Kelley Scott

Senior Transitions

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Michelle Siewert

Catherine Smith

Lloyd Smith

Marcia and Ken Smith

Paul Smith

Eva Snodgrass

Ann Sobel

Terry Sparks

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Delmar and Margaret Stanfill

Bethany Stephenson

Kaycee Strom

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

The HoganTaylor Foundation and Tulsa Community Foundation

Erica Thompson

Anne and Kevin Turner

Charlene Van Meter

Maxine Wallisch

Karen Warner

Grace Watson

Margery Wilson

Theresa Witcher

Mary Jo Wolff

Case and Elfreda Zandbergen Charitable Foundation

Daniel Ziegler

Yelena Zimina

David Zucconi

Lora Zumwalt



In honor of Robin Flint Ballenger

Bob Ballenger



In memory of Jona Allo

Shanna and Richard Gore


In memory of Delores Barnes

Leonard Barnes


In memory of Cathy Breslin

Emily Andrew

Gillian Apfel & Colleagues and Friends at the U.S. Consulate General in Vancouver, Canada

Humberto and Lourdes Barreda

Leigh Ann and Charles Dugger

Judy Feary

Keith and Beverley Groninga

Jeffrey Hall

Steven and Anita Jones

Merilyn Limric

Arthur Longwith

Janet Miller

Sage Moon

Maurine Parks

Sharron Puckett

Vic and Donna Ratkowski

Richard Sandefur

Theresa and Chris Shannon

Jeanne Tokarski

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hosp; Surgery Dept

Kristin Waldron

Jerry Wiginton


In memory of Theophilus Brown

Chloe Brown


In memory of Sharon Burgess

HarDisha and Ransom Miller


In memory of Bill and Jody Burton

Alice and Loyd Sutton


In memory of Betty Jo Carroll

Tim and Patty Curtner


In memory  of Grant “Skip” Cole

Kim and Tom Fulton


In memory of William S. ‘Buzz’ Conklin

Faye Conklin


In memory of Jane Louise Frey Cook

Eddie and Paula Shafer

Debbie Webb McAllister


In memory of Rusty Cothran

Norman Conger


In memory of Betty J. Cowins

Stacie Ware


In memory of Lisa Cox

Oak Grove Community Church

Myrna and Bill Shanks


In memory of Daniel Cramer

Sarah and Bernhard Storjohann


In memory of Dennis Cramer

Larry Gruendike


In memory of William ‘Bill’ Curry, Jr

Shirley Curry


In memory of Raymond Douglas, Jr

Carlos Tuttle


In memory of Mary Frances Downey

Lori Evans


In memory of Pam Dunbar

Bob and Deborah Maguire


In memory of Carolyn Eason

Hershal Eason


In memory of Kenneth Easterling

Shirley Easterling


In memory of Kay Evans

Lenora Williams


In memory of Sharon Fitzgerald

DeeAnn Davis


In memory of Zena Geiger

Bob and Billie Shepard


In memory of Richard G. Gibbons

Dorothy Gibbons


In memory of Bobbie Goode

Dorothy Goode


In memory of Kenneth Grant

Retta Grant


In memory of Angie Grace Hall

Paul and Phyllis Hall


In memory of Barbara Hand

Terry Cannon


In memory of Hugh Harrington

Bob McCluskey


In memory of George Hauger

Jane McKinney


In memory of Laurette Heger

Alliance Francaise De Tulsa

Catholic Charities

Pamla Cornett

Diane and George Erbacher

Deborah Hoss

Junie Janzen

Ann Karns

Dawn Neukranz

Ed and Raqui Ramsey

Mike, Carla, Tanner and Cooper Schnake

Joe, Carmen, Sam and Cate Trizza


In memory of Warren “Dink” Henry

Lorrie Reibert


In memory of Freda Hibbs

Joyce Kamm

Merideth Yoakum


In memory of Susan Johnson

Teresa & Marty Boike

Deborah Shannon

Alan Teller

J & Katie Teller


In memory of William “Bill” Jones

Johnna and Jerry Himes


In memory of Clevanne Kirberger

Lila Cashion

Kenneth and Carmen Finch


In memory of John M. Kirk

Marilyn Kirk


In memory of Renn LaCroix

Lisa Walsh


In memory of Stephanie Landers

Karen Borgstrom


In memory of Donald Gene Lane

Aurora Slape


In memory of Eddie Lenihan

Sue and Richard Dixon


In memory of Jack Lewis

Verna Lewis


In memory of Norma Like

Becky and Vadon Wyatt


In memory of Liz Maggi

Martha Endsley


In memory of Vera Mayfield

Rhonda and Thomas Liggett


In memory of Shirley McClellan

Ethel McConnell

Tibbie and Winn Roring


In memory of Paul and Genevieve Miller

Margaret Petrilla


In memory of Betty Moody

Arthur and Patricia Howe


In memory of Bob Mullins

Nancy Mullins


In memory of Patty Patterson

Dan Patterson


In memory of Charles Pharris

Reagan Sharp


In memory of Robert “Bobby” Pickard

Dan McCullough


In memory of Mary “Pat” Pratt

Larry Pratt


In memory of Barbara Rambach

Jacki Crews


In memory of Frank Redman

Emily Cockerill

Kay Lehman

Lynne and Ken Oliver

Chris Rydgig

Together We Learn, Inc.


In memory of Brian Reed

Becky and Vadon Wyatt


In memory of Kim Rice

James Rice


In memory of Imogene Roe

Lisa Towry


In memory of James Sesow

Edna Sesow


In memory of Dave Simms

Rozetta Marple


In memory of Danny Smith

S.C. Johnson


In memory of Dr. John H. Smith Jr

Mike and Carol Grider


In memory of Shirley Ann Smith

Shirley Curry


In memory of Sherri Lynne Stanford

Kari Alley

Alisa Brooks and Aaron Riggs

Rebecca Howard

TCCL, Collection Management Staff-Service Center


In memory of Robert Stone

Helen Barlow

Cindy Barton

George Black

Randy Chronister

Kevin Clayton

Annina Collier

DeAnna Cooper

Randy Dominguez

Midge Elliott

Rick Hollingsworth

Nita Jones

Lori Kerns

Marina Metevelis

Mitch Ober

Valerie O’Brien

Sarah Plunkett

Suzanne Reese

Mark Rideout

The Stone Family

TCC Metro Campus Provost’s Council

The Tulsa Community College Faculty Assoc.

West Side Free Will Baptist Church

Lonni Williams


In memory of Danna Story

Abrams-Reger Family

Landolt-Martinez Family

Markel-Katz Family

Val Palmer-Mehta

Elizabeth Pare


In memory of John Stow

Jennie Stow


In memory of Berry Taylor

Pat and Jim Elder


In memory of Linda Taylor

Julie Godfrey


In memory of Karen Tucker

Scott Tucker


In memory of Margaret June Warden

Delores Webb


In memory of Renee Watkins

Midwest Mechanical, Inc.


In memory of Stan Webb

Debbie McAllister


In memory of Claire White

Agnes Easterling

Kathy and Doyle Easterling


In memory of Winona Wilburn

Terry DeVore


In memory of Robert “Bob” Witcher

Dalvin Tobin


In memory of Jimmy Woodard

Earleen Reedy

In Kind Donors

Adams Crest Funeral Home

Rebecca Beechler

A.L. Bennett

William Callaway

L Causby

Tim Cramer

Teresa Cummings

Diana Diaz

Pat and Jim Elder

Pat Gatti

Grace Hospice Foundation

Carolyn Haring

Gwen Henry

Benny Johnson

Jean Keller

Loaves & Fishes Ministry

Glynda McCollum

Jimmy McKinzie


Seth Redman

James Rice

Penny Rodocker

Miriam Shelton

Ben Simmons

Helene Teague Smith

Erma Spann

Betty Stone

Jennie Stow

Terry and Jenny Tallent


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