Spring/Summer Appeal

Dear Friends,

You are a part of our story.  Your support impacts the families receiving Clarehouse care.  Will you consider the difference you can make and help with a donation?

When a dying person in need comes to Clarehouse to be loved through his or her final days, a miracle happens.  Almost immediately, there is a connection.  Guests and families feel the hug as soon as they come through the door.  They are welcomed home and invited to tell their story.

For most, these are tales of woe – illness and grief punctuated by fear, stress and anxiety.   Each chapter has brought new challenges, more loss, and bewilderment at the myriad of changes.  The dying one and the caring one silently share a deep sense of loneliness.  They dread the unknown as they wonder “what’s next?” on their rollercoaster journey.

As they settle in to the hospitality of Clarehouse, individuals and families find relief from their burdens.  Pain and other symptoms are controlled.  Questions are answered and preparations for what lies ahead are intensified.  Relationships with our compassionate care team are established and provide security and trust.  And, guests and families can immerse themselves in community – a rare and precious community of others also experiencing the pain and grief of loss.

It’s been said that the shortest distance between two people is a story.  Sharing our journey closes that gap between us as human beings.  A connection is established and changes everything.  Suddenly, the loneliness is a little less painful and the world is not so scary.  Dying and losing someone you love are some of life’s most difficult experiences, but it really is true that joy shared is doubled and sorrow shared is halved.    

You offer this place of connection.  Your donation to Clarehouse provides a listening ear, a soft bed, a hot meal, and gentle hands to minister comfort to a hurting body.  The support you give becomes a part of the story of caring that families experience in this loving home.  Amidst their grief and loss, those who are suffering find relief, support, and peace.

And as one person’s story draws to a close, another carries the story of love and connectedness forward, sharing the lesson of shared burdens and halved sorrows.  Please respond today by printing off a donation card, or by clicking here to donate online with your credit card.  Please help us continue to offer this gift of care, home and connection.  We need you in the struggles ahead.


Kelley Scott                                                      Ross A. McKinney

Executive Director                                              President, Board of Directors