Recent Donors

Thank You to our Donors!!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support Clarehouse. Your generous gifts enable us to provide high quality, compassionate end-of-life care at no charge to those in need.  The donors noted represent gifts received from December 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.  We are grateful for each and every gift.  If there is an error or omission, please contact Stacy at (918) 893-6150 or

The Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation

Teresa and Alex Adwan

AgraTech, Inc.

Debra Allen

Marjorie Allen-Ashley

American Airlines Charity Golf Assoc.

Julie and Glenn Anderson

Marilyn Anderson

Asbury United Methodist Church, Mariners Group

Phyllis Bailey

Debra Barlow

Sharon Barnett

Ronald and Constance Bartel

Edward E. Bartlett and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation

Doris Berg

Steve Berlin and Debbie Smith-Berlin

Linda and Phil Berrey

Lana Bianchini

Karen and Danny Bishop

Irene and Marc Bookbinder

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, Roundtable Class

David and Suzy Bringaze

Christie and Michael Burk

Arysetta Burkhart

Ellen Bussard

Stephanie and Brad Carrico

Rochelle Caudill

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Gary Christol

Pamela Chronister

Church of St. Mary

Church of the Madalene, Social Concerns Group

Jennifer and Christian Clark

Tim and Patricia Clement

Christine Coleman

Jan and Ron Coleman

Jim and Linda Pat Colgan

Theresa Collins

Pamela Cox

Jean and James Crawford

Jill Crites

Mrs. David Davies

DeeAnn Davis

Barbara and Arlo DeKraai

Dale DeSpain

Dolly Dixon

Kim and Mike Douthitt

Helen Duckert

Linda Earles

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Valerie and Eldon Eisenach

Lois Elich

Kim Doner and Dennis England

Fellowship Lutheran Church

Wayne and Susie Fender

Flint Family Foundation

Colony and David Fugate

Sharon Gallagher

The Gelvin Foundation

Susan Gelwick

Michael George

Carol and David Gideon

Bert A. Goodwin

Deborah Gosvenor

Ashley and Johnson Gourd

Joan Graves

Loyd Haggard

Stacy Haggard

Glenn Hale

Kate Halsmer

Suzann Ham

Sandy Harned

Erin and Brandon Hart

Peggy Helmerich

John Hendrix

Mtani Holiday

Florence & Gordon Holland Family Foundation

Ronni and Allen Horn

Christie Irwin

Ruth and Sam Irwin

J & G Steel Corporation

Bunny Jackson

Jerri Johnson

Timothy and Nancy Jones

The Herman Kaiser Foundation

Kimberly Clark Foundation

Danny Kittinger

Kenneth Koelln

Barbara and Tom Kraemer

Virginia Lane

Level 3 Foundation and Mary Reynolds

Verna Lewis

Sue Lohmann

Bud and Dee Maguire

Jack Mahaffey

Mel and Brenda Martin

Connie and Mark McFarland

Loretta and Alden Meadows

Rebecca Metcalfe

Midwest Mechanical, Inc.

Millennium Sams

Darren Minus

Adela Mitchell

Emily Mooney

Paula and Fred Narrin

Ruth Nelson Family Foundation

Dan and Nancy Nelson

Newfield Exploration Company

Gail and Russ Newman

June Owens

Betsy and Walt Pettit

Sybil Phillips

Carolyn Plucknett

Joyce Polkinghorne

Annette Pringle

Bruce Z. and Phyllis J. Raines Family Foundation

Tamara Rains and Charlie Jackson

Benelle Reeble

Elizabeth Rheingans

Lynn and Jerry Roberson

Carol Robinson

Maureen Sands

Marcia and Bob Sayles

Karen Schulte

Kelley Scott

Patsy Selman

Betty Shaull

Oralene and Dewey Sherbon

Mark Sherman

Rebecca and Ted Sherwood

Glenda and Larry Silvey

Paul L. and Helen I. Sisk Charitable Trust

William Smith

Sandy and Bob Sober

Tim and Tamara Sortet

Renee DeMoss and Neal Sperry

Stanley Filter Co, LLC

Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation

Bethany Stephenson

Julie and John Story

Kaycee Strom

Adelle Stults

Wendy Thomas

Erica Thompson

Faye Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Thompson

Travelers Community Connections and Cheryl Pearson

Gail and Keith Tucker

Tulsa Community Foundation

Dani Turner

Ed Van Eman

Charlene Van Meter

Marg Vilven

Sheila and Arthur Visconti

Brenda and Steve Walker

Maxine Wallisch

Grace Watson

Barbra and Kenneth Weikel

Jim and Sondra Whitt

Deborah Whittaker

Stephen and Sharon Wigginton

Liz and Steve Wilson

Theresa Witcher

Denese Yancey

Becky and Rick Young

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Yelena Zimina



In honor of Will Allen

Vicki Schaff


In honor of all the Guests of Clarehouse

Linda Wasson


In honor of the Clarehouse staff and volunteers

Peggy Skinner


In honor of Carl and Elizabeth Curtis

Bruce and Gayla Curtis


In honor of Jean Curtis

Bruce and Gayla Curtis


In honor of John Gibson and Dan Harrison

ONEOK Foundation


In honor of Kimberly Hardick

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In honor of Stephanie Latimer

Charles Garrett


In honor of Barbara and Blu Lawson

Peggy Skinner


In honor of Beth and Mike Lawson

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In honor of Katherine Magrini

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In honor of Jane McKinney

Joan Hauger


In honor of Kelley Scott

Cathi and John Prince


In honor of Peggy Skinner

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In honor of Velma Swanson

Barbara and Blu Lawson

Peggy Skinner


In honor of Jennifer Tapper

Bruce and Gayla Curtis


In honor of Nora Walker

Barbara and Blu Lawson



In memory of John Adkins

Kimberly Gourd


In memory of Cindy Anderson

Julie and Terry Koupe

Laurie Brown Purser and Darrell Purser


In memory of Ronald Anderson

Jane Bookout


In memory of Larry Arnold

Jon Sumners


In memory of Pat Bales

Glenda and Tom Sisson


In memory of Glen Barnes

Barbara Barnes


In memory of Rosalea Barnett

Billy and Debra Barnett


In memory of Don R. Bauer, Jr. on his birthday

Ruth and Don Bauer


In memory of Carolyn Billings

Wells Family Charitable Trust


In memory of Gerald Birmingham

Marcy and Ben Brown

Cherokee Nation Accounting Staff

Doris Nunnelee


In memory of Joe and Hazel Boon

Janice Smith


In memory of Leslie Boston

Christine Rimkus


In memory of Ruth Branum

Richard Branum


In memory of James “Ben” Bridwell

Matthew Bridwell


In memory of Theo Brown

Angela and Michael Brown


In memory of John Brownlee

Jim Brownlee


In memory of Sharon Burgess

HarDisha and Ransom Miller


In memory of Kathleen Burleson

Jeanne Davenport


In memory of Mary Butler

Gil Eacret


In memory of Sally Byrd

Patsy Hair


In memory of Helen “Irene” Cameron

John Alajaji

Patricia Hair

Kenneth Hampton

The Jerry Riley-Dave Dunson Bible Class at Highland Park Christian Church

Arthur and Patricia Howe

Joan Miller

Ken and Jacki Van Cura

John Wilson


In memory of Glenda Capps

John Capps


In memory of Patsy Childers

Robin Hoefling


In memory of Jackson O. Clancy

Fred Cornish


In memory of Madeline Clark

Debbie Milberger


In memory of Clyde Cook

Jane Cook


In memory of Brent Coppock

Honey Creek HOA


In memory of Helen Corcoran

Pam Price-Hoskins

Mary Ziegler


In memory of Gilbert Cornett

Susan Cornett


In memory of Brenda Cox

Tom and Barbara James


In memory of Regina Pearl Cunningham

Kathy Cunningham


In memory of Anna Curtis

William Curtis


In memory of Connie and George Dailey

Amy Dailey


In memory of Charles Daniel

Julia Brown

Denise Daniel


In memory of Hazel Davis

Lana Wilson


In memory of Ray Davis

Regina Cornelius


In memory of Max Day

Patricia Barham

Lana Day

First United Church

Nanette Foore

Emily Goble

Joan Hillson

Barbara Horry

Janelle Knight

Peggy Patterson

Juanita Ramsey


In memory of Melba Demaree

Steve and Elaine Faulkner


In memory of Fran DeNoon

Donald and Bonnie Powers


In memory of Mary Frances Downey

Lori Evans


In memory of Pam Dunbar

Bob and Deborah Maguire


In memory of Dr. Charles Eby

Mary Noble


In memory of Kay Evans

Lenora Williams


In memory of Loretta Fabrizius

Brad and Janice Young


In memory of Jack Federline

Sherry and Dick Nash


In memory of Ruth Ferguson

Sue Forney


In memory of Steve Geddie

Dee Geddie


In memory of Harriet Darby Gibson

John Capps


In memory of Jimmy Glavas

Georgeana and B.J. Rainwater


In memory of Margaret “Peggy” Goode

Daniel, Autumn, Isabel, Isaac & Harrison Love


In memory of David Goodgame

Nance Guilmartin


In memory of Bill Grotts

Bob and Peggy Grotts

Norma Grotts


In memory of Angie Grace Hall

Paul and Phyllis Hall


In memory of Barbara Hand

Terry Cannon


In memory of Howard Harris

Irene Harris


In memory of Chris Harrison

Sharon Harrison


In memory of JJ Harrison

Leigh Buser

Ann and Jason MacDonald

Greg and Sally Williams


In memory of Judy Harrison

Cindy Adams

Delmar and Margaret Stanfill


In memory of Richard Hawley

Jane Holland


In memory of Laurette Heger

Nathalie Hoberecht Kitson

Brian, Nathan and Duncan Kitson


In memory of Norma Hendershot

Nancy and Ron Middleton


In memory of Dr. Edward Hoffman

Linda Hoffman


In memory of Martha Holder

Roger Holder


In memory of Judy Holton

Aaron and Valerie Cobb


In memory of Barbara Hugg

Marci Hall


In memory of Barbara Iverson

Dennis and Mary Fryz

Richard and Mary Jones

Betty Taylor


In memory of Alfons Janowski

Susie Janowski and Joe Soerries


In memory of Clifton “Cliff” Johnson

Jay and June Beachel


In memory of Elizabeth Johnson

Larry Johnson

Jenna Severin


In memory of Gen. and Mrs. R.W. Kenny

Leah Greaves


In memory of Virginia Lamproe

The Lamproe Family


In memory of Donald Gene Lane

Aurora Slape


In memory of John Lucas

John and Susie Geiger


In memory of Barbara Lynn Martin

Rhonda Bennett

Katie Boudreau

Dolores Martin


In memory of Johnnie Evelyn Martin

David Bingham


In memory of Mary Lou Martin

Paul Martin


In memory of Rita Masters

Angela Reed


In memory of Les Matthies

Judi Burick

Jerzy and Denise Lysikowski

Robert and Janet Turley


In memory of Javan McIlroy

Annabel Ishmael and Phyllis McIlroy


In memory of Jim McKelvey

Becky McKelvey


In memory of Brenda McLaughlin

Mary Paula Hunter

Pat Taylor


In memory of H.D. McNerney

Kathleen Baab


In memory of Mary McPherson

Billie Froning


In memory of Ron Meeker

Martin Cariker


In memory of Fred Mellott

Sherryl McGuire


In memory of Colette Merrifield

Gary and Karen Merrifield


In memory of Shirley Millisor

Kathy and Greg Hale


In memory of Christie Mizell

Barbara and Blu Lawson


In memory of Betty Moody

Sheila Steve


In memory of Bob Morgan

Nellie Apple

Donna Hollowell

Joan and Murray McComas

Jennifer Morgan

Susan Morgan

Marcia and Bob Sayles

Paula and George Warwick


In memory of Carl and Dorothy Morgan

Frankie and Richard Harkey


In memory of Bob Mullins

Nancy Mullins


In memory of Dennis Norfleet

Wanda Norfleet


In memory of Jeanne Osgood

Liz Miller


In memory of Patty Patterson

Dan Patterson


In memory of Naomi Sue Pendleton

Gerald and Linda Taylor


In memory of Velma Phipps

Glenn Hale


In memory of Carlos Pizarro

Jean Rensvold


In memory of Nina Poston

Brick Ayola and Sherry Becker


In memory of Cathy Ramsey

Highland Park Elementary


In memory of Hazel Rector

Marilyn and Fred Hopper


In memory of John Reed

Nettie Reed


In memory of Shirley Ann Reed

Steve and Lindy Hobbs


In memory of Wanilda ‘Wendy’ Reeder

Mary and Bill Russell

Michael and Judy Skaistis


In memory of Mary Rusco

Chris Donald


In memory of Donald Sharp

June Sharp


In memory of Jerry Shaw

James Nimerick


In memory of Danny Smith

Janie and Curt Bates

Tim and Gerilynne Graves


In memory of John and Shirley Ann Smith

Mark and Catherine Truitt


In memory of Rose Marie Smith

Loyd Smith


In memory of Velda Stevens

Sue Casey


In memory of Dorothy Stover

Kim Stover


In memory of John Stow

Jennie Stow


In memory of Floyd Straw

Jeffry Straw


In memory of John L. Stuart, III

B.J. Blunt

Janet Stuart


In memory of Ed Sullivan

Maxine Smithey


In memory of Berry Taylor

Pat and Jim Elder


In memory of Patty Ann Thomas

David Thomas


In memory of Rhodena Thompson

Cristy and Stan Thompson


In memory of Wanda Tipton

Cheryl and Barb Risenhoover


In memory of Karen Tucker

Sandra Tucker-Harley and Carl Harley


In memory of Richard “Brent” Turpen

George Emerson and Family

Mike and Teri Griffin

Christy and Carlton Hightower

Robert and Jeanette Nance

Ellie and Norlan Scrudder

Gayla and Forrest Turpen


In memory of Betty Wade

Dunham Family

Ashley and Perry Dunham

Melissa Lord


In memory of Hazel Wall

Peter Wall


In memory of Jody Walls

Earlene Gathright


In memory of Mary Wamsley

Valerie Kirkpatrick


In memory of Waymond Watkins

Cliffogean Watkins


In memory of Stan Webb

Debbie McAllister


In memory of Billie Jean Webster

Janice Fagg


In memory of Connie L. Weekley

Marcella Carlson


In memory of Nancy Whitaker

Glenda DeVoe

Beverley Graham

Toni Molloy

Sylvia Witty


In memory of Patty Ragan White

Linda French


In memory of Jack Wiles

Frances Jamieson


In memory of Maxine Williams

Dugan Truck Line, LLC


In memory of Richard “Dick” Wills

Betty Wills


In memory of Barbara Wilson

Joy and Clyde Avery


In memory of Riley Wilson

Martin Cariker

Lana Wilson


In memory of Cynthia Wolfe

Mackie Sutton


In memory of Bill Yaunt

Connie and Robert Kruse

Marilyn McGee


In memory of Larry Zankel

Nancy Zankel


In memory of Donald Zannotti

Robert and Rebecca Cable

In Kind Donors

Asbury United Methodist Church, Esther Circle

Asbury United Methodist Church, Sr. Choir

Jennifer Bare

Kim and David Bartlett

Mearlene Bayouth

Trina Bommer

C & J School Uniforms

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Donny Coble

Congregation B’nai Emunah

Susan Cornett

Kathy and Doyle Easterling

Pat and Jim Elder

Floral Haven Funeral Home

Sara Forsythe

Susan Gelwick

Monica Goins

Grace Hospice of Oklahoma

Annette Heidebrecht

Tammy and David Hermesch

Tiffany Long

Joan Ludlum, Regina Graves, Carroll Perry, Sally Singer, & Julie Jones

William Mahoney

Bob and Liz Miller

Pam Miller

Claudia and Steve Milligan

Moore Funeral Homes, Inc.

Thomas Moreland

Julie Mueller and Tyler Joe

Catherine Murray

JoAnne O’Malley

JoAnne O’Malley

Diane Parnell

Debbie Patton and Linda Rodriguez

Physician’s Choice Hospice

Jerry Rose

Patsy Selman

Sharon and J.L. Sixkiller

Susan Stephens

Jenny Tallent

Vicki Taylor

The Women’s Health Group

Lisa Towry

Emily Turner

Urologic Specialists Of Oklahoma

Brenda and Steve Walker

Stephanie Warstler

Melanie and Dan Webb

Billy Whitaker

Deborah Whittaker


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